April~ The time I love in the garden

Welcome to April’s update and what is happening in the Dreamwalker’s Allotment garden.

Well to be honest this Spring all the hard work is down to my hubby who has been busy digging in more manure. As I have not felt up to the heavy stuff this Spring..  He moved the old strawberries out of the strawberry bed and made a new raised bed  to plant the new runners into, which are nearer our other fruiting bushes of Raspberries, Blueberries and Red and Black currents..

New Strawberry Bed

New Strawberry Bed

He also built four new raised beds which have since had some manure and soil added..

New Raised Beds at the side of Greenhouse

New Raised Beds at the side of Greenhouse in the Allotments

This was where we had the Dahlia's Last year..

This was where we had the Dahlia’s Last year..

Above was where we had the Dahlia’s flowers last year. This year we have put some onion sets in.. I have also grown some onions from seeds this year so we will see which do better.. As last year they didn’t do too well, lots of them rotted in the ground..

Seedlings of Sweetcorn, Brassica’s, leeks, onions, tomatoes, and sqaush are all coming through and I have been planting by the phases of the moon.. I have to say those which I have been aligning with such as leaf crops etc came through within days.. So far I am very impressed with the Luna and Biodynamic Gardening method. 

Greenhouse is greening up

Green house at home.

We now have put some of the Brassica’s into a cold-frame to harden off. My husband came home from the allotments this week to say another allotmenteer was giving up his plot due to ill-health and not being able to maintain it properly..

So Hubby purchased his shed from him and spent yesterday dismantling it.. It will need new tarpauline  for the roof when he gets around to putting it up.. I think we will ask my Son for a little help as I helped with the greenhouse, but a metal frame is not as heavy as a wooden one.. :-). And I know my limits..

 We will transfer the table and chairs into this new little shed from the otherone we have , which have got buried under other gardening accessories. This will be our refreshment station 🙂 complete with little camping stove for a welcome cuppa . Which was how the Summer house started out . But you know how Garden sheds go into overload, well ours is near bursting point. 🙂 So it will be good to have somewhere to sit out of the April showers .

This week My Husband put in 3 rows of early potatoes in and so far has put 2 rows of lates in up to now.. He is going to put another 3 rows of lates in later this week..

Well that is what had been happening in the allotments in March.. I am happier now we are getting some Sunshine between the showers..

Wishing you All Happy Gardening this Spring.







28 thoughts on “April~ The time I love in the garden

  1. Your husband is a human dynamo! As you start winding up for the growing season, we are winding down for winter but we have never been as busy as we are now. We are wading through our front acre removing blackberries and other weeds and rediscovering what is left of the garden and infrastructure underneath years of neglect (at least 20!) We found a wooden rake head the other day that wouldn’t have seen the light of day for many years and a tap on a star picket that no-one knew was there. It was really hard to make a start at doing this because the scope of this project is HUGE and involves an acre of blackberries and other weeds, 2 middle aged lazy bollocks and some hand tools. We started at one end of a hedge and just moved through with determination. After day 2, the results were motivation in themselves. I get up each day and think “we are going to make a difference today!” I think we all need to find the energy to take those first few steps forward and into making positive changes and once we do, the results are worth the effort. Here’s to a lovely and most productive gardening season for you and kudos on your new “sitting” shed. May she provide you with a summer of opportunities to sit down and have a well deserved cuppa and for many years to come 🙂

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  2. Amazing Sue you will be able to feed an army when everything is ready for harvest. The new shed with tea making facilities is a great idea. You must always take time to sit and smell the roses, in this case the herbs and vegies!!! Everything looks so healthy, it must be the influence of the moon…

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  3. Congratulations to your Husband for this seasons promising delights. I always get a relaxing and refreshing from reading of your allotment achievements, your blogs evoke so many emotions, relaxation, pleasure, fun, laughter, contentment and many more.
    A pleasure to visit your allotment Sue.

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  5. I have nominated you to join the 7 day’s nature photo challenge Sue. No worries if you are too busy. But I love all the photos you take of your world. It is only for 7 days and each day pass the challenge on to another blogger and link to my post. Some people just make it an open challenge instead of naming someone. Hope you can find the time to join in…

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  6. Hi, friend Sue … just took a walk around your garden, and I love it so … smiles … in another month time, I can put my garden in as well … carrots, peas, beans, beets, cucumbers, lettuce, corn, tomatoes, and potatoes … nothing fancy, but so fun to have for short while … Love you, cat.

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    • So pleased you could join me on the plot dear Cat.. You have mentioned most of what we grow.. Staples that we love.. 🙂 Although we are trying Aubergines this year.. As I gravitate more into my Veggie only diet. 🙂
      Big hugs xxx Sue ❤


  7. I saw your greenhouse at home has horticultural bubble wrap insulation. I just added it and was wondering how you liked it. Looks like you used lathe strips and nailed it up. My greenhouse has a metal frame so that won’t work. How long does the wrap last?


    • Hi Carolee, first lovely to meet you, its the first time we have used it this year, but it has kept the plants better protected, as its insulated the green house better.. We will roll up and store to use again after fear of frosts.. It should last.. I look forward to looking at your garden blog, the name I love. 🙂 Sue..


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