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Being emphatic often means at times I allow myself to get overwhelmed in energies which aren’t my own. I should have learnt this lesson by now.

But the energies ‘Out there’ which each of us are creating ‘In here’ are given power through our fearful thoughts, doubts and uncertainties, which manifest within the material world of matter.

I am only Human, on my own Human experience as are you.

I have sat within a haze of emotions these past few days as certain frequencies have hit me over several weeks affecting my energy. The last being a family bereavement two days ago, which acted as the catalyst for my need to refocus.

So, I am sitting out for short time in silence here on WordPress.

I know you will understand my need to go within my silent space for a time.  You who visit me here regularly and who constantly…

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6 thoughts on “To My WordPress Family

  1. Big hugs Sue. I know you feel things deeply and bereavement is one of those times when you need to take a break and reprocess. Take all the time that you need. We will all still be here when you get back. Again, I am thinking of you.

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    • Bless you Fran., I am taking things easy for a while… This bereavement shouldn’t have hit me as hard… but the passing of my uncle triggered I think lots of hidden grief which I had thought I had dealt with, but obviously hadn’t.. So I am allowing the emotions to roll.. and step back within my own bubble of creation for a time.. I am writing poetry again and painting.. Missing the allotments this time of year.. But I have been walking and grounding myself.. Thank you for your well wishes Fran.. I will enjoy my catch ups when I feel able to to absorb more.. Lots of Love xxx Sue ❤

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  2. Condolences on your recent loss Sue, best wishes on your time out and recuperation, and thank you for sharing that love piece of poetry.
    Your absence will be noticed as you regain your inner strength.
    Kind regards and Best wishes.

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    • Bless you Ian.. I have been a bit of an emotional wreck these past few weeks..The passing of my Uncle sort of acted as a trigger to bring up long pend up emotions, as I relived a few other passings as well.. But I am getting there my friend.. Thank you Soooo much for you kind support its always so appreciated Ian.. Wishing you and Ana a beautiful Christmas.. Love Sue xx

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