Propagating Begonia’s

here you can see how large some can grow, this one is two foot tall

Here you can see how large some can grow, this one is two foot tall #flowersoverflowers This Begonia is one we have had for several years and is grown from a tuba which we let go back and keep dry and frost free over winter.

Today’s post is going to cover two topics, the above flower I want to connect to #flowersoverflowers  as I am a day late for the Flower Tuesday post..

I have been busy taking some Begonia cuttings from the lovely ones that have graced my front garden all summer long

Some Begonia’s we have from Tubas’s but some are grown from either leaf cuttings or stem cuttings.. The above 4 were bought from a Garden Nursery, and so will die back over winter. So I thought I would take some cuttings. 

Take a cutting near a leaf joint

Take a cutting near a leaf joint

 First take a new sprouting leaf section and find the leaf joint and cut it on the leaf joint .  Next place them in some water if you have more to cut before dipping into a rooting agent  and pot in compost. 


Begonia cuttings placed in their own prorogation ( Freezer bags)

Begonia cuttings placed in their own prorogation ( Freezer bags) Easy, Now all we have to do is keep free from frost and in about a months time the roots will begin to form.. And take care not to over water or they may rot off. 

Happy Gardening Everyone. 


32 thoughts on “Propagating Begonia’s

  1. That’s for the tutorial. I often wondered about the rooting agents. One of my friends offered to let me use hers but when I read the cautions warning you not to get any on your skin I declined to use it fearful it was just as dangerous for the soil. Do you use a special formulation that is safer?

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    • No just a well known brand.. and yes we make sure we wash our hands after use, Like anything these days, it can cause a skin reaction.. even some cosmetic brands can do that.. We have never had any problems using it.. But labels should always be read 🙂 you are so right.


  2. Love your begonias and all your gardening endeavors. You are truly talented in so many ways, Sue. Now returning back to where this link was so I can continue exploring some more. It’s fun over here!
    Warm hugs and best wishes,
    Gayle xo

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  3. Success all around Sue, beautiful results for your efforts, well I have learnt something from this post Sue, cuttings should be dipped into a rooting agent before planting, that explains why I never have success with cuttings.
    I am trying to keep my Daphne alive, it’s got yellowing leaves, too much water or not enough water, either way it’s a temperamental flower, results are worth it though with it’s high fragrance.


    • Thank you Doda, these have been amazing all Summer.. the cold this week is seeing them wilt and the flower heads are falling now.. But I have replaced the tubs with winter pansies and cyclamen 🙂 xxx Love and big smiles to you Doda xxx


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