Rainbow Light Dance. Within the Garden of Love

These are some of my home garden flowers along with a muse of my thoughts
I am very excited this week, as I go to the RHS Chatsworth Flower Show you can google to look it up..
So next week I hope to bring you many wonderful photo’s of gardens that I have seen created.. In the mean time. Happy Gardening.
And take some time out in the Sun to relax and enjoy your own gardens filled with the love you have poured into them..
Love and Blessings
Sue ❤

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

View from my swing

Silence becomes my friend as I sit in the dappled light upon my swinging seat. Rocking back and forth as I lift my feet from the ground, I become lighter than air.

Lulled in the rhythm, like a babe in arms, I’m content. A smile spreads across my lips as my ‘Knowing’ unfolds the deep mysteries of my existence.

Flower of the climbing hydrangea

Lifetimes are stripped back,  like the darkness, they disappear, as the Sun makes her appearance over the horizon as the New Dawn Awakes.

Each struggle, every action, and every choice ever made has brought me to this moment

of who I AM.

The Sun catches my face sending its warmth across my skin. I see it glow beneath closed lids. My smiles grow wider as I welcome my old friend.

As if in answer, the breeze lifts, and the chimes sing their…

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23 thoughts on “Rainbow Light Dance. Within the Garden of Love

  1. Our days are sunny but not warm here at the moment. I am loving winter and all of it’s cool beauty. The trees have almost shed their leaves and life has slowed down a bit as winter settles in over the Southern hemisphere. You can always find something to be joyful about in a garden. 🙂

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    • So true Fran.. You would not think this is the same week.. As temps drop by 8degs and rain hits hard with high winds over the next few days.. I am just praying it fines up for Chatsworth.. xxx Glad you are enjoying your cooler days as winter gets her grip.. xxx

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  2. Beautiful prose or poem or however you want to describe it. Yes when we get to a place of natural meditation meaning working in the garden, a trip in the forest or sitting by the seaside….doing these activities without forcing oneself into meditation occurs naturally for some reason and it is not forced by oneself either. When we are in that state the energy in us begins it works of stripping us of stress etc….and I think you all know the rest. Very peaceful Hope you are having a wonderful day.

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  3. My garden has been in 2-3 weeks ago, friend Linda … Potatoes and peas came out first, and sure enough the peas were eaten by the deer as every year … so I will have good deer meat come hunting season November … Circle of life … Love, cat.

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  4. Would you look at those views! And the flowering hydrangea! You have not only a creative gift, but a garden muse, too! So beautiful and I hope you have a wonderful time checking out those gardens! ❤

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