September Allotment Update.


Crown Prince Squash.

Crown Prince Squash.

This week we gathered in the Squash, and  we have tried a new variety called Crown Prince. This is a steel grey squash and is renowned for its excellent long storage  and its eating qualities.

Now I know these do not look it but they are football size!

 I also pruned out the old wood from the Loganberry bushes as Hubby laid the slabs to set our second hand buy greenhouse   More on that in a later post.

We also tried the sweetcorn and its wonderfully sweet..

Sweetcorn, ready to freeze

Sweetcorn, ready to freeze

So the Runner and Dwarf beans are stored,

Last ot the Dwarf Beans

Last of the Dwarf Beans

The freezer is now filling fast as this is the month to harvest and gather in and I have been making Jam and Chutney’s.. as I know others have been bottling/canning your delicious harvests.

I thought if any of you are into Wine Making I would share a recipe I came across in an old gardening magazine which was ready for the bin in a clear out session.

Bee Pollinating the Blackberries in spring .

Bee Pollinating the Blackberries in spring .

Very simply pick yourself a couple pounds of Blackberries, or you could bulk it out with apples or even plums.. its up to you, but from experience, I prefer just the blackberries.

Chop and mash them altogether, put into a stainless steel or enamel bucket and pour over a gallon of rain or spring water. Leave for 24 hrs before straining the liquid into a demi-john, add a pound and a half of sugar, or more depending on taste. Stir to help dissolve. And that’s it, pop on an Airlock Stopper, leave until it stops ‘glurping’ and then bottle. Yeast it says isn’t usually necessary , you will see if it does need it within a day if it doesn’t start fermenting then add some. ( it didn’t say how much though if needed )  The longer left in the bottle the better the flavour.


Do any of you make your own Wine?

There is some Home Made Wine Video’s on this Link! 


And if you click the above photo it will take you to a very easy how to make wine  video. 

In the past we have made Parsnip, Rhubarb, Elderberry, but the best wine we ever did make was Strawberry.. It was delicious..

Happy Slurping all you Gardeners.. 


29 thoughts on “September Allotment Update.

  1. Now that is one very interesting video Sue, virtually making wine in a few easy steps, will definitely be on my agenda for further investigation, had visions for a while there of Ana in bare feet treading a barrel full of wild Blackberries.

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  2. A delightful read, Sue. Every time I come here, I long to move away from city life. The great news is that I enjoy my visit here so much that it’s almost just as good! I like the wine recipe very much! Hah! I enjoyed all the comments 🙂 🙂 What a cozy fall and winter it will be for you! Xo Ka


    • Glad your visits feel like a visit into an Urban area dear Ka.. Yes always enjoy the cosy feel of Autumn, and the smell of baking in the kitchen.. 🙂 I have loads of green tomatoes which if they do not ripen will be made into chutney.. I got the ingredients I need to day to make.. I am running out of jars, and need to go beg some of them back which I gave away with my jam Lol 🙂 Good to be catching up again. 🙂 and lovely to see you upon my return here 🙂 xxx ❤

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    • Hi Ruth, yes I saw the Eclipse, in fact the whole thing from more or less start to finish.. I got up especially 🙂 and had a wonderful view from our back door.. 🙂 clear skies and not too chilly 🙂 Hope all is well with you dear Ruth..wishing you a wonderful Autumn 🙂 xxx Hugs Sue xx


  3. In the 70’s my ex and I made wine. I don’t remember if it was ever fit for drinking though. When we moved in there were concord grapes on the fences. I do remember that those made really good grape juice and jam!

    Your garden is amazing. It must be a full time job!


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