The Eco Gardener


Changing faces of a garden

That shows us colour all year through

Keeping pace with weeding and

All other things we do


Dead heading your flower beds

So that more blooms will grow

And saving lots of seed pods

For next year you can sow


Taking care of Nature

And all her tender shoots

Collecting up your harvests

Of veggies and precious fruits

Sharing of your treasures

As you pass your gifts along

Drinking tea in your shed

As you listen to bird song



Creating eco spaces

So insects have a home

Encouraging diversity

So Natures creatures roam


Knowing each tiny insect plays its own huge part

Creating Interconnection to regulate and thrive

From worms within the soil

To the Bees within the Hive


Nature is a Miracle as

She constantly evolves

And I’m proud to be a Gardener

In a World within Worlds that revolves.

© Sue Dreamwalker  2016-08-27

23 thoughts on “The Eco Gardener

  1. I like your new gallery plugin. I just downloaded it as well. Have you mucked around with the animation? There are a whole lot of ways that you can caption your images now :). Loving your garden shots. We are still wintery here but we have a promise of a 17C day coming soon and it is, after all, almost spring here. Can’t say I am quite ready to let go of the winter cool. Still, once the soil dries out (or should I say “if” the soil dries out 😉 ) we can get those fridges up and placed in Sanctuary that is still harbouring desires to be the next great lake as I type this ;).

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    • Hi Fran, the gallery I had thought there for all time, lol I will have to go look to see if there is animation! So something new for me to look for. 🙂 Glad you loved the photos.. Hope the Sanctuary is drying out.. And all soon warms up for Spring to get ready to be Sprung. xx

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        • Thank you Fran.. I took a look and can not figure how to load it to my blog.. And with all the problems I have been having ( my new PC crashed due to a download from Windows 10..) I am a bit reluctant to venture into the unknown so to speak.. Maybe when i get a bit more confident I will 🙂

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          • You download the plugin and then head to the dashboard of your blog. You click “Plugins” then “Add New” and then “Install” after you have browsed to find where you saved the plugin when you downloaded it. After that you click “activate” and WordPress will add it to your list of plugins that you are currently using on your page. It is a very versatile and easy to use plugin. If they aren’t easy to use for me, I delete them 😉

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  2. Beautiful colourful post Sue, always enjoy seeing the beauty you create in your garden, my limited small collection of flowers seem shine one day and say farewell the next, My Daphne did flower this year, but alas none of the heady beautiful scent was forthcoming for some reason, Azalea planted now with love and care, will enjoy it while it lasts.


    • Sorry your Daphne didn’t bloom as expected Ian, I know how much you were looking forward to it blooming.. Azalea’s are beautiful I have a small bush in my front garden that flowers each spring. It never seems to grow much but each year it does get more flowers upon it.. It has survived some keen winters too..
      I hope to share more of what is in my pots on my front soon 🙂 Hope Spring brings lots of joy as the blooms start to sprout forth xx

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  3. I do miss gardening but at least I had the opportunity to be able to do it and that will have to be enough. I love looking at your garden even though you are across the ocean and we shall never meet. I write so much more now. Am taking part in Rick Daddario’s 30 DOH and that makes me think. I am also submitting some things to other sites and also places that are asking for submissions…such as EZines and regular magazines as well. I don’t play my piano, dear friend, as it now resides in my youngest daughter’s home a distance from me. But I know it is safe. Take care. xoxo


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