Spring is Springing..

Tree Damage.. In one of our Storms

Tree Damage.. In one of our Storms

Well what a month we have had again weather wise… It seems the weather can not make up its mind what it wants to do.. One moment it is warm and mild with Sun and blue skies. The next its cold, frosty with snow showers and Gales as Storm Doris swept across the UK..

( if you hover your mouse over the images you will see what is growing)

I have not felt like tackling the allotments as  yet due to not feeling 100%.. But my hubby has made a start and has hoed up some winter weeds and started to turn over the earth in places which were not dug over at the end of last years season.  But I went a walk to the allotments and took my camera with me to take some photos..

This was my first visit to the allotment this year for me.. I really can not wait to get back into it.. I have instead been pottering around the home garden clearing and cutting back dead growth.

We have made plans to where things will go as we rotate crops.. And the seeds we planted are already through and have been transplanted into larger pots and put in the green house to slow down a little .  More are still on our home window sills germinating. Which include tomatoes which are now showing signs of growth.

So to show you more signs of Spring , we did a round trip walk as we walked from the allotments we went on an hours walk this is literally  begins five minutes from our allotments ..  So I have included these in a slide show.

Thank you to all of you who have recently subscribed to my gardening Blog.. Please make yourselves known and I will get back to you.. 🙂 I was amazed at the new numbers of new followers this month so thank you for subscribing.

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Happy Gardening I hope you now have Spring in your Step



46 thoughts on “Spring is Springing..

  1. Dear Sue — Here in Oregon we are “flip-flopping” back and forth from spring to winter and back again — totally typical for February. Our Community-wide, required Garden Work Parties began this month and today is the last one for February. WoW! February seemed an extra short month this year.
    We await a report from our Garden Managers (hubby and wife) to see if there was full community participation. I really hope so. There is a fine for NOT completing the mandatory four hours per month and those “credits” will be available for others to pick up in March — but full participation is desired, really.
    February was about pruning our fruit trees and prepping the outdoor beds. Too wet to do much else but March should see more days without rain and warmer temperatures, so we’ll see what happens next.
    I lOVE Snowdrops, btw — had many of them in my childhood. The gophers would drag them through their tunnels and they would appear everywhere — not just in my Grandmother’s garden.


    • I hope there was full community participation.. Many hands make light work as they say.. And Yes we have to prune back some of shurbs before the birds nest and we disturb them. So pleased you enjoyed the snowdrops.. 🙂 And what a way to get them to spread, with the gophers.. 🙂
      Many thanks for you lovely visit and comment Alia… Enjoy the rest of your week.. 🙂

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  2. Beautiful and magical as always! We’ve had such wild temperatures here, too — much higher than normal. I just scattered a mix of cool weather crops out in various beds last Friday. We’ll see what comes up or not. Without knowing when we’ll be moving, it’s difficult to commit to indoor seeds. I think I’ll just buy some starts closer to the time of planting when I will hopefully know where and when we’ll be! I love those catkins and snowdrops, and your kale looks gorgeous! xxxx ❤ and wishes for wellness and rejuvenation!


    • New Herbs sound fantastic… And we have to have a good supply of these wonderful herbs in our gardens.. I could not live without Mint, Rosemary or Sage Lol.. I hope all is well with you too Jo… Much Love back.. ❤


  3. I don’t. I am more than ready for a hearty winter! It looks like Autumn has gone on the blink and we are having our hottest days for summer over the next few days despite it officially being Autumn today. At least our tomatoes might have a chance to ripen as well as our chillies. Glad to see spring is springing but that reminds us that we really had better start getting our winter wood chopped soon. The allotment will soon be humming with activity and you will be flat out keeping up with it all. Here’s to another round of veg and fruit mania 🙂


    • Yes I want to get myself fitter for when the gardening season kicks off.. Hubby is not getting any younger although he still thinks he is a Spring Chicken Lol.. I think the weather has not known what season it is the world over Fran.. And I bet you can not wait to get wound down and fire up Bertha..:-) Though with those temps you will be saving on wood.. 🙂 .. Take care.. and hope your brain is holding up if you have already embarked on your course work.. xxxx

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      • We had a great week this week where we watched our lecturer and one of the diploma students film a documentary. Very interesting! We learned more watching it than in sitting in class being told about it that’s for sure! We are getting quite excited about making our documentaries and are learning how to shoot A roll (the main part of the story) and B roll (the cut away shots that add interest to the story) film and how to shoot good footage. It’s a lot more detailed than you might think to make a “good” 5 minute film! I just hope our warmer weather carries on for a little bit as then we can have our big tomatoes ripen as well as our cherries. Fingers crossed although I could do with more 25C days than the 34C we had yesterday!

