Flower Power!

Cut flowers to be enjoyed at home.. I did thank the Dahlia plant for allowing me to cut and gather such beauty to share indoors :-)

Cut flowers to be enjoyed at home.. I did thank the Dahlia plant for allowing me to cut and gather such beauty to share indoors πŸ™‚

I have to confess to a weakness, and that is to have some fresh cut flowers in my home. I always give thanks to all the flowers for their beautiful gifts and thank them as I cut them.Β 

Flowers are so important in our lives.. And they give of themselves unconditionally to bring beauty and fragrance into our lives..Β 

If you stop to think about it.. Flowers are there at every celebration in our lives.. They come at our Birth to welcome us into the world..

They celebrate our Β Birthday’s and they come to cheer us when we are down.. They often come in the form of a sorry, or a thank you and just to cheer us in our day.Β 

They are there at our Weddings, and each Anniversary.. They come with special wishes when we are feeling low or ill. And they always come to say Farewell as we ourselves leave this world. And they commemorate our anniversaries.. And always bring with them LOVE..Β 

The moment a flower is picked we end its life.. So do not pick them unless you are going to appreciate why they came… They came to uplift you and bring you joy.. They came to share their fragrances and perfumes, their colours and their shapes. They came to share their Love and bring you Joy .Β 

Below are some of the Dahlia’s I have grown specially in our allotments this year just for cut flowers. I hope you enjoy..

Wishing you a Happy New Week..

A bouquet to cheer up my home . Thank you  my lovely flowers for this gift ..

A bouquet to cheer up my home . Thank you my lovely flowers for this gift ..

Next time I will share how to take some cuttings of your Hydrangea Plants..Β 

More flower photo’s can be found of my Garden in 2012 Β HEREΒ along with a poem entitledΒ 

Happiness is a State of Being

Happy Gardening


26 thoughts on “Flower Power!

  1. my ideal of being wealthy is to have fresh flowers in every room πŸ™‚

    I,like you My Friend ask if I may have a few, flowers, trees, plants in general
    have such Spirit, I have had really bad days and I can wander through my flowers and the veil of grey has lifted and smiles come easily and readily…I think their Spirit whispers to us to enjoy, and share with love as you have said so gracefully here….
    Hope your weekend is going well, my son and his family are here and I have just made a buttermilk pie and a cinnamon coffee cake, not to walk Molly, check on my 6 ( πŸ™‚ ) beautiful new kittens, and come back to start making brunch….it is a good day…again , isn;t it πŸ™‚
    Take Care My Kindred Sister….You Matter Much !

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    • Dear Maryrose.. I know only too well those whispers.. and can verify that flowers and Trees bring us many moments of healing calm.. It sounds as if your own weekend was a busy one. My own was both busy and relaxing.. So good to hear from you.. and have you within my garden.. xxx Love Sue


  2. Dahlia’s are such hardy things. You can grow them in really difficult conditions but they give such lovely flowers. Wallabies love to scoff them but that hasn’t stopped Stevie-boy from growing a few in the glasshouse as he has memories of dahila’s in his grandad’s allotment in the U.K. What a peculiarly lovely and inclusive thing an allotment is endemic to the U.K. and brings to mind old men pottering around but as we saw on The Great British Allotment, there is a ready mix of men and women taking up allotments and they are highly sought after commodities. Our own little patch of (at the moment frost damaged slime πŸ˜‰ ) will be soon green again but this year…THIS YEAR I am going to get a crop!

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    • I hear you have had a harsher winter Fran.. And yes Dahlia’s are easy to grow… so long as you look after the tubas throughout the winter months and do not let the frost get at them.. πŸ™‚ and yes The Great British Allotment we watched…
      Spring is on its way I hope Fran.. and soon your garden will be full of goodies.. πŸ™‚ I am sure..

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    • Thank you Pauline.. yes some beautiful combinations of colours and many various sorts to choose from.. I confess Sweetpeas are my favourite Summer Flower and I adore the perfume.. I have 4 small vases around the house at the moment.. and when you walk into the room its perfume is heavenly πŸ™‚


  3. Beautiful ode to flowers… 🌺🌷🌺🌷
    I think the wild ones are so charming and being most times sometimes ephemeral, they remind us of how times easily flows…. I love your garden, dear Sue… πŸ‘Œ Truly very nice, my friend… Love and best wishes. Happy week to you!, Aquileana ⭐

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  4. You are the epitomy of a mans dream Sue, your love of all around you and people is all encompassing, one could be in Paradise with you, your gardens , flowers and everything that is alive.
    I love cut flowers but alas they don’t last long with me, I change their water but still they fade.
    At the moment I am trying to grow Lavender for the thousandth time, just planted a lovely Daphne, they tell me it has many flowers and very fragrant, also planted a dwarf orange tree which Ana hasn’t seen yet, ( doesn’t venture outside much as yet ).
    Enjoyed your beautiful flowers Sue.

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    • Try putting a little lemonade the cheap shop bought into your cut flowers Ian.. I find it helps keep them that bit longer.. Especially if you have such flowers as carnations or Pinks, they Love it.. An Aunt of mine used only lemonade to put her cut flowers in.. i just add about a quarter to the amount of water used..

      And thank you for that lovely compliment. .. Daphne is lovely,, and I hope the small orange tree is doing well and Ana now has seen it..
      Please give Ana my love and I am still sending her in my prayers within my healing waves..
      I cut a large bunch of dahlias today, 3 bunches of sweetpeas and I had my first Orange Gladioli today in flower which is sat within my hearth with the dahlias right now smiling at me with their lemonade fix. πŸ™‚

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      • Thanks for those great tips Sue, don’t think I will venture too far into the cut flowers realm, better for me to appreciate and nurture the growing plant, have more success that way, Cheers.


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