Great Growing Weather

Well we have gone from Cold to Warm and Wet in a matter of weeks. As the UK is hit by rains, flash floods and thunderstorms almost none stop for over a week now.

But the weather has also been humid too, so although my flowers in my home garden have taken a bit of a bashing, the allotment plot is thriving.. Plus we have only had to water the green house.. So a bonus on not carrying cans of water.

I can not believe how fast June is speeding away, as on Tuesday of next week it will be Summer Solstice on the 21st.Β  Half way through the year, where did those last 6 months go?

Here is my updates in picture format and everything is coming along as they say in leaps and bounds..

Potato crop

The Potatoes are thriving with all the rain we have had.

Veggies, Sweetcorn

Bottom left corner is the parsnips, then two rows of turnips, and two rows of beetroot. The square of Sweetcorn are growing, I also planted a couple of Sunflowers amongst them

Tiny Leeks

You can barely see them, But here are the leeks, we planted them at intervals. The Three black pots you can see in the ground are courgettes.. We were protecting them from slugs until they get going.

Tiny Leeks

You can barely see them, But here are the leeks, we planted them at intervals. The Three black pots you can see in the ground are courgettes.. We were protecting them from slugs until they get going.


Here you see my rows of peas, I have now netted them with wire and string to help them grow upward. You will see lots of plastic bottles on ends of sticks.. Its our allotment rules cover canes to avoid poked eyes.. You can soon not see a stick when focusing on a weed when you bend down.. These white poles are metal, so are also sharp on the ends..


What a difference a week makes, I can not believe how these have grown in a week.. I also took out all of the weeds around them last week, just look how the weeds have grown in a couple of days

Strawberry bed

We made a lovely little frame for the netting to go over the strawberries.. Most have now set, so to keep birds from them they are now netted.

Fruit Bushes

Here is the Fruit section, the one I tackled last time with the fork in the ground.. You can now see how I weeded out near the flag stones, and how my Hubby has put netting over the Blueberry bushes now the flowers are set.

The space at the back of the sheds

This was redug out again, and we have planted butternut squashes in there. We put bottles into the ground when it was dry to allow water to soak into the roots and not get mildew on the leaves.. Since we did that, we have had rain none stop nearly for a week.. We left the Nasturtiums in from seed set last year. You can see the Old rickerty shed is still standing.. Soon to be demolished when we are on top of everything else.

Mr Friendly Toad

This lovely Mr Toad is most welcome on our plot.. He is sat on top of the net above our lettuce’s He never moved an inch either when my hubby moved the net to pick one. He will eat the slugs and pests and he looks to be thriving..

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and

Happy GardeningΒ 














44 thoughts on “Great Growing Weather

  1. Things certainly are coming along nicely, Sue. The weather’s doing wonders for your gardening – as are you and Hubby, obviously! And you’re right about the time… Summer Solstice already?!?
    Happy Weekend, Sue.

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  2. Love the green, love the toad and especially love the bottle directing water to the roots so that you don’t have to overhead water. Pinching that one for our gallopingly approaching growing season. I can’t believe that it is almost winter solstice here and that we have to let go of this delicious cold and wet winter. I have my fingers crossed that our floods don’t suddenly turn into drought again. Last year was a real trial. We will be installing our new gardening system in a few weeks time. Trying to get over the flu and rest up ready for all of the hard slog we are going to have to do to completely convert Sanctuary. Probably about time I wrote a blog post as well but I have been really enjoying reading again (after a LONG break) and crocheting near the fire. Loving winter and loathe to give it up. Wish our summer was like yours! Hugs from damp Sidmouth in Tassie πŸ™‚

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    • Sorry to hear you have not been well Fran, and yes I heard your weather down under had been stormy in some parts..
      Yes I did pay you a vist the other day but saw no new post, I figured you were busy.. And its good to sometimes just chill out and do all that winter stuff like reading and crafting.
      Well our Summer, I think we have had one good week of nice hot weather so far.. But can’t complaine when you see what other parts of the country have had with floods and around the world weather!.
      I’ve been less on WP and more in my Garden and with my granddaughter. Disconnecting with the web of negative which is full on with world and home events right now with all that is happening.
      I would share a couple of weeks of that Summer warmth you have right now Fran for the constant rain .. πŸ™‚
      Lovely to see you.. and I will look forward to that post. xx

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  3. That was a relaxing stroll around your garden Sue, I nearly worked up a sweat seeing the amount of work you have both put into your gardening.
    I love seeing how gardening plays a big role in your life.

