Blossom Time.

Today I took lots of pictures both in the allotment and in the home garden. But as some are on my phone from the allotments I will just upload the garden blossoms for today..

Well May is finally here, and today its been more like May weather with Sun shining, even though the wind has been quite strong, It at least got all the washing dry. No more hail thank goodness..

 So today’s post is just about showing you what is in bloom at the moment in the garden.  And for those who have a bluebell wood near them.. Its the ideal time to go and visit one.  Some have been out earlier but here they are just about right for getting the full effect of their beauty in the woods.. 

I took this photo a couple of years ago.. But the woodland was just as beautiful when we went this year

So in no particular order I will  put them in the mosaic and if you click on them it will take you into the picture slide show so you can read better what is beneath them.

I would also like to thank all new followers here too Welcome..It is wonderful to see the numbers rise.. So I hope you enjoy what you see and don’t be shy, I enjoy conversations and swapping gardening tips so  please leave me your thoughts and I will get back to you and your blog when possible.. 

Happy Gardening and Enjoy all the blossoms within your own gardens and woodlands 

41 thoughts on “Blossom Time.

  1. I love pictures of flowers, Sue, and these are delightful. English bluebells are an absolute favourite of mine and we saw them flowering in a wood near Faversham and in Woodcote during our trip to the UK last year. I am so pleased you included a Rhododendron because I didn’t know what these were and now I do. We are coming to the UK in August and I am so excited.

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    • Oh I am so delighted you are coming to the UK Robbie. You must have felt me breathing down your gavitar.. LOL as I clicked it to go to your site from my follow listing on this blog.. But your site address is not linked.. So you must be psychic lol

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  2. All of this floral beauty must really be lifting your spirits Sue. What a magnificent collective of loveliness. I especially love the bluebells. We have them here and people complain about them and pull them out but I adore them and would rather have bluebells than vinca and forget-me-nots any day! Gorgeous post Sue full of happiness 🙂

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  3. You have the greenest thumb Sue, who have a veritable delight of flowers abounding around you. It must have the scent of paradise! Take care dear friend! Enjoy the beauty and thanks for sharing it! ❤

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    • It will be even more fragrant when my Jasmine comes into full flower.. its just starting to open.. But I forgot to take a picture of it.. Will save that one for when its in full bloom.. 🙂 Many thanks Holly. Loved having another wonderful bloom visit my garden.. Love and Blessings xxx ❤ 🌼💐😁

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      • Sue , my jasmine is on bloom and growing so wild it will soon corner my entire back fencing. It snarls amazing at night but I am going to have to cut it back and that won’t be easy all entwined in the fence ! Have a happy day Sue 🙂 ❤

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        • 🙂 sounds beautiful Holly.. and mine has doubled in size and is in a pot with a climbing frame.. that I had to extent.. So It may have to go on a sheltered fence if it doubles again this year.. I protected from frost with bubble wrap this winter.. And yes the evening scent is when its at its best.. 🙂

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  4. Beautiful Sue. Looks as if you are about a month behind us in the blooming of trees and flowers. Loved the first photo of the bluebells in the woods. Your apple blossoms are gorgeous. I took a lot of apple blossoms photos here in early April. Spring is so wonderful. Have a Happy Weekend Sue. xoxo

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  5. Much too early to even put in my garden yet, but will do by Victoria Day, which is just past mid May … it’s getting warmer here, friend Sue … was plus 23C today … smiles … I did start your Chinese lantern seeds indoors, but sadly my cat Theo thought they were quite yummy to eat … ya … anyway … Much love as always, cat.

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    • Awww shame about the seeds.. Hope you find some more.. Once established they spread easily.. So you should have them year after year.. xx Happy Planting when it’s time.. 🙂 And lovely to have you visit my friend xxx Hugs and Love 💗🌼😸😻💕

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