How the Garden Grows While you are away.

After being away for our holiday in Scotland for a week.. It was surprising just how  quickly everything had grown, including the weeds..  ( if you hover your mouse over each image it reveals what they are )  If you click it takes you to the slide where you can view larger and read full descriptions 

We had left off planting out our sweetcorn, pumpkins, and courgettes until we returned home.. 

The sweetcorn got planted too.. All 40 seeds came this year, a total difference of last year where we had to set twice to only get a poor crop compared with previous years. Proving again there are good and bad years in all crops..  

Below on the right photo you can see the Butternut Squash.. This is fast becoming a favourite of mine.. You can use in soups, stews, and I also like to use in making veggie curries, the milder kind and I personally do not like them too hot.  You can also see in the distance how the potatoes have grown. These were weeded through too. 


The runner beans we had shielded in case of any last minuted night frosts were uncovered from their lower shield.. You just never know until May is out.. and we planted Lettuce in the middle of them. And they had really got growing up the supports.  To the right below, is the Rainbow Chard.. This is wonderful steamed or raw in salads with younger leaves.. 

A surprise for me.. What I had thought of as all last years Gladioli’s corms coming through where we had a few last year and I had left all the young new shoots in the ground.. They turned out not to be Gladioli after all.. But Yellow Iris’s.. 

How come, you may ask.. Well.. It has to be at least three years ago, we had a sunken half water barrel that we used as a sort of pond for wild life.. lots of toads and frogs would use it,  all good for slugs and insects, so  we planted an out grown Yellow Iris in there from our small home garden pond as it got too big for it.. So we split it, putting part in the home garden and I didn’t want to just destroy the other half, so put it in barrel pond.  It then outgrew it the following year, and we got rid of the water barrel pond.. As a harsh winter froze the water which led to some frogs dying in the submerged water barrel.. So we got rid of it.. The area you see below is where that pond was.. The Iris’s had large seed pods on, so these must be the Iris’s from those seeds.  Isn’t Nature Grand!! 

We had lots and lots of leeks left over.. And nothing much gets wasted.. So I dug up two of the raised beds and planted some in there. They are closely packed but these I will use first. And all the family enjoy leeks so none will go to waste.

Hubby put up one more net , Each tunnel has two rows over cabbage three sorts, Kale, Curly and Russian  Black kale,  Brussel Sprouts, Cauliflowers etc.. We also had the tunnel protectors off and I weeded inbetween, and planted marigolds in between them all.. The nets protect from both pigeons and cabbage white butterflies. 

Tunnels over Brassicas

On the Home Garden I will finish off showing you our Olive bush, which our Daughter brought us in January for an Anniversary.. It stands at the side of this beautiful Jasmine, which I showed earlier in the year protected by bubble wrap.. Its now in full bloom and the fragrance from it is just Beautiful



Jasmine and the Olive bush..

61 thoughts on “How the Garden Grows While you are away.

  1. Oh my, you have an amazing garden…and such a green thumb. I have to smile as I obsess with my small plot of wildflowers that I water daily and see a few buds breaking through. 🙂 we are in need of rain here. It is clouding up so i am hoping it will rain, it is predicted for the end of the week. I adore the Jasmine and Olive tree, so beautiful and such a magnificent anniversary gift. I hope you enjoyed Scotland! Much love to you Sue. ❤

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    • Hi Dear Holly.. 🙂 yes,the Olive tree a wonderful gift.. Our daughter is very thoughtful.. And I can not wait for next week when we go to the RHS Royal Horticultural Society’s Flower show at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire.. One of our old haunts when in our courting days, we would walk regularly among their grounds. Our daughter bought us tickets as part of our Christmas gifts, so I can not wait to get clicking with my camera there to show the the show gardens and delights on offer.. If you have ever heard of Chelsea Flower show its on a similar scale..
      I hope you get the much needed rain you need Holly.. And thank you yes we really enjoyed Scotland very much.. 🙂
      I rescued you from the Spam box again.. I hope that now you will be recognised here. Its such a nuisance when we get spammed.. Hope you are finding more comments appearing now..
      Love and Hugs and thank you for your lovely compliments Holly xxx ❤

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    • Hello Super C.. I wish I knew.. The seed Pods were large and brown and must have fallen into the earth.. They did not flower obviously straight away, Like I said it must be 3 yrs since we removed the Mother plant Iris from the pond.. I did a bit of searching and found this article for you.. And hope it explains more and helps.. 🙂 Happy Gardening and many thanks for your visit. 🙂
      Sue 🙂


  2. I found the iris interesting as well because a friend is a member of an iris society and we were just discussing them yesterday. Iris are not a delicate plant in general but are really genetic geniuses. To reproduce true, you have to reproduce from rhizome , which is protected beneath the soil thereby it preserves its genetic code even as it spreads from the seeds…even if they are heirlooms apparently. She directed me to look up a variety known as Minnesota Mixed Up Kid so see the possible range of seed iris. Your yellows were probablly introduced in the 1920’s and could well be “Coronation”. I was going to post about my iris soon as well funny enough. The rest of your garden looks amazing too, it should be featured in magazines. I love how you planted the lettuce in between the beans!

