Harvesting Goodness

Time is short right now as harvesting gets underway. So I thought to share my post from my main blog Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary to show you what I have been up to this last week. Have a wonderful Week and Happy Gardening everyone. Love Sue xx

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

Harvest time is upon us as we reap from our gardens what we have sown. It’s wonderful to see something that you planted from a tiny seed that grows and matures to a full-grown crop.

And haven’t you ever just stopped to think for a moment about those seeds. Just how miraculous they are. Each seed so tiny, yet they know exactly how to grow. Each tiny cell splitting off to become a leaf, petal or fruit. Just as our human cells know which cells form toes and teeth.

Each plant perhaps relying on natures helping hand as the bees pollinate creating new seeds for next year’s seasons

Our Apples Our Apples

Apples all 5 of them Apples all 5 of them Smiles

I have so enjoyed this Summer. It started out life here in the UK as being one of the wettest June’s for a long while. It was very cool to start with. Yet despite…

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8 thoughts on “Harvesting Goodness

  1. Thanks for a very inspiring post. I also find it rewarding to see a seed or seedling that I planted and nurtured end up on my plate. We are just getting into spring in South Africa and we are fortunate that we plant and harvest all year round . Gardening is truly a pleasure.


    • Thank you kindly for this lovely comment Mamotheba Mlalazi lovely to meet you.. 🙂 Wonderful our two worlds can connect this way.. Look forward to exploring your own blog.. Please bare with me with this.. Gardening yes is a true joy.. And we love eating what we have grown.. Blessings Sue ❤

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    • Hi Maria, how wonderful, I have not picked any blackberries as yet, the garden is full of them, but so is my freezer from last year.. So the birds are thankful this year.. 🙂 Hazelnuts brings back memories.. Me and my Dad would go nutting, he was never without nut-crackers in his jacket pocket this time of year.. So tender and sweet.. Will catch up very soon. xxx


  2. I am starting to think I should migrate to the U.K. Our summer is something to dread. It’s long and very VERY dry. We might be lucky to get 6 “rain events” over the 3 month period and the soil sets rock hard. That’s part of the reason why we are creating the fridge wicking gardens so that we can control the amount of water needed and the soil conditions so that we give the veggies the optimum range of conditions to grow. I guess you live and you learn but I am sometimes very envious reading about peoples “bad summers” knowing that “bad” equates to “rain”. I wouldn’t mind it a bit cooler either so unless there is another state in Australia that is a wee bit closer to Antarctica, I am going to have to learn to adapt to this one or start saving for my big U.K. move soon 😉


    • LOL.. yes we Brits always bemoan the rain, then the sun in fact we moan about everything here LOL.. I would not envy anyone who had summers as you do Fran. we fetch and carry the water to water the allotments from the tanks, which takes up time and stretches the arms by a mile LOL. 🙂 So I see how important those fridges are etc.. You will find a huge difference I am sure when you do start to see the rewards of your crops.. You would not have to net everything either as there are not as many critters to eat everything either.. xxx Hugs xxx

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