Warmth is bringing out the Butterflies and Bees.

First may I apologies to those whose comments have been awaiting approval for so long.. At the moment I am experiencing some problems upon WordPress and I am not always receiving comments in my notification reader from this blog and my main one. Some are getting through and I think I have answered them, And others I have not seen at all.. 

It appears even when others reply to my comments that I am not always receiving their comments back and I have to back track to their blogs to see if they have answered.. So getting around blog land is taking twice as long..

Plus I have not been spending as much time on my blogs as I have been nurturing myself more these past few weeks..

But this afternoon it was such a beautiful afternoon, and I went for a short walk with my husband.. The sun was bright and warm and the sky was cloudless for a change and a beautiful blue.. The temperature had to be 16deg C this afternoon.. So very warm for this time of year.. But as we know, all things can change, and we see NY in the USA is having snow storms, which can soon travel across Jet Streams and upset the balance again.. 

My Grandmother always said never cast a clout until May is out..  The meaning of this English proverb can be found at this link to those wishing to know. For me it always meant never remove our clothing, for me in those days it was a liberty bodice lol 

Closer view of the many wonderful snowdrops out

We took the walk where the snowdrops were on my last post. They have now all finished flowering.

But We had a lovely surprise, and was accompanied for a short while by a Peacock Butterfly, who fluttered around us and then landed upon the muddy track of recent rains, to have a drink. We also saw one or two lone large Bumble Bees too, always good to see..  

Walking today, I spotted this amazing early Peacock Butterfly in the muddy track.

Peacock Butterfly today having a drink in the mud A closer view..
More about this Butterfly can be found Here at this Link

 I also want to say a warm welcome to those who have started to follow Dreamwalker’s Garden blog Please feel free to leave me your comments and I will get back to you as soon as I am able.. And many thanks for your follows.. I hope you enjoy what you see here.  

I thought I would show you how the Orchids were now looking as there is nothing much to report in the Allotment at this time.. You can see how much they have come along from this previous post in at the end of January in the post Caring for our Orchids

 Happy Gardening and Walking



67 thoughts on “Warmth is bringing out the Butterflies and Bees.

  1. It is wonderful to see your part of our world in the spring, Sue 😀
    My orchids are not started yet for flowering here this year, but I’m hopeful.
    I understand, that you love to work with the plants.


    • Thank you Tom.. Yes you did comment, this is the first one, its in moderation lol, usually you can see your own comment still pending moderation when you log in.. But WP is having major fun.. especially with me lately lol.. 🙂 And yes this Butterfly was a beautiful companion xxx

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          • I’m wondering if there’s some kind of delay, Sue. I’ve noticed comments in my spam folder which should have been there but weren’t when I checked earlier (or, I should say I was sure they weren’t there when I checked earlier…!) But I know how frustrating it is… commenting is part of blogging after all! I really hope it’s sorted for you soon.

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            • Yes, so do I Tom.. another blogger found me in her spam box.. but others dont see me there, or it could be they have Askmet set to take them all and not to moderate them as I do.. As you have two settings in the spam section you can alter.. Dont ask me how you get there, it takes me for ever to work it out now they alter WP around.. xxx lol.. but at least one person found me.. xxx


  2. Hi Sue, its weird as I don’t recall seeing very many butterfly’s at all these days. I remember seeing lots when I was a child, but now hardly any and if they are they are the little white cabbage ones. Slightly worrying! I do have a lilac in my garden so hopefully it will bring some more this summer.
    Take care. Lynsey


    • Thank you Lynsey, yes this is early in the year for them.. And each year I see less.. It depends a lot upon the conditions when they lay their eggs too.. We keep a nettle patch at the back of the allotments. ( you can make nettle tea ) and this is what these peacock butterfly lava love to feed and munch upon 🙂 I am sure when Summer comes along and some butterfly friendly shrubs and flowers you will see many more where you now live.. 🙂 Thank you so much and I will be visiting tomorrow.. xx Bed time now.. xxx

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  3. What a pretty butterfly. Lots of mud there and none here (finally) and we just had two of the hottest days we have had all year so it looks like my tomatoes might actually ripen before winter hits. Don’t worry about WordPress changing the rules, it seems all social media platforms these days believe in actively changing the rules without telling the people using it or even bothering to ask if it’s OK to do so. Most of the time we are most happy with what we are receiving and the only reason that they change is to add more advertising, to make it easier to snoop on you and your commenters/friends or for some other nefarious reason. I am almost to the point of giving up on Pinterest as every second pin is now a paid advertisement!

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    • So pleased I didnt join that or FB.. 🙂 and yes I am sure you are right we are being snooped on left right and centre.
      I got a reply from the happiness engineers, they said yes I am in a persons spam box, but unless she releases me I am stuck.. Yet she cant find me…
      As to the unfollows, they said they cant find any.. Only those I have unfollowed so not much help at all.. No mention of not receiving back comments..
      Never mind.. Thanks Fran.. Yes we have some lovely little butterflies, I think this one emerged too early though.. I hope it finds somewhere warm to bed down as I am sure its going to go colder soon…
      Sending Love and lots of Hugs your way xxx Sue xx

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    • There is some weird and wonderful weather around the world right now.. New York has snow.. I am not counting my chickens though, lol, as usually after a warm spell it often plunges back into a cold snap with frosts. And there is still plenty of time for snow here yet.. xxx Lovely to see you and thank you.. xxx

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  4. Hi Sue — no apologies needed for me at least. I, too, noticed a lack of notifications in my inbox for about a week but I was so darn busy, I did not really pay attention. This past week or 10 days have been full out with physical actions — gardening, deep cleaning in certain areas where lack of attention has ruled for “we don’t know how long.” Long enough to make our Guest Kitchen floor look like an earthen one instead of a wooden one. Let’s just say that I “prayed” over it on Sunday morning for two hours and “unearthed it.” As a result, two residents asked me if I had put in a new floor!

