Blooming Gorgeous

Vase Dahlia'sHello to all fellow gardeners out there.. This year has been a wonderful year for my Dahlia’s I love having a few cut flowers in my home.  But this year has seen an abundance of colour as we purchased a few new tuba’s of Dahlia’s this spring. And we are delighted they have thrived and done so well.. So are the neighbours and family who have enjoyed the cut flowers from the allotments.

Time is busy for me right now, spending time in the allotments, with my granddaughter and enjoying the Sunny days of Summer are priorities right now . 

So I am saying it with flowers..  Thank you for your continued interest in my Gardening Blog.

May your life be filled with colour, and may all continue to bloom as we hold our heads up to the Light.

Enjoy! Love Sue


24 thoughts on “Blooming Gorgeous

  1. A beautiful way to greet your Word Press friends Sue, delightful and colourful Dahlias to brighten our world.
    Do you grow Daphne at all, apparently the scent is beautiful, my bush has finally started to flower and awaiting the heady aroma that I was assured would follow, it has been nearly two years since they have show signs of life.

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    • No Ian, no Daphne.. I remember when you planted it.. And so pleased for you that it is flowering.. 🙂 I have had a wonderful Jasmine that has made my patio smell gorgeous too 🙂 Hope you are well Ian.. sending love to you and Ana. Hugs Sue xxx


    • Hi Peggy sorry about the delay in getting back to you.. Monday is Granddaughter day.. And Tuesday was shopping and chores.. The evenings here I have been glued to the Olympics and cheering Team GB on… 🙂 Hope all is well with you and will catch up fully at the weekend.. Hugs Sue xx

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    • LOL, well that is my gardening hat.. I can not stand the heat of the sun on my scalp these days, So have to wear a hat, yet it never bothered me at one time.. I was about to leave the allotment with a bunch of flowers when I said to hubby I hadn’t taken a photo of the sweetcorn.. So he took charge of the camera and this was the result.. 🙂 .. Thank you Val I so appreciate your lovely support of my blogs.. 🙂 ❤

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