The Garden of Life

Today I thought I would share a poem I wrote some years ago now.. And take the opportunity to show you some of the plants in my home garden at the same time.. 

 Please click the photo’s to enlarge and read the captions..   



The Front Lawn and Pots

The Front Lawn and Pots

The Garden of Life.  



In every lovely garden, with flowerbeds and lawns.

Hidden among the flowers, are nettles and sharp thorns.

And so in life, we have the good and bad.

Nothing is ever perfect, there’s happy times and sad.


We can’t always have the sunshine; we too must have some rain.

To bloom the flowers need water, in life we have our pain.

For sometimes while we’re gardening, we feel the nettles sting.

We’re reminded to be careful, when we plant our bulbs for spring.



Then once your garden is planted, and you think your work is done.

Along comes another shower, and with it weeds have sprung.

Who said gardening was easy? Just waiting for things to grow.

We have to clear out the boarders, to reap what we do sow.



For if you look at nature, life’s answers you will find.

Everything has a cycle; we can’t bloom all the time.

Never think that the grass is greener, on the other side of the fence.

By comparing both life’s problems,

 Your neighbours might seam immense.


You don’t have to be a Saint, to be a special person.

Just to smile and say hello, can help someone who’s lonesome.

So pick a bunch of flowers, and hand them out with pride.

It will surely be remembered, when we reach the other side.

Picking Sweet-peas, The more you pick the more flowers that they produce

Picking Sweet-peas, The more you pick the more flowers that they produce


By Sue Dreamwalker

Have a Wonderful Week