Indoor Plants and Crocheting

Hello February!.. Where on earth did January fly too?  I can not tell you how quickly the  month of January  has flown.. Which in a way I am pleased it has..  For January often seems to drag its heels as those cold dark short damp days hold us in its gloomy grip here in the UK. 

I am looking through the seed packets and seeing which are wanting to be torn open and planted.. And Next week I may well be planting a few to get them going indoors. 


Today I planted some sweetpea seeds.. I took the pods from last years flowers that I let go to seed.. I dried the pods out and left in a brown envelope.. I got the seeds from the pods today and now they've been planted in compost.

Today I planted some sweetpea seeds.. I took the pods from last years flowers that I let go to seed.. I dried the pods out and left in a brown envelope.. I got the seeds from the pods today and now they’ve been planted in compost.


My shall, I made it up as I went along.. This is my 'Granny bed Shawl' lol as I created it to keep me warm while I often wake up to read or write in my journal.

My shawl, I made it up as I went along.. This is my ‘Granny bed Shawl’ lol as I created it to keep me warm while I often wake up to read or write in my journal.



So I have been filling my time with a crocheting project.. I am not such an expert on Crocheting as I am at Knitting.. And so set about learning a few new stitches.. I did this by creating a shawl, which I had no pattern to.. But made it up as I went, while following what I hope is the right stitch patterns following a beginners Crochet book..  I started with the little granny squares and then strung them together and built up from there then did the lacy type edging.. 

Also I have been painting again in watercolours.. but those can be found on my main blog here 

So, as promised here are some of my house plants..  If you click onto them they should reveal more info 

 I can not wait for the better weather to be here so I can once again get my fingers in the Earth.. In the mean time where ever you are

Happy Gardening.



39 thoughts on “Indoor Plants and Crocheting

  1. You have some lovely house plants. It is very hard for gardeners to wait for Spring. Nice shawl – I am sure you will use it often. Sounds like you are keeping busy this winter.

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      • You said you were painting with water colors – I have tried that, but at the moment I am not very good with those type of paints. Winter is certainly a good time to do crafts. 🙂

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        • Yes.. I finished a painting of a tree. A story of which I am weaving upon my main blog.. as I reveal parts of the unfinished state of the painting and my thoughts while painting it is my story..
          I have to be doing something.. And once the chores are done and I stop baking.. ( putting on the pounds ) cakes lol.. My hands have to be doing something..;-)

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            • Mine too… 🙂 I made apple and raspberry pie using my daughters apples we had stored and our frozen fruit. I made a carrot cake, scones.. and they are all gone.. My hubby gains weight over winter too.. He says its his layer of reserves.. And it will get worked off come Spring lol 🙂

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  2. Hi Sue — Now I know one of the main reasons I resonate with you so — we are both skilled in the “home arts.” So many talents you have from painting and writing to gardening to crochet/knitting! Your home is beautiful,btw, and the plant accents bring such life and beauty to the corners and shelves.

    Today, we are beginning our community-wide garden work parties. It is also our First Saturday Dance Weekend where we host a whole dance community that comes in from a neighboring town and dances with us tonight. We decorate inside and outside, many bring their children (small ones) and dance away, carrying them on hips or shoulders. Then many stay the night on mattresses before the Lodge fire, get up and eat a simple breakfast Sunday morning and take off for Sunday Church Dance in their home town. It ‘s a Happening.

    But back to the garden parties — I’m very excited about this! We recently passed a proposal that every resident must contribute four hours a month to work in our gardens. Work parties will happen every Tuesday and Saturday (two hour shifts) from now until the harvest is over (October?) This is required! We have 87 acres here — much of it uncultivated land that still needs some support, but the gardens are way beyond what one or two “Garden Managers” can handle. I think our new policy is going to make a huge difference and be another way for our community to come together and work toward our stated goal of land stewardship. I’ll be blogging about this to be sure.
    Today, Tomas (my husband) will be pruning fruit trees — I’ll be setting up outdoor lighting and cooking for the DANCE! Whoo Hoo!


