Caring for our Orchids

As fog and rain along with ice and snow have hit many parts of the United Kingdom, the Allotments have just been visited to pull up parsnips, leeks and the odd spout or two.. Its pure January weather..

So I thought to take a few photo’s of my orchids..

Orchids on my Kitchen window sill

Orchids on my Kitchen window sill

I am very proud that each one of these plants are now in full bud as they finished flowering late Autumn . Apart from the smallest, which I bought last year, the others I have kept successfully for several years.. After numerous failures with other orchid plants .. Which I discovered I had killed with kindness of over watering.. 

So the Key to success is once they have finished flowering is to put them on a window sill indoors where there is not too much heat or direct sunlight and forget about them for a couple of months and then start to water them again..

It looks like there will be lots of flowers ready to bloom soon..


And I now have One which has come out in flower

Tips can be found HERE  on how best to prune, water, and keep various orchids  and cultivate them..

To see some of these orchids in full bloom you can see some of them Here on another post I did last Spring.

Wishing you Happy Gardening Days to come as we move through these damp winter days of January..

Happy Gardening




25 thoughts on “Caring for our Orchids

  1. Beautiful, I love orchids, my very favorite and have a whole bunch full that have been growing for 9 years now… last autumn I cut them all back and just now I see them sprouting. Time to buy a some bigger pots and put them in… much love, barbara

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  2. I think we are joining you in solidarity today. It’s been raining since 5am and Earl is sulking on the sofa as constant rain means “no walk for earl”…sigh…Your orchids are full of promise and I saw that there are only 60 days till Spring and thus Autumn for us and that makes me very happy as I LOVE winter and hunkering down by the fire. Steve has a cold so we haven’t done much this week and we only have 2 weeks till we head back to college to learn how to make movies. I have a big old overgrown cymbidium orchid in a large pot outdoors. It survives no matter what the weather throws at it. Orchids are a lot tougher than most people think.

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    • Sounds like Autumn is making its self felt.. Sorry Steve has a cold.. Not nice.. And I am not surprised your Orchids survive you both have great Green fingers.. 60 days till spring lol great!.. And I can imagine how you are both looking forward to winding down from all of that hard work you have both put into Narnia .. Nothing like settling down by the fire.. Now making movies sounds like a plan.. and I love stringing together little videos of our granddaughter, especially of her dancing as she does ballroom and latin to put on DVD’s ,, Nothing fancy though.. Just the Movie maker which my Old Laptop still has,, the new one with W10 is lacking.. 🙂 ..
      Any way, have a great weekend, I will be calling in to see whats new? at the weekend..
      Big hugs Fran.. Sue xxx

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  3. Wish I had read this post earlier Sue, temperatures here currently in the 40’s, so I raced outside and rescued my little Orchid from the blazing sun and found him a nice semi shady nook, I also though plenty of water was the go also, think I will leave it alone now and see what happens.
    Thanks for sharing the link.


  4. They are so beautiful dear Sue…. I was in Brazil last december and you could see orchids on trees in the capital city Rio de Janeiro. They were everywhere!… 😀 Love them…. all the best to you, my friend,

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    • Yes, they do that in the wild.. and like lots of moisture but not to keep their roots soggy. And I love the orchid displays in the garden centres too 🙂 Lovely to have you here JoAnn.. Many thanks 🙂


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