Watch Out Thieves Are About!..

On Monday night Thieves broke into the allotments.. I say broke into, as the main gate to the allotments which hold well over 100 allotment plots was obviously breached by some one who had a key to the main gate.. as no sign of damage to the Lock on the gate was done.. 
A gang we believe with a vehicle systematically broke into many sheds, taking Rotavators, Petrol Strimmers, Mowers etc..  

Thieves- Broken Lock on our shed

Thieves- Broken Lock on our shed

Much damage was done, but thankfully someone was looking after us,  I had put a prayer and crystal protection around our plot only the week before as we had some things go missing. And even though the thieves had a good go at getting into our Shed thankfully they didn’t succeed.
You can see how they twisted the lock and the scrapes as they tried to lever the door open.. But the Shed was also locked with a Key in the handle lock which Hubby had secured the lock really well with Long screws and bolts to the 2 inch wooden frame.   So they didn’t manage to succeed with our Shed. but either side of us was broken into along with many more. 
Here you can see how they prized off the lock to our shed

Here you can see how they prized off the lock to our shed



We were thankful that nothing more than a new Bolt hinge was needed to be replaced . But sadly it put many a hard working allotmenteer’s out of pocket having suffered losses and damaged sheds. 

My only consolation is knowing that there are more honest folks out there than there are thieves.

However this didn’t dampen the Dreamwalker Spirit for long as I had harvesting to do.

And Here is the picture of the Purple Cauliflower

Here's me smiling with our Purple Cauliflower and Broccoli heads.

Here’s me smiling with our Purple Cauliflower and Broccoli heads.

Garlic from last years late planting we didn't plant much  this year.

Garlic from last years late planting we didn’t plant much this year.

   I also remembered the Garlic we had drying in the shed and made short work of cleaning the bulbs to bring home ready for using


Garlic all cleaned and ready to use.

Garlic all cleaned and ready to use.







The Peas are now nearly ready also 

Today the Peas are ready. but I am leaving them so my Grandaughter can pick them when she comes at the weekend

Today the Peas are ready. but I am leaving them so my Grandaughter can pick them when she comes at the weekend

The Kidney beans are now if full flower and the bees and insects are doing their work

The Kidney beans are now if full flower and the bees and insects are doing their work

More Harvesting Done

More Harvesting Done ~ Purple Cauliflower, Black-currents, Loganberries one courgette, Strawberries, Broccoli.

Next time as promised I will update you on the Flowers I have growing both in the Allotments and in the Garden at home. 

Enjoy your weekend

Keep Smiling

And Remember There are More Good People than Bad

we just hear all about the Bad ones.





27 thoughts on “Watch Out Thieves Are About!..

  1. What are some people like, Sue?
    I’m sure they’ll be having a taste of the Power of Threefold Return shortly, so leave them to it, is what I say! Still, it’s terrible that they used a key to get in…
    And look at that purple cauliflower! Although the rest of your goodies look equally as scrumptious!

    Have a good weekend, Sue!

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  2. Beautiful sad story Sue, your hubby is to be commended on his security measures, very wise allotment keeper, sad though that others know what you need to keep your allotment going, so they covert your equipment. Then again Sue, advertising your delectable produce in pictures, is telling the world that Sue Dreamwalker has some magical equipment and secrets that produce mouth watering vegetables.

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    • Thank you Ian.. yes all grown with TLC.. Tender Loving Care 🙂 that’s the secret to any growth 🙂
      And yes Hubby is wise.. and its not the first time we have had the allotments swept this way with mass thefts.. But last time they cut the lock gates, so they didn’t have a key..

      What is alarming is that if someone took on an allotment to get the main gate key and can come and go when they please.. We had produce stolen last year a whole row of the largest onions. .. Sad that others think its ok to steel .. but unfortunately we can do nothing about it..

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  3. Interesting that they had a key. Sounds like one of the allotment holders is a “person of interest”. I hope the police are dealing with it but still think one of those cameras that are activated by activity might be a very good addition to a few plots. Some people are scumbag’s but whether they get away with it or not, they will get their karma. You can’t deal out behaviour like this without reaping what you sow.


    • Yes Fran.. it is, and worst still if they got an allotment with the pretext of getting a key so they can come and go when ever.. The Lock has only just been updated and the only way around it is if they replace the locks on the main gates.. But then its a task to get everyone a new key which the allotment association are not prepared to foot the bill.. Our key had become warn and we had to wait ages for a replacement which we paid for..
      The police were informed and a crime number given, but they never came to the allotments as far as I am aware.. Another allotment a few miles away had the same happen to them a few months back too..

