Transformation and Creation.

While the weather has not been great here in the UK.. We have had a few days of sunshine between Snow, sleet and rain.

So instead of baking, Apple and Raspberry pies..  and putting on the pounds.. 🙂


I retreated into my little room to do some art..  More Artwork can be found upon my Main blog Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary 

But today I am sharing a little of my artwork here.

A Spiritual Path in a bluebell Wood.

A Spiritual Path in a bluebell Wood. In Acrylics.

This painting I did several years ago from my imagination, which has been stacked within a pile of paintings I was not happy with..  So Out it came as I wondered what I could do with the canvas.. I had thought on doing a completely different painting over the top.. But as it was snowing at the time outside.. I thought to transform it by being creative and using what was already in place. 

This is now how it looks. 

I added a spire and snow and converted the trees to a pine forest.

I added a spire and snow and converted the trees to a pine forest. In acrylics.. 

This next painting  again is from the workings of my mind.. Inspired by the last Full Moon..


Silver Birch by Moon Light

Silver Birch by Moon Light In Watercolour 

I have planted some specialists cauliflowers of white, purple and Yellow..

Broccoli, cabbage, and tomatoes seeds are in trays too, which are starting to sprout .. And we have our seed potatoes now bought and stored in the cool for now.  

February is now half way through.. Time is speeding along and Spring is getting ever closer.. 🙂 

Happy Gardening or Crafting 


48 thoughts on “Transformation and Creation.

  1. Hi Sue. I like the original because it is atmospheric, but I also love how you have cleverly changed it to a winter scene. As you say, creative time without putting on weight. I’ve been doing the same, avoiding those comfort food recipes, but I will give in, if we keep having cold snaps and rain! Beautiful paintings. Xxxlol

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    • Yes, I did like the one with more colour and bluebells I love.. But the finished painting had never sat right with me.. So I was going to paint over all of it at first.. In fact I put a white wash over all of it to start with. then dabbed a bit off.. And that gave me the idea to keep the trees and church but add snow.. 🙂 .. The spire was another after thought.. 🙂 xxx 🙂
      Yes I have been good this week, and not baked a cake.. But we have finished off some scones lol I made..
      But I think I will bake a chocolate cake tomorrow.. 😉 .. I will have plenty of time to trim my waist back when the allotments get back in full swing lol 🙂

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  2. Wow, your painting looks totally different – very good. This weather is making us think Spring will be early, but knowing this area, it can surprise you with its weather changes.

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    • Thank you Peggy. Yes it can often lul us into that false sense that Spring is nearly here, then fall back into a cold snap with frost and snow.. We have been caught out more than once and had young veggie seedling plants in the cold frame only to have a sharp sudden frost that kills them.. So we learn by our mistakes over the years.. Last April near the end of April we had snow..
      Thank you kindly for your Wow.. It made my day xxx 🙂

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  3. i love the full moon and birch trees…okay I like all your art, but i really like the moon and birch, a recipe for wonderful magick 🙂
    I am still crocheting, and uncluttering as i organize …i really just want to go home to my cottage and my zoo…but sewing and decluttering keeps me busy 🙂
    love you art Sue
    love to you and Take Care…You Matter to me My Kindred Sister
    just me

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  4. Hi Sue,
    Yes February has been of month of weather contrasts, so far. Some crisp near-freezing mornings, followed by some almost balmy semi-tropical moments in the afternoon, punctuated by the usual Oregon drizzle.
    Our mandatory Garden Parties have started. All residents are required to donate four hours a month now to assist the Garden Managers keeping the grounds here maintained. This proposal that we all passed in a community meeting last month gives us the opportunity to get a lot more early garden prep done in February and March, so that by April, we should be able to start some seeds outside.
    All in good fun right now. Happy to hear about your sprouts and starts. Happy February, Alia

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      • Yes, I love your art! It’s always fun when you take out an old canvas and completely rework that. I did that with an owl painting I never finished — hauled it around with me for years — and then finally got inspired to turn it from day to night and add a bunch of Runes. It’s one of my favorite paintings, and I’m actually staring at it right now as it stares back at me, LOL! So great to know another gardener who paints. It seems that’s more common than one might initially think! 🙂


        • That sounds such a lovely painting Laura.. Painting like gardening relaxes us and takes us to that other place.. xxx Many thanks for sharing that.. Have a beautiful week.. I am taking some time out to nurture myself this week.. So see you soon.. Love Sue xx

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    • Sorry to hear you have been having a rough time of it Tina.. I so empathise with you.. Please take care of YOU.. Know that we are amid some turbulent energies right now.. I for one know they are affecting both my emotions and my body right now.. So hang on in there my friend.. and keep breathing in love and Peace xxx ❤

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  5. Hello friend Sue, greetings from magical Bali. Looking at my beloved Southern Cross in the night sky every night … here we could grow our garden year round … smiles … Love you much, cat.


    • I am so happy you are enjoying Bali Cat.. Such a wonderful place to be I am sure.. Yes no frost, or snow, or limited time scale for our veggies hey.. 🙂
      I saw the beautiful image of you.. and its so good to see you looking well .. Keep enjoying and Have FUN.. xxx ❤


    • The one with the bluebells Ian had been in storage in the bottom of a wardrobe for a few years.. I was one I just knocked together one afternoon… Not really giving it much thought.. I had never really like its composition, even though bluebells are a favourite. So as it was at the time snowing, I thought I would turn it around.. I was going to cover the whole canvas in white paint and start again.. As I only did a light wash to start with, that is what gave me the idea of the snow.. 🙂 I hope it is cooling down a little now where you are too Ian. 🙂 Love to you and Ana.. xxx

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