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    • 🙂 wow, thank you for that information Linda.. 🙂 always good to find out something new..
      And Nature takes all the credit.. I didn’t do a thing LOL. 🙂
      I did take some better pictures last evening of them as more were in flower.. So I hope to upload and add them to the post.. As it will sit there for a while before I get around to post a new one.. 🙂
      The lettuce I plucked some leaves off of each today for salad, plus some Kale, and Rainbow chard.. and young beetroot leaves.. I just love picking and mixing LOL.. 🙂 Big hugs, hope you are having a good week ? xx


      • Yes, my week has been wonderful. I am glad you are finally eating, even if only nibbles, from your garden. My lettuce is moseying along like there is no tomorrow. lol. You did the planning so you are the artist in my opinion:) I hope you are also having a good week Sue:) Hugs. Happy to share tne Iris information. I am lucky to have a friend who knows so much.

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        • Not so much of the knowing, but learning by trial and error more often than not.. 🙂 Good to know you are feeling bright.. xxx Sending more happy vibes across the airwaves for you to catch.. ❤


    • Thanks Robbie, We give lots away we do not eat that comes all at once.. The peas, beans etc we freeze.. And not a lot goes to waste.. 🙂 Many thanks Robbie for walking in the Plot today. Really appreciate your presence.. 🙂

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  3. Your thumbs are greening up nicely Sue 😀
    While I sit back here as the temperature drops to about 4C overnight. Our first chilly night as its been only down to about 12C 🙂
    Oh well, we have to have winter or we won’t appreciate the warmth when it comes. Have a great sunny day 😀

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    • Yes Mark.. Winter has to have its season.. Spring and planting time, a time for re-birth and re-generation after the long dark days of winter are always welcome..
      Gives us something to look forward to over those long cold days..
      Its been very warm here up to 29 a record in one part of Scotland the week after we returned.. So I do not know how you cope where you live with your high Summer temps’ As I have been melting .. So its been early rising and in the allotments before 8am. for 3 hours before the heat kicks in..
      And thank you it was a great Sunny day again today Mark.. Take care.. 🙂

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  4. I hear it has been perfect growing weather in your neck of the woods. Excellent that your garden grew maniacally while you were away in Scotland. Isn’t it great to know that nature can get along just fine without us? 😉

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    • Haha.. thank you Paul… The kale,and red lettuce and chard have been beautiful in salads all week Paul.. And I spied we have nearly a yellow cauliflower ready.. I must not let that one escape me.
      Hoping we get some new potatoes soon.. Seems Mr FOX has discovered he likes a taste and has been busy digging at a few, We put a bit of meshing over to try to deter him.. But he/she may well have a young family to feed so I do not begrudge him a few.. 🙂


  5. Just catching up after my two weeks away from WP. So much going on here in the Community and today I checked my usual sites and they were all under control, so I plunged right into my Reader. Lovely to see the growth in your garden, Sue. Beautiful food! We’re beginning to get some steady (er) produce coming into the kitchen here from our garden. Gorgeous spinach and kale, tender enough to eat in salads. Our broccoli “bolted” during a hot spell, so not sure if the crowns will mature or if we will just get side branches. It’ll all taste good but sad to miss the crowns. Wildflowers in profusion! Will formulate the continuation of my Wildflower Walk over the weekend — hopefully! Cheers, Alia

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    • Yes if they get dry and its hot they soon can bolt.. I have my eye on a cauliflower that is nearly ready and If you turn your back they soon bolt.. 🙂 Glad to see you back Alia. and I did pop over to see if anything was new in your absence the other day, it may well have changed now as I have been hit and miss here on WP too.. As we have been busy straightening up the allotments after our holiday in Scotland, and I set the home garden with new bedding plants etc..
      Always something to do. 🙂
      Sending warm hugs your way and will look forward to your Wildflower Walk 🙂 Enjoy your weekend also Alia.. Love and Blessings Sue


  6. Ahh, the world of the Gardener extraordinaire, your allotment never fails to delight me Sue.
    A question Sue before I google, how high does your olive bush grow and is it’s scent enchantingly strong, I presume it isnot related to The O

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    • The Jasmine is the white flowering shrub, that acts like a vine or a clematis as the tendrils reach out and latch on and twist around Its more than doubled in its size in a year.. The scent is sweet and beautiful especially in the evening after rain fall.. Just intoxicating while on the swing.. 🙂

      The Olive bush the standard you see at its side can grow to a huge mature tree, that you see In Olive groves .. But it will be a fair few years before this matures.. It had tiny flowers on, but none have set to form olive fruits that i can see Ian.. And now need to go to your next comment to see the O it is related too LOL.. And my comments go haywire often.. Sometimes totally disappearing which can be frustrating when you have like I often do write loads in replies xxx 🙂

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