      Yes what goes around comes around.. and those whom we knew had stolen something from our allotment that hubby saw on their allotments.. Had their shed broken into and petrol equipment stolen .. so.. yes what goes around… surely comes around eventually ..

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  4. Sue, I am very happy to hear you didn’t suffer much damage to your shed and your veggies are really coming along. I had no idea you started a gardening blog, Yay now I can learn more from you as I try to become self sufficient on my own land.

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    • Lois lovely to see you here.. and yes its a new blog.. I started because I was running out of space quickly with all the picture updates I do on my gardening over at the Sanctuary, so I decided to open a new blog just for gardening and recipes etc..
      You are not forgotten my friend.. and I have all your updates in a special place.. I am going to savour my catch ups with all you have been doing..
      Love and Hugs..
      Sue xxx


    • Yes thank you Kim.. No real damage done.. We have had produce stolen in the past.. its sad really.. I would sooner give it away to them than have it stolen..
      Many thanks for taking the time to leave me your comment.. 🙂 Hugs Sue

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    • Thank you Irene.. Yes it put a dampener upon many of the gardeners who had equipment stolen.. We were thankful they didn’t manage to break in.. If they had they would not have found anything worth steeling. And yes karma. what goes around comes around eventually we all reap what we sow.. ❤

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  5. OMG how dreadful Sue. I am so sorry for you all but I’m glad your produce is okay. One year my dad and his allotment friends had produce ripped from the ground and stolen. They had a very high fence put up, but what a shame to look out on a high security fence. Take care and hugs. Thank goodness for your crystals and intuition! Xxx

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    • Yes its sad.. especially since the thieves obviously had a gate key.. which means they either have had an allotment for a while on the pretext of growing something.. I feel sadder for those who lost valuable equipment such a one man a new Rotavator. and others with petrol strimmers..

      The problem is its all open plan each allotment more or less runs parallel with the next only a few have put fences up but that didn’t stop the thieves..

      Yes produce goes missing,, and we had some stolen last year also. but we still have to count our blessings.. We have to be thankful we are in a country not at war or with famine etc.. We have much to be thankful for.
      Enjoy your weekend.. Love and Hugs xxx Sue


  6. I called in as I promised,but it’s after midnight.All is so quiet,I don’t want to wake you up,I’ll silently go around by myself,I won’t disturb you,dear Sue.Am I dreaming ? Tell me I am not dreaming,wherever I look I can see only blessed,natural treasures and coloured vegetables.Can’t believe my eyes,Sue.The only thing I don’t like is this pad lock and the bad fellows … Silently I leave again,I didn’t touch anything,I only admired the prosperous harvesting in the allotments.I am a good fellow,Sue …. 🙂 ❤ xxx

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    • You were so so quiet I never heard a murmur. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the Purple Cauliflower 🙂 and yes sadly the break in.. There has been another only this last Saturday.. More garden equipment taken, thankfully ours and our immediate neighbouring plots were not broken into this time.. But sad that there are those who ruin others hard work who just take..
      There is a school too on the allotments, they had little wheel barrows, and top quality spades, small hand forks and trowels.. they took the lot.. I so feel for their teachers who come in their spare time to help get the plot ready for the infant school to plant etc.. It’s heartbreaking for those children who love to dig and plant.

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      • Only the purple cauliflower?Loved everything Sue!
        The break in incidents are so upsetting,especially at the school.You have to do something to stop them,if the police can’t.Install Alarms everywhere around as well as camerae to disencourage them.They are really brazen.Tea and sympathy,dear friend 🙂 xxx


        • You know Doda.. The head of the allotments called the Police.. they said they would get back him, never even gave him a crime number.. When we saw him again it had been two days and still they had not got back in touch.. No one wants to know…. The police are not bothered about this kind of burglaries, They know they will not catch anyone.. Those who steal these type of things sell them on carboots or in used garden machine auctions, Such as Rotavators, and petrol strimmers etc.. Sad.. but nothing is sacred or safe.. 🙂


  7. 😦 I just shake my head when I read a story such as yours, I’m in my 50s and they do say be careful about harping back ‘to the good old days’ (that never were?), but looking back I cannot remember this many thefts and destruction of property………. perhaps it’s my age but I do wonder where the world’s going to, still looking on the bright side you’ve grown a lot of delicious fruit and veg! 🙂

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