    • Oh how wonderful Alia .. The ‘Happening’ at the Dance sounds wonderful.. Dance, music such a wonderful vibration for uniting us together. I so love the idea of community gardening and will I am sure bring the whole of the community together.. I can FEEL your excitement and joy.. Sounds like you will be busy busy.. But what a great way to connect and spend time together… Thank you so so much for sharing.. Your energy just jumped out of the screen bringing Joy to my post.. So thank you ..
      Love and Blessings to both you and your hubby… 🙂
      Hugs Sue

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  3. I love your indoor garden Sue. You certainly have a lot of plants (and obviously don’t have an “Earl” as they would all have chew marks in their pots and would look somewhat the worse for wear 😉 ). I get very confused with planting things. I am slowly realising that its good to plant seeds earlier and get them starting off in the glasshouse but working out when to do it eludes me. I thought that sweet peas were supposed to be planted in Autumn? See how little I know? ;). Our wicking beds are going great guns now and the chilli plants have decided to come to the party and are covered in small chillies. I am a little concerned as Steve was allowed to pick one of the varieties and he chose “inferno”. I read up on them (obviously AFTER we bought the punnet) and they are right up there with habanaros so goodness only knows what we are going to do with them! This year has been brilliant for us and has seen us install drip irrigation and reap the benefits of our wicking beds. We haven’t had to buy lettuce all summer long and that makes it worth the tiny cost we paid for them and all of that hard slog. You will soon be back outside and up to your armpits in dirt (well hopefully not that deep in the ground!) I love your granny shawl. You are a very clever crafter. I doubt that I would want to show a knitted shawl that I attempted on my blog. For one, it wouldn’t look like a shawl and for two, It would most likely fall apart when I tried to model it ;). I am just about to jump into the world of knitting and might need to pick your brains on a few things. I am about to buy some circular needles and have a few (supposedly) beginner patterns to start with so fingers crossed, I will learn how to wrangle those multiple needles!

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    • Hi Fran… Oh that Chilli sounds volcanic Lol.. and I can barely stand the milder kind.. So I would go sparingly .. 🙂 unless you want to deplete Narnia of all her water supply in one gulp! haha..
      And yes I am only a click away if you want any pointers on Knitting.. But I know you will master it you are very a very clever crafter.. But I remember the first time I used those circular needles they can seem a bit daunting.. But so needed on some things..
      I made my Granddaughter a Bolero cardigan, well several now.. and the edging needed to be knitted with these needles.. I remember not looking properly at the pattern and continuing to try to edge with ordinary needles and thought ‘How the Heck!!! etc’ lol can I get all these stitches from one needle to another . Duh.. Until I remembered and swapped needles.. hehe… Even with knitting I learn each new pattern I try..
      All I really need is more time.. 🙂 As I have a wardrobe bottom filled with wool.. My hubby helped a friend of ours move as she was moving to emigrate to be near her sons in Australia.. So she gave me loads of her wool.. As she only had Sons.. All her wool is brown, black and grey shades.. And hubby is not fond of home knits for his jumpers.. ( remembering when We first got married..) I knitted him a navy jumper with one white stripe around a V neck.. It took me almost a year to finish it.. And when it was done.. the sleeves hung a mile below his wrists.. Haha… even though I had followed exactly the pattern.. I never measured his arms.. heh! Laugh!!!… I cried.. haha..
      I unpicked the whole thing and it stayed in a bag wound up for more years.. But it eventually got knitted into a cardigan for my daughter for school and a jumper for my Son.. 🙂 Waste not want not.. 🙂
      Have a great week.. Big Hugs and yes can not wait for Spring.. xxx

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  4. Thank you for sharing this beautiful post Sue, you are very active in producing beautiful flowers from cuttings and still have time for knitting. Hope your cold weather has not been too miserable for you.
    We are onto our third day with temperatures in the 40s, our air conditioner has been running day and night, only hope we don’t have outages where parts of the city lose electricity for a period of time due to overuse.

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    • It is a wonder Ian that you are both not melting in that heat.. I can not even imagine what it would be like in the 30’s never mind 40 degs.. We think we have it hot if we have temps in the mid 20’s 🙂 lol.. Thank you Ian.. I hope both you and Ana are well.. Sending Cooling thoughts and a big thank you xx

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  5. Hello from AB, Canada … loved seeing your early spring plantings and flowers, friend Sue … will be doing the same come mid May … smiles … but first on my list is … travelling in order to escape the winter a bit … so next stop is Bali … will be back March 03rd … see you then … Love, cat.

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    • Thank you LG.. I am hoping so, I am following a method of planting them and keeping them cool and dark for a month, which a sweetpea specialist shared on the net. is how she gets the roots to mature stronger first.. So seeing how this goes 🙂


  6. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful blog Sue! Where have I been? So glad to have discovered it now, and am following so I can stay up to date on all your creative adventures. It’s like all you touch becomes beautiful! Sending love across the pond. xo Gina

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