I have neglected my Gardening blog  recently.. and to be honest with the weather here in the UK there has not been a great deal to report.. 

My Husband has  sort out fine days to dig in more manure, inbetween hail, rain and snow and at times gale force winds..   So to brighten up my blog for a while and to show any whom may still be following me here.. 

I will post some photo’s of some orchids I have.. ( these are for you Maria )   For we once spoke on how to get these wonderful flowers blooming again..  The lighter flowering one I managed to get to flower last year a few flowers only.. This year it has given me a wonderful display.. 

The darker pink one has been dormant for 2 yrs, but with careful feeding when the other one decided to start producing shoots I had a good talk to it and what do you know, It also decided to produce new shoots and flower.. 

So here are the  photo’s of my orchids..  Enjoy! 

 And hope to share more Happy Gardening in the Allotments Very Soon

31 thoughts on “Orchids

  1. How beautiful Sue. Thank you for sharing these exotic blooms with us all. Fingers crossed, you will be out in your garden in no time. I can’t wait to put my feet up and start feeding wood to Brunhilda 😉

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  2. I’ll make a start with your wonderful orchids,dear Sue,just to rest my tired eyes on their beautiful petals with their warm colours,and tomorrow,I will visit the garden of your soul,Woman … ❤ xxx
    PS: Away with my family during the weekend,everything is behind,I might be late,but I never forget you 🙂


  3. They are gorgeous! Thank you so much! I think you have a good hand with the Phalaenopsis Orchid, these images prove that!! I’ve only had luck with the Dendrobiums because they love the sunny and hot weather we have here.

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  4. Beautiful array of Orchids Sue, a great indoor plant so I believe, mine flowered once and waiting for its second flowering, I cannot seem to get my Daphne to bloom, tips appreciated.
    A few more months and your weather should allow you more time in your allotment.

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