Autumn Harvesting

I hope all of you are enjoying a wonderful Autumn Harvest..
Happy Gardening.. Love ~Sue xxx

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

Beautiful Berries along an autumn walk Beautiful Berries along an autumn walk

Sometimes you just have to leave technology to one-side as you attend to priorities in life. And Harvesting, clearing veggie beds and looking after our own well-being has to come first.

So I deliberately went off line for a week to get to grips with some of the jobs I had been promising myself I would catch up on..  

Including some self indulgence of one of my favourite pastimes, Walking. 

But before there was time for walking I had some Harvesting to do. Hubby dug up the potatoes, Not a very large crop this year.. We only planted 6 rows this year instead of our usual 10, 2 early and 4 rows of main crop..  It was my job to bend down and sort through them. And wouldn’t you know the big ones always get the fork going through them 🙂 

Potatoes ready for sorting and bagging to store in the shed Potatoes ready for sorting and bagging…

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6 thoughts on “Autumn Harvesting

  1. Between us we will be able to keep our gardening dear constant readers at attention from now on. I have started posting on Sundays again about what we are getting up to in the garden. Headed up to Sanctuary with purpose the other day and reclaimed our territory. Strike 1 for narf7 and 0 for the rats! ;). LOVE those spuds. You are right about the big spuds always getting forked 😉

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