Autumns Golden Treasures


Autumns Gold early morning along a favourite local walk.

The end of September saw both my hubby and I busy getting the allotments straight for our short break away in Scotland so it would be low maintenance upon our return.. Little did we think it would be so mild.. or that in England the rain coupled with the mild weather give our newly cleared weed free allotments time to grow. But as we all know weeds seem to have a growth spurt known only to themselves.. So we still had plenty to keep us busy when we returned..  Our time in Scotland on the other hand was Sunny and dry, not one drop of rain did we have until the day we departed for home.

Tarbert Scotland Loch Fyne.

Tarbert Scotland Loch Fyne.

There was much to do still, as the tomatoes had all about finished, and I made lots of fresh tomato soup daily as my husband cleared out the greenhouses both at home and on the allotments.  A tasty fresh tomato recipe can be found here. on my recipe pages.

The next thing we did was gather up the squashes.

For what ever reason, this year has not been half as good as last year for our butternut squashes.. They have not really ripened and many were decaying and going bad.. In fact those you see we put to ripen on the window ledge a third have already have had to be thrown away.. 

I spied this lone Nasturtium  amid the Squashes..  A splash of Gold amid the leaves.. 

The Autumn raspberry canes were cut back down to the ground.. The Spring ones we did in the beginning of September as I showed you below how we had thinned out the old shoots  and spaced them and tied them to the frame.. We have since cut back the tops to the top of the wooden framework. 

Raspberry Canes And Gladioli

And no Autumn post would be complete with out a few Autumn pictures. So here is a local walk we often do to a wild life lake close by. 


Vicars Water

We came across this quite tame Robin. He stayed posing for us for some time.. My husband held out his walking stick to invite him to hop onto.. He considered it but declined :-)

We came across this quite tame Robin. He stayed posing for us for some time.. My husband held out his walking stick to invite him to hop onto.. He considered it but declined 🙂

This week has dropped colder and we have had our first overnight frost.. I gathered in what was the last of the Dahlia’s I think, they have given me a tremendous amount of pleasure this  Summer and Autumn and an abundance of flowers which have been share between family and neighbours. 



As the garden winds down for the year, my craft work will now come out. My Knitting and Artwork will replace the gardening..  And already I am well into a knitting  project which I will share when it is finished. 

Happy Gardening


24 thoughts on “Autumns Golden Treasures

  1. As you are slowly meandering into Autumn we are most of the way through spring but it would appear we still have winter here in Tasmania. The weather is warming up a bit but it keeps raining every few days. I wouldn’t mind but we have fridge wickers to move! We managed to bucket out the water from our stored fridge wickers and discovered tadpoles in one of them! We hastily worked out that we didn’t need a triangular shower base that I was using as a pond/water storage area inside Sanctuary and it now holds all of the tadpoles who are much happier in their new “pond” with more water and a ledge for them to bask on when they turn into froggies. The fridge wickers are like stonehenge and keep moving closer to their eventual resting place and we filled up our first two (blueberry) tester beds for the first time via the plumbing pipe tubes we put into the beds and the system works! We will be hauling fridges, barrowing soil mix and breaking up sticks and branches for the fridge wickers for the next few weeks prior to planting them out and sitting back and watching what happens. We are also about to install irrigation inside Sanctuary and around the fruit trees to make sure that both areas get well watered over our approaching summer (HA! 😉 ). Busy times for us are just starting. I finally finished my clients website and it looks pretty good (sharing the link in this weeks blog post that I am almost finished) and we have 2 weeks till our studies are over for the year and we can turn into full time gardeners. Can’t wait to see what you are knitting and those autumnal images are beautiful Sue 🙂

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    • Thank you Fran.. Sounds like you have had your work cut out for you. I can appreciate all of that hard work to.. And the rain making things more difficult.. Glad you finished the web site too. And you can be sure of me sharing my knitting xxx Sending Mega Hugs and good to know all is well xxx

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  2. Lovely as usual! Our winter squash were not as productive this year either, although last year we really had too much. This year was the right amount just for us, so it worked out. Your little butternuts look so cute and attentive at the window!

    Dahlias are on my list for our new place, whenever we move there. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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    • Hi Laura… 🙂 Yes we had more than enough last year too.. its often swings and roundabouts as to how our seasons go with various produce.. Some crops over produce while others are not so successful.. Interesting how it seems from various places around our globe this year was not to be for the squashes.. Yet on other allotments Pumpkins just bloomed and exploded into giants 🙂 lol.. Many thanks for your lovely visit Laura xx

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  3. This is a beautiful post. I enjoyed everything about it. Your photos are wonderful. We never got a single butternut squash this year. So much rain here when they were producing, they rotted. Love to make pies and custard from them.

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  4. Such beautiful pictures, Sue. Thank you for sharing them with me. I only once planted Dahlias many years ago now when my kids were little and for awhile they were quite beautiful like yours but alas a gopher took a liking to the bulbs and ate them from beneath the ground. Love seeing them also at the Fair every year. 🙂


  5. I LOVED the first picture of autumn that you shared! And the Dahlia’s are so bright and beautiful too! I’m sorry to hear about the squash ..though they did look cute sitting there in a row on the window ledge.

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    • You win some and lose some Shree.. I have given the best of them to my daughter this year.. As I still have some Sqaush which I froze in cubes last year 🙂
      The Dahlia’s have been spectacular and since this post I still have been able to pick more bunches as the frost as yet doesn’t seem to have got to them in their sheltered spot on the allotments..

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  6. Beautiful pictures Sue, amazing how when we go away for a short time, and return to find a very different garden to when we left, seems to grow faster when we are away.
    That is a beautiful Robin and doesn’t appear to be bothered by your presence much.

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    • No I was able to take around 5 photo’s of it and we got so close as you see with the stick..
      And yes the weeds never stop.. We are waiting on a good frost which will slow them in their tracks for a while.. 🙂 So pleased you enjoyed Ian

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  7. Oh my Sue..this is really a dream backyard/garden..
    I am also growing beautiful flowers in my garden as you can see in my profile pic that is a flower from my garden…and now seeing you grow vegetables…makes me wanna try i too..

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