    Then we had a master facilitator who has worked as a consultant to intentional communities come in for three days this week and dialogue with us about areas of community life that can be tricky for community members. It was outstanding and there may be some ongoing work with this person that will have long term benefits for all of us. I signed up the be the “Coffee Fairy” and fix breakfast for the man for three mornings, so that meant up at 5:30 for three days to have my OWN coffee first so I could deliver his at 7am. That had its own rewards, as I was able to ask questions of a more personal interest over breakfast. Today, I am “only” cooking lunch for the Community and attending our two-hour bi-weekly meeting. A rather “light” day. I finally have time to visit my WordPress Community and find our what you all are doing. Such a great way to start the day! Blessings and hugs, Alia


    • I was laughing at the state of your kitchen floor Lol… It sounds as though you are getting well integrated within the community, and I am glad that 5:30am rise is only for 3 mornings a week.. Lol… Takes me back to when I would have to rise up early to be at work for 7am.. 🙂 Thankfully now-adays we are not clock watches.. and since I retired, I gave up wearing a watch.. 🙂 Many thanks, Alia for your visit, I feel privileged that you are managing to fit WP in around all your duties… So a Big thank you for your most welcome visit and update.. 🙂 xxx

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  5. Hi Sue… I’m positive I commented on this post (something along the lines of a lovely companion along the way) but I’m now doubting myself. With your WP issues at present, I just have to mention this… and hope that I did comment now, and didn’t just dream it…!


  6. A wee visit from a WP outsider and a friend from the past,just to say hi 🙂
    Wonderful nature walks and thriving orchids,glad the land was punctuated by snowdrops and not by snow.Happy rest of Sunday,my dearest friend Sue ~ Sending you love & loads of warm,spring kisses :)<3

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    • What a delight to find you wandering among the snowdrops this morning dear Doda.. So lovely to see you my friend, I hope you are well? and I did look in on you last month, but your posts had not changed.. So I must repay the visit now and see if you have something new 🙂 If not.. then know you are loved and I send you big hugs from a wet morning here.. But no snow.. thankfully 🙂 Hugs and Much Love Sue xxxx ❤

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      • No new posts,but never forgetting some very special and precious WP friends like you,never forgetting the “Light” you spread each time I visit your space.You’re a real haven for the human soul,you’re sunshine all year round no matter the weather.As for me,my life on social nets,only quick tweets and Flickr posts that I can manage in my limited spare time.Recent trip to Frankfurt am Main,end of February,and lots of professional commitments.Can’t thank you enough for your warm reply,dearest Sue!Enjoy your rest of Sunday ~ Sending you my best wishes for the week ahead & much love as always 🙂 ❤ xxx
        PS:We had a very cold winter and lots of snow this year,quite unusual for the Greek weather standards.Seemingly,the world has dramatically changed in every way …


        • Yes I saw the snow, and Italy too.. the jet streams working their way around, as seasons change.. Lovely to know you are busy and OK Doda.. and yes you have been missed my friend, apologies for only just spotting your comment.. They are not always coming through the notifications.. 🙂 Sounds like you are one busy Lady.. Stay safe, keep well, and Lots and Lots of Hugs your way… Blessings Sue xxx ❤ ❤

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          • Yes,an overbusy lady,who never forgets you though,I’ll call in sporadically and leave you my love,dearest Sue ❤ My dream though is to come back to WP ….. Sending love & hugs of friendship your way ❤ xxx

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            • I am sure when the time is right Doda, you will be back within the fold of WP in no time….. And in the mean time my own visits and calls to the external WP circle are limited for a time, as I concentrate upon the work in my gardens.. and enjoy the Real World as the brighter days are here to enjoy outdoors.. Love and Hugs my friend.. Sue xx

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            • Thank you so much my precious friend Sue 🙂 Hope you’re enjoying sunny,warm weather now,after the Arctic attack over the UK.Your garden and the “meadow of your soul”must be at their best right now.Loads of spring hugs to you,dearest Sue 🙂 ❤

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            • 🙂 Hi Doda.. Not so warm… lol.. but dry.. But so long as we are in nature and growing things we do not mind.. We have the shed for a cup of tea lol to retreat into.. 🙂 Lovely to see you Doda.. And hope you are enjoying your travels and are well.. xxx Hugs my friend xx

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  7. Good to hear from you again, friend Sue … Love, cat. PS: I started my tomatoe and pepper plants and your Chinese lantern seeds indoors in January … all went well for a while until Theo liked them very much, thank you and decided to eat them … except the peppers … o, well peppers it will be then … smiles … winter is still residing no matter what the calendar says … ur grandma is a very wise woman … smiles …

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    • Yes she was a wise lady Cat.. Lovely to see you, and your comment had not vanished it was awaiting moderation. It seem we do not always see it waiting now, and weird things have been happening in WP of late. As my comments vanish as well.. Good to see you and sorry about your Lantern seeds and tomatoes, its not to late to sow more if you have them.. Much Love your way dear Cat xxx ❤ and thank you for your lovely visit xx

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  8. Thanks for a lovely relaxing post Sue, your orchids are absolutely gorgeous and your Butterfly as well.
    It was interesting to read the link on the English saying regarding Clout and Hawe, I learnt a little of English way of talking, mainly through this song, I believe is a Geordie song.

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