Harvesting in Pictures ~August update

Most of the time I forget to take my Camera with me to the allotments, but August has been full of harvesting.. Dwarf beans have been in abundance, and we have frozen loads..  We didn’t set so many Kidney beans as last year we were overrun with them.. But the Black-fly got to a lot of the new young beans early on so that made less of a crop.. Having said that, we have still managed to give several carry bags full away as well as eat and freeze plenty. 


Dwarf Beans have been in abundance this year and this is only one picking… We have frozen many of these for our Winter veggies


Ready for the freezer.. The tomatoes you see were given us by another allotment holder .. I gave her a bunch of Gladioli’s and Dahlia’s… We often exchange like this ,, Its good to share

Tomatoes have not ripened as well this year.. our fellow allotment friend has a poly-tunnel and so the heat in there has meant theirs have ripened well before ours in the green house  in our home  back garden . But we did a swap.. I gave her some flowers and she gave me some of her lovely tomatoes. I also gave some beans to another allotment holder and he said help myself to some of his plums as his were dropping off his tree they were so ripe. 

Tomatoes just starting to ripen, its been cooler this year earlier on and so they are now just catching up

Tomatoes just starting to ripen, its been cooler this year earlier on and so they are now just catching up

  Hubby took off the leaves to help the tomatoes ripen more.  And we had our first cucumber too.. Sorry that’s now eaten, so no picture, 🙂 

Tomatoes and cucumber plant

Tomatoes and cucumber plant

Courgettes have been plentiful, the peas not as good as last year, But we have had some lovely Cabbage ( Golden Acre Primo ) Very sweet and tender. 

The Big success this year is our carrots, in successive years the carrot fly always seemed to win, and so this year we changed our seeds..  and tried (The Autumn King ) and planted later than usual to try to avoid the carrot fly.. We also refrained from weeding along side and in the carrot row.. Hubby pulled up a handful to see how they were doing the other day and we were happy with the results 

Carrots are looking good no wire worm from the carrot fly either

Carrots are looking good no wire worm from the carrot fly either

In the picture below you will see as you compare the picture above the clearing out that was done.. I took the old Broccoli stalks up and the peas, I left some peas in their pods to dry out for planting next year.  Under the green netting is the rest of the early planted chard.. I planted more in the plot and that is now around 6inches high I have been using the small leaves in salads,  We still have loads of beetroot too.  The sweetcorn is about a week away from being ready. 

Clearing out and weeding

Clearing out and weeding

Dahlia's Mixed

These were some of the flowers I exchanged for some Tomatoes

Gladioli Blooms

And my Hearth is still being filled with these wonderful blooms.

Happy Gardening 


34 thoughts on “Harvesting in Pictures ~August update

  1. This post is a wonderful reminder that putting an effort in is paid back threefold. Gorgeous blooms, wonderful food and a sense of achievement (and the health you get for all of that exertion) thrown in to boot. Gardening is seriously, it’s own reward :). Those carrots are magnificent by the way.


    • Yes Fran gardening is seriously rewarding, and It calls to me constantly.. 🙂 We bought a second hand green house recently and have plans to erect it in the Allotments.. So next year the tomatoes can go down their.. And I can use the green house in our home garden to plant seeds for longer and plant on etc.. Hubby is giving me the reins next spring to plan flowers between the veggies experiment.. so any good tips with your wise knowledge will always be welcome Fran 🙂 And those carrots tasted good too 🙂 Thank you ❤

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    • Thank you Allotmental 🙂 We Froze some last year and they appeared fine.. We didn’t blanch them like its recommended.. We find that washing them and drying them off with a clean cloth heading and tailing them and cutting in half works.. And we have not had anything that impairs the taste.. Maybe try that if you blanched last time my friend x


    • Thank you, yes carrots have been our worst ever to grow crop for several years… Seems this year we have been rewarded for our persistence and patience lol .. And this morning I gathered yet more flowers, gave two bunches away.. But still have a wonderful arrangement in the hearth 🙂 Lovely to have your comments xxx

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  2. Beautiful pics Sue, no matter what befalls your garden you always end up with a great abundance of produce, beans look great as they must taste, can’t get tasty natural beans here, see you grow tomatoes in pots, I thought they needed a deeper pot for the root system.

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    • There are always swings and round-abouts when gardening Ian.. sometimes what is a success one year fails the next.. The peas were a good example as they got eaten mainly when we planted the seeds, as pigeons came along the seed row I planted.. Then I planted more and the weather went cooler.. but we have had a few boilings off of them and managed to give a few pounds away.

      You can grow Tomatoes in grow bags, 3 to a bag, We have done that before but the compost needs to be good.. Or you can use compost in pots then place the pot inside a grow bag to allow the roots to grow further.. But we usually find the pots are deep enough.. I looked at some in a large horticultural Green house the other month.. They grew theirs in similar sized pots.. I hope to get those photo’s up but my card reader has been playing up from that camera.. so hopefully fingers crossed they are there for a future posting 🙂

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  3. Lovely to see all of your produce Sue! You will have lots of chutney if the tomatoes don’t ripen! I spotted those yellow tomatoes given to you, I just used to love those, they seem so radical!! Lots of love to you and, most of all, happy gardening! xxxx


  4. You have done amazing work,dear Sue!You and your hubby are really good gardeners!It’s interesting you started a new blog to post all about gardening!Thank you for all those blessings you shared with us 🙂 xxx

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