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    • Hi Ian. yes the gardening is my biggest Love .. I get lost in there lol.. Pure meditation, πŸ™‚ and good grounding. I have needed that a lot this past week with all the negatives flying around recently..
      I am also trying to master my guitar which has been neglected a little.. So between the garden and music therapy I am fitting in my next love, that of blog land.. πŸ™‚
      Plus learning to get to grips with this new laptop I lashed out on myself, which is not responding as I wish.. Such are the joys of technology!
      Thanks for strolling through the Plot dear Ian, I always love your company my friend

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  4. Your garden is looking very healthy Sue. Rain is so much better for plants they thrive on it. We are having an amazingly wet winter, this is supposed to be our dry season, so I am happy. At the moment we have just had 2 “weather events” in 2 weeks, torrential rain and storms. Fortunately, for us, the worst of the storm hit further south. Not good for them though

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  5. You have such a nice garden Sue and enough to do, I can see πŸ˜€
    Good to have a natural helper against the insects, as wish to eat parts of your garden.
    I wish, that I could send you some of our sunshine now, we have also had some grey days with clouds and some rain and thunder, but nothing compared to your weather.
    Love ❀ Irene

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    • yes I welcome Mr Toad and all frogs, along with hedgehogs in our garden too.. All great for eating the slugs and bugs..
      Yes the storms have been very intense when the drop.. Right now though we have a small pocket of blue sky.. So big smiles to see the Sun peep through πŸ™‚ Love ❀ Sue

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  7. All your “Green kids” are spectacularly growing and you,like a dotty mum enjoy their happiness and joy.Indeed Sue,they are all thriving and enjoying the blessings of the rain.Every cloud has a silver lining,and you might like the sun more but the plants are naturally watered by Mother Nature.Beautiful and “talking” your photos and lovely your uninvited visitor.Mr Toad is nicely resting on the net,perhaps a bit tired after his work in the allotment.Somebody has to do something with the slugs and pests,he’ll give you a good hand.Have a nice week ahead dear friend ~ hugs to you πŸ™‚ xxx
    PS:Away from Athens and beating a horrible heat wave.We are in our country house by the seaside,some sea breeze and zephyr make the situation bearable,the sea is literally dead calm and one with the sky,there is no apparent horizon …

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    • Yes Doda Mr Toad is indeed doing a wonderful job on the plot and I hope he has lots of family friends working away.. He looks well fed indeed πŸ™‚

      So wonderful you are at least getting some wonderful see air even if the breeze at the moment is none existent. And the image you paint of a sky and ocean merging as ONE is beautiful .. Sigh! πŸ™‚ as another day of rain has poured down..
      But as I speak we have a patch of blue showing and its stopped raining πŸ™‚ You see what opening your comment does πŸ™‚ LOL..
      Continue enjoying your country house Doda and soak in the Sun’s rays, we need her connection upon our skin and our pineal gland rejuvenation πŸ™‚
      Love and Blessings and ENJOY your Summer retreat xxx
      Love Sue xxx ❀ xxx

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      • If my visit and my comment brought that opening,I should regularly come by and do my best to bring some sunshine too … lol.
        We are back in Athens at the moment,but our retreat is always there waiting for us.A north wind started blowing and it’s a bit cool πŸ™‚ Btw,we are anxiously waiting to see what the results of your referendum will be.I do hope that you get whatever is better for the future of the UK and the EU too.Sending you much love and kind thoughts πŸ™‚ ❀ xxx

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  8. Yay! I love Mr. Toad :-* Here’s a kiss for him. lol. Those slugs, man… they are unique. Lovely garden, Sue. I keep seeing my future in this cultivation. Oh, there are plans, and then there is…. just this simple appreciation for the English rains and my friend and her husband’s lovely garden. ❀ xo Ka

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  9. Just got back from your garden, friend Sue … mine is coming but not nearly as advanced as yours … yet … will send pics per email … anyway … happy Summer Solstice … Love, cat

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