As busy as a Bee!

Things in the garden now are moving along as April comes to a close. Lots still to do in the Allotments.. Today I managed to prune the raspberries and tie up the loganberries and weed in-between them. My Husband planted the Gladioli bulbs we dried off last autumn .
I am Sharing our allotments in this reblog that I posted on my Main blog this week..
Have a great rest of the week

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

It has been a while since I posted here upon the progress of our allotment, as I share more within my Garden Blog Dreamwalker’s Garden along with walks in the countryside. Simply because I am aware of the space I take up now here with my photo’s. So that is why I started my other blog. 

But I wanted to share and maybe introduce others to the wonders of ‘Growing Your Own‘… Also I wish say thank you to all for you wonderful support here at Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary and welcome all those who are new followers here and to my Gardening blog.

Yesterday it was a wonderfully Sunny day, very Spring like. The weather here in the UK has been full of April showers, fluctuating from warm to icy winds, rain and hail, to snow.

So we make ever effort to make use of the fine days to walk…

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