July is Here!

Lettuce Spring Onions and Rainbow Chard

Lettuce Spring Onions and Rainbow Chard

You only have to be away from the garden for a few days to notice the differences, and see how quickly things grow and change, I had not been into the allotments for a couple of days due to bad weather of constant rain. So My hubby had been collecting New Potatoes and Chard, Spring Onions and Lettuce, along with Kale for Salads.

So I was amazed to see how the Dahlia’s had grown and were now starting to flower. 

Dahlia's starting to flower

Dahlia’s starting to flower Click to enlarge.

I also had a surprise when I looked at the Red Current Bush, Last year I left them when ripe for one more day, only to return to find them all gone.. This year I have netted them well and even I struggled to unravel the netting to gather a few berries.. There is still lots more left to ripen.



The strawberries although very large this year because of all the rain, are taking their time to ripen. I managed to pick 8 large ones..  And threw 4 away which the slugs had got to, The blackbird was waiting and quickly enjoyed desert.

  But 8 was more than a fellow allotmenteer managed, as unfortunately a thief thought he/she would take all of his over night. 

It seems we have someone who either is slipping through the hedge or someone who has an allotment Key helping themselves… As on another plot 2 roots of potatoes were dug up and stolen. But when all our plots are open apart from the perimeter fence, there isn’t a whole lot you can do. Except accept it, as the police do nothing, even when lots of sheds got broken into all in one night and expensive machines were taken such as rotavators and mowers they never came, only giving a crime number to the Plots Managers.

We would sooner give things away and would happily share and do often between plots. And it is quite down heartening when people put time money and effort into growing their own food to then have someone come along to take it.

On a lighter note  remember I said our apple tree had blossom, well a few have set into fruits not many I counted 8 so fingers crossed we get some apples for the first time this year ,, Seems 8  is the magic number right now 🙂

Apple Tree

Apple Tree fruits Appear

So far too I have picked lots of Raspberries too, and the Blueberry bushes have lots on too, but not ready for a while yet.  You can see how quickly things have grown from comparing these two photo’s of where I weeded out near the path near the shed las time to how quickly the marigolds have come into flower  with the same boarder a few weeks later on the second photo.

I found a lovely recipe in Deliciously Ella’s cook book for Kale and Avocado Salad. I found a similar one here which she shows you how to prepare so easy! and Delicious.

  I hope all of your Veggies are thriving 

Happy Gardening


27 thoughts on “July is Here!

  1. July is most certainly here and we have started working on our fridge wicking empire. We have 24 fridges that we are currently sealing all of the holes in, that make our back yard look like we are starting a second hand white goods shop. Once we have finished sealing them all and drilling in drainage holes for the overflow we can start moving them into place and digging out the garden beds in Sanctuary. Sanctuary is currently a slimy slope full of dead vegetation so perfect for redevelopment. I love looking at your full production. Fingers crossed, with our new fridge wicking bed system, we will be able to actually get some good crops and some decent harvests this approaching growing season whilst using minimal water to do so and removing me, having to stand out in the garden watering for 2 – 3 hours a day from the equation. All round SCORE in my books. Your garden is looking awesome Sue. I love popping in and seeing everything so green and productive. It gives me so much hope that we can do something similar. If I need to ask you any questions about veg or food production gardening would I be able to ask you?

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    • I have no doubts Fran that your fridge system when up and working will produce lush green healthy veggies and fruit.. I popped over and saw your production line.. 🙂 Amazing project.. And yes its the carrying of water in our allotments that tires me out and stretches my arm muscles till the ache.. So the rain fall has been good and hubby only needed to water the green house tomatoes 🙂 xxx
      Oh and YES ask away anytime Fran, if I can help I will. Though here’s betting you know far more than I anyway lol 🙂

