Whiling away an Afternoon

I am surknitting-for-barbiee all of you Mums and Grandmothers out there have at some time  been creative, knitting dolls clothes..For me it was a rainy afternoon last week when I got out some scraps of wool to add to my Granddaughters Barbie wardrobe..

In fact for nearly a week we have had rain most days.. Yesterday being the worst day  as Storm Angus  swept across Britain. I know we struggled taking our granddaughter home  after school through roads which were flooded. Thankfully our car made it through the flooded roads ok.. But some in front of us were not so lucky as their cars got flooded and cut out..

My thoughts are with the family of the lady who lost her life in the storm and for those whose homes were flooded yet again as rivers broke their banks and roads just couldn’t take the amount of rain which fell in such a short space of time on already soggy ground..

Needless to say nothing much is happening on the allotment front, but the good news is the green house and sheds are still standing as we had several wild mini tornadoes in our area last Thursday which caused damage.

But I will leave you with some peaceful scenes as these pictures were part of our Sunday walk a week ago when the Sun came out for the morning.  We spent a time watching the Inland Seagulls which are quite common now in our area dive down fishing in this small pond which feeds several man made small lagoons stocked for the fishermen to fish.

This whole area once belonged to one of the many coal mines Shirebrook Colliery.  Now all the coal mines are closed. And the Slag heaps that were once an eye-saw around every Pit village  mostly have now been converted into trails and nature reserves.. I worked for 5 years in Shirebrook in textiles just after the Coal mine was closed.   And for those interested in History I found this video of the Town and its history. My Granddad worked all his life in a pit such as this from the age of 14 until his retirement aged 65..  He worked with pick and shovel in those early years when there were Pit ponies then down the mines and often would work with water up around his knees.

I hope you enjoyed this post as I whiled away  yet another late afternoon as the rain keeps falling..

Take care of yourselves..Wishing you all a Peaceful Week where ever you may be .







18 thoughts on “Whiling away an Afternoon

  1. I wanna say i love the barbie dolls dressed up in knitted clothes..i haven’t tried knitting nor sewing for that matter but you gave me such a beautiful idea..i might start.learning it cos i have a cabinet filled with barbie dolls ..as you know i have four girls who are now all grown ups..it would be nice to surprise them with this one..their loved barbie dolls in knitted clothing courtesy of their mom…thanks Sue..

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  2. Excellent job on both the doll clothing AND the granddaughter rescue! We had a truly wet winter here with wild wind. Seems everywhere had “that” storm! We ended up with rogue thunderstorms over the entire country and it’s almost summer here!

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  3. I LOVE the knitted/crocheted Barbie and Ken outfits! Great work!
    Odd I should arrive here, when you were whiling a storm, and now our friends in Florida are in the line of the wrath of nature.
    I watched a bit of the video.
    My grandfather and great uncle Nick worked a coal mine in Manitoba. Uncle Nick died of Black Lung.
    I feel sorry for the pit ponies. I feel sorry for all animals, the way many humans abuse them.
    Being a veggie most of my life has been an intellectual, and emotional highlight. I am still learning!
    Have a wonderful weekend! Resa xo

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    • Yes I hope Holly and family are safe in that storm heading their way too..
      My Grandfather was a coal miner, working their all his life from school to retirement, he saw the pit ponies and said it was not a good life for them or the men either in his time down the mine.. He would work in water up to his thighs some days. Unlike today with modern machinery.. And also an uncle of mine had Emphysema and was on oxygen in his later years..
      My heart is with yours about the abuse we humans inflict upon animals and others too..
      Wishing you a lovely weekend Resa.. Glad you like Barbie and Ken lol 🙂
      Most pits are now closed here in the UK.


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