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  4. Nice to see Spring is coming along in your area of the world. Your allotment area looks as if your gardening season has a start. Feel better Sue – get back to 100%. Thanks for sharing your photos of things beginning to bloom.


    • Yes I indeed to take it easy and not overdo things Peggy.. Hubby has already been digging.. And I am pleased to show you a little of our countryside.. No Brilliant Sunsets or Sunrises… But lots of Green to be found.. 🙂 xxx Hugs

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  5. Such a pretty place, even in early spring. I loved the slideshow! Do you ever take home cherrie blossoms to force in a vase? In California where I grew up the Asian community used to buy the branches for that purpose. It was lovely to see people walking home from the bus stop carrying those bundles.


    • Hi Linda.. No, I used to take sprigs of Catkins or pussy willow,, But these days I tend to leave them in Nature… I would love to see how they sprouted though just from a vase of water.. Lovely to have those memories… I remember once picking Lilac and bringing it indoors for my Mother when I was a child.. I was scolded for it being bad luck.. lol..
      I did pick some dried teasels on my walk the oth er Sunday.. Hung them in the greenhouse to dry out even more.. When they are completely dry I will spray them with Gold spray and use them in Christmas decorations .. 🙂 Love and Hugs my friend.. I think I am about All caught up now.. 4 hours on WP and I am now going to close down for the evening.. I will be around first thing tomorrow.. Love and Hugs Sue xxx


    • Thank you Mac.. so lovely to see you here on my Garden blog.. apologies for only just seeing your comment.. WordPress I am having problems with and they are not appearing in the reader for me to moderate.. I am happy you have been browsing around my garden and crops.. Lovely to see you here.

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  6. Always admire your efforts in your garden Sue, you have everything so organized, it’s great to follow your progress in the allotment from the beginning of the season to the final fruition.
    And even then the vegetables continue to sprout. You and the Earth, a Spiritual relationship.

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    • Its hubby this year who is organised.. I planted a few seeds .. but I am so waiting for Spring to fully spring so I can get my hands dirty in Mother Earth again.. 🙂 Lovely to see you and Hope all is well with you Ian.. Hugs Sue xxx

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  7. Hi Sue – I am new to your blog but already I have found it very inspirational. I am learning to garden after spending 12 years in London and now moving to Wales. The Welsh weather can be very wet so a bit unsure on what I can or can’t plant but with help from blogs like yours I am sure I will learn! Many thanks, Lynsey


    • Hi Lynsey, I had thought I had replied to this comment.. So apologies.. Yes the weather can be very wet.. But Wales is a beautiful place to settle down and I am sure you will soon make your little part of the world a wonderful place filled with plants, flowers and veggies.. You will soon pick it all up 🙂 xx

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  8. I love these pictures. I just realized that I cannot find a button to follow this blog so I will make a point to check in more often. I have to upgrade my computer soon and hopefully all the crazy quirks will be gone then.
    I see you are growing cauliflower. I have successfully grown it as well but I might be waiting to long to harvest it because when I do finally get to it (when I think its ready) , its got surface mushiness. I traded them in for room for brussel sprouts. I think we have too wet of a season maybe?


    • Hi Linda.. Oh there should be one that pops up in the bottom right hand corner.. Sprouts are good, and the problem with cauli’s is that they all come at once and if you turn your back for a week they soon blow wide open.. Raining here again now again.. The fine week of warmth has disappeared again. 🙂 Lovely to find your comment here, and sorry for the delay in answering you. ❤ Hugs Sue


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