Revamping Garden Furniture~ Nature breaks

Have a fabulous Weekend.. and Happy Gardening xx Love Sue

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

Making the most of Sunny days in between showers is what most of us in the UK are used to. I have to say this week has been topsy turvy weather-wise, with Sunshine and Showers at at times high winds. which reeked havoc in some coastal places such asDevon and Cornwall . 

So in-between the showers this week I have had a project on going. I decided to repaint the garden furniture, which must be at least 15 yrs old. It was looking very shabby and by the time I had scrapped yet more lose paint off it, it was looking even more worse for wear. 

I have to say painting these three pieces look me longer than I thought. and by the time I finished my arm and hand knew about it 🙂 

But the finished results were well worth the discomfort and aches for a few days.

Finished Two-seater Finished Two-seater

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12 thoughts on “Revamping Garden Furniture~ Nature breaks

  1. Your garden is so lovely…and great job on the furniture! And how interesting Bout your Tibetian monk!! It will be so exciting for you to discover who he is, and why he is appearing to you!!

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    • Grace… How are you? and so pleased to see you here.. 🙂 And I have had a monk before but not this one.. I had a monk who was a scribe who I would see sat doing those wonderful inscriptions with large embellished letters you would see on important documents .. He would sit alone in a cold flag stoned Abbey I think.. This Monk had the Tibetan feel and look .. And I am sure in time he will let me know where he wants me to go or what his purpose for appearing is..
      Apologies for only just getting back to you.. I have had my own time out break to enjoy family vacation time.. x x x ❤


  2. I’m wondering if I need to scrape the old paint befoe painting the 2 chairs and round table, the paint looks faded but it isn’t flaking off.
    What do you think, Angel? should I try just spraying over the old paint, or take the time! lol to scrape the old plant off first?

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