Flowers on Tuesday

Today’s flowers are all from my allotments, Autumn heralds in the gold and reds as the leaves turn ready to fall. 

The Nasturtiums are still flowering and doing their thing

Also the Dahlia’s are still giving me loads of joy as I pick them for cut flowers in my home.

Today’s Flowers  is linked with  #flowersoverflowers to bring more colours of nature’s beauty to the world.. 

Wishing you all a Happy week, and hope to be sharing soon what I have been up to in the Garden as we start to put our gardens to bed 

Happy Gardening!

26 thoughts on “Flowers on Tuesday

  1. I was heeere 🙂 … and so I love it here, Sue … Always, cat…. PS: I know of leek soup as a great fasting day nourishment … ur leek and potatoe soup sounds yummy !!!


  2. I had never been able to grow a nasturtium prior to my friend giving me 2 very small, very innocuous plants a few years ago. Now, Sanctuary is hostage to them and they rise like the Phoenix every year, to take over. I don’t mind. Where they grow, the weeds have problems. I am in the process of allowing the raspberries to take over from the nasturtiums as at least the raspberries don’t overwinter white fly! Lovely flowering ending to your summer. We are just starting to heat up here. It’s usually cold here till about November when it turns into balmy 20C days but this Saturday we have 24C forecast and more to come with very little chance of rain. Might be time to rip up that big round bale of hay and get mulching I think. Enjoy your gardening hiatus 🙂


  3. Beautiful pictures of your vibrant flowers Sue, a delightful refreshing post for the eyes.
    I have planted two unknown flowers or shrubs this year, one called Bridal Heath, beautiful delicate flowers, was told it is a shrub, the other is Daphne, this I am informed, will flower all year round with a beautiful scent, maybe you know of these two.
    Cheers and happy gardening.


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