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      • I know a lot about “horticulture” and growing and propagating plants but not a whole lot about veggies in particular. I feel like I am back at kindergarten when it comes to growing veg. I need hands on practical experience. Until now, Sanctuary has been somewhat of a feral garden and she descends into chaos around about December every year. These fridge wicking beds should help us keep a bit of order in the garden as well as reduce the water waste/use. I forgot to mention on my reply to you on my post that when we were up in Sanctuary standing awestruck at how much water can course down a slope… Steve noticed that our pepino plants had actually had fruit. I couldn’t tell prior to now because of the chaos factor and how much “pure green” was packed in. I picked one that was the least slug munched and brought back to see what they tasted like. They are sort of a lemony, rockmelon crossed with a cucumber. A bit mild in flavour but when I cut the usable fruit out and turned it into a smoothie it was a lovely addition. Even Steve drank some and he is very fussy. They survived the harsh frosts we have had here so far this year so they might be a goer if you like that sort of thing.

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  2. Hi Sue,
    Happy 8! I remember your Dahlias from last year! I’m very sad to hear about those robbers. It seems as though that wouldn’t happen in such a way as to dishearten anyone! In the grand scheme, I’m sure all will turnip fine; still I can imagine how you feel. Bless your garden, and all those munchies! May they be safe and grow well. Thank you for sharing the green energy, it comes right across the screen!
    Aloha, Ka

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    • Yes, we accept thieves, its part of the allotmenteers Life .. Though they do get greedier and come better equipped using large vans to carry off their spoils. But we plant enough veggies for us, them and the caterpillars.. With a little left over to share and freeze for winter.
      If they need veggies more than we, well seems like we are providing it.. But a thank you note would be nice! LOL haha… 🙂
      Hope you are well Ka.. And good to see you on our Plot.. Xxx
      Aloha xx

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  3. We’ve just had our first mini harvest and it was delicious! The birds have enjoyed our redcurrants but never mind. We had 1 ripe strawberry today, we need some sunshine to ripen the others. Allotments seem to attract thieves but fortunately they also attract some nice people too.

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  4. Lovely to see your optimism shining through all the time Sue, Bugs and insects we can accept as part of our interaction in the gardening environment, but the Human bugs are a different breed of pest. to give some idea of your allotment Sue, can you describe it in distance relationship to neighboring allotments, like how many allotments around yours, how many in the district. I am trying to visualise it all as a map of the district.

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    • I will reply in full to your comment very shortly Ian giving you a better understanding of the plots.. I have some views on Dreamwalkers and will find them and link them for you.. It may be tomorrow as I am only answering Comments today and shutting down again.. As I am into my Tennis Matches lol this week 🙂

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    • Yes all is looking good so far Tom and the fruit picking is picking up pace, and there have been 5 broccoli frozen so far too… As for the thief well, I put a mental grid around our plot the other day, and wish he/she well in their pickings. They are obviously in need more than we are if they take anything.

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  5. You always set my taste buds alight Sue!! Lovely to see your Dahlias especially – we are trying some newly planted ones in a different spot in the garden, without much success just now! Maybe they take a bit of time to establish, or they don’t like it there? – I love the way plants have a mind of their own!! Lots of love dear Sue xxxx

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    • They do like plenty of Muck underneath them Ruth, the Dahlia’s we dig ours up each year and keep frost free. But as you live further south you may be ok to leave them. And yes Plants do have a mind of their own.. I have found though planting by the Moon has helped with their growth spurts xxx


  6. I had thought all the garden is yours’? What do you mean by allotment gardening? Here is the US there are still some places that have what they call ‘Pea Patches’ that are shared by several people who all work in weeding them and then can take some of the harvest. I think these photos are absolutely magnificent. How wonderful that you are still able to do this..you and your husband, of course. 🙂

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    • Hi Renee, I think our allotments are different than what you term as Pea patches.. We have Land that is set aside here that is rented from for the specific purpose of growing your own food..
      We rent each plot of land which are called allotments plots . The plots are owned by individuals so long as they pay rent each year. But they must follow certain rules, to keep their plots tidy etc. I will try on my next post to explain more and give you and others who have enquired an idea of the size of the whole allotments and our plot. Glad you enjoyed Renee xxx


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