RHS Chatsworth Flower Show visit-part 1

Where do I begin to tell you the wonderful day we had visiting our old haunt of Chatsworth House. This wonderful house is only a couple of miles from where I and my husband grew up.. In fact my husband when he was a young lad, his Dad rented a small holding  on the Chatsworth Estate. He grew up with hens and geese, home made bread, home made butter, and would walk from the young age of 5 the 4 miles it took to get to his school and the 4 miles back with older sisters.  

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We often visit Chatsworth grounds to walk and Hike and if any one in the UK wants a wonderful day out, I can fully recommend their house and gardens as a well worth while visit here in the UK. 

So the day was good to us, as the previous day had been windy and raining and in fact the day after our ticketed visit it too was raining.. So the Universe was smiling on us, for we only had one light shower.. 

I have lots of photo’s that I took and so in-between my gardening posts I will add a few more posts throughout the Summer of the wonderful gardens and flowers that were on show

So today I will show you what we saw as we entered the show ground, this is only a portion of the pictures I took, but you will get the feel of it as I try to choose the best out of my collection to share for you here. 

Bugs and Bees are so important

So in the header you will see the crowds as we awaited to go through the gates and security.. We were early birds so very near the front of the cue.. Hundreds were behind us.  Click on the photo’s to enlarge. 


The first on show were The Bug House Competition. These were created by School children from the surrounding counties. The public were asked to decide the winner by placing a plastic disc in their preferred Bug house, the discs would be counted at the end of the show. 

Next were the Well Dressings for those not familiar with what a well dressing is click the first link and it will explain more. 

These wells are made entirely out of flower petals seeds, bark and leaves etc.. And when I was a child I would help by collecting flowers and also be allowed to help fill in the boarders..

By Clicking the Well Dressing Link you can see more about this tradition which is to celebrate the gift of wells and water

Joseph Paxton journey started out as a student at the Horticultural Society where he first experimented in gardens in Chiswick. He then arrived at Chatsworth House in 1826 as under-gardener. Who would think that almost every Banana grown in the western world today would have been the result of one mans quest to grow bananas to grace the table of the Sixth Duke of Devonshire. To see how that came about click the link HERE


There was a new category in the gardens this year, and that was Freeform. These encouraged Freedom of expression,celebrating the connection between plants, sculpture art and people.

So this first one may amuse you. 

Another more serious Free form garden is this one..  The Brewin Dolphin Garden. This garden combines reinforced steel rods with naturalistic planting.. So what you see looking like a meadow, each was planted to make it look like a natural setting..

I hope this has whetted your appetite for future parts to the Flower Show,  not to mention the wonderful blooms like  the ones I will leave you with. Next time some Gold Winners..  

Happy Gardening



43 thoughts on “RHS Chatsworth Flower Show visit-part 1

  1. I enjoyed your first post on the flower show – quite interesting. What a lovely place to spend the day. Thanks for sharing the history of traditions in the UK. xxxxx

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    • Thanks Peggy.. the area of the show was massive, It took several hours to get around and then not all stalls were seen.. So a full day was needed to keep walking around so you did not miss anything.. Glad you enjoyed the welldressing traditions.. too.. 🙂 Love and Hugs your way Peggy xxx

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  2. I wonder why the gardener with the steel rods decided to do that? Do you think it was putting their stamp on the garden sort of “this is mine” as otherwise it would have been a truly lovely garden in my opinion. I think the steel rods just make it look like someone wanted to put themselves into the garden. Steve and I found a magnificent rusty 70’s style iron peacock on our beach walk yesterday. We hauled it up the beach and put it in some shrubs till we could get back in the car to pick it up as we were in the middle of our morning walk. We now have it and I think it will go on the wall in Sanctuary or somewhere like that. Consider it my own little garden renovation in the middle of winter ;). I love the insect hotels. I am going to make a massive great insect hotel and am planning on seeding a lot of pollinator attracting plants this year including Queen Anne’s lace that I love. Thank you for this lovely sunny post Sue 🙂

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    • I will read you their brief.. from the programme. It was showing the combination of industrial materials and contemporary design.. That isn’t the worst one I saw.. This one was not in the judging as the freeform were not judged.. But one that got gold I did not agree with, I will let you make your mind up when I get to post the one that got bronze at its side.. :-)..
      Wow glad the peacock sounds a lovely find.. I planted alot of Bee friendly perennials this year too in our back garden . I needed to fill our our boarders which we extended.. And the Bug hotel sounds a plan too.. 🙂
      Love and Hugs.. 🙂

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      • I loved the size of those big insect hotels and am considering making my own huge “termite mound” insect hotels all over the place. I have a few little ones that the spiders appear to have taken over but there are a lot of hover bees etc. that live here so I would like to give them somewhere to live in the cold weather to hibernate in. It’s frigid here today and it was very cold yesterday. Usually we have no problems with Brunhilda heating the whole house but yesterday we had to close off part of the house to keep the rest of it warm. It looks like winter has hit!

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        • Brrrrr, sounds cold, and it seems like our hemispheres are turning tides, as we get a warmer Summer and you a colder winter.. Such is the climate and the changes, those in denial are not seeing.
          Today we have much needed rain.. Its been raining all night and set in for the day.. So thankful as it means no arm aching 2 hour stints of watering the allotments today.. So I am tucked into WP for the morning and then going to get out my knitting I started.. :-).. Its turned a few degrees cooler here too, so jumper on today. Keep warm!! ❤

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          • I might just make myself a hot water bottle as its pretty cold. We are supposed to be cold enough in Tassie to see snow on some of the lower mountains today. I am off to learn how to spin with my trusty wheel and some fleece that I was given so wish me luck! I want to learn how to spin so that I can make my own (more affordable and custom) yarn. We picked the wheel up for $100 locally and I am going to take it along today to see what the ladies think of it and if I need any extras etc. Hopefully I can start spinning with it today but if not, they have 2 practice wheels available for newcomers so either way, I should get learning something today 🙂

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  3. What fun you must have had from gleaning the photographs. I did like the third bug house as it looked natural and in its element. The well dressing were impressive when you realize the work that has gone into them. Do they keep them refridgerated over night as I would imagine the petals will wilt. Looking for- ward to more photos ❤

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  4. Lucky you Sue! I loved the bug hotels and the Dolphin garden. How wonderful for your husband to grow up on the Chatsworth Estate! It is a stunning area. Fab post. Thank you! I’m going to catch up with your allotment now! Xxxx
    Well dressings are amazing too! Love the history.

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  5. With bee’s like that Sue, who needs to guard your vegetables or flowers 😀
    It looked like a great day out, with plenty of sun. You were being looked after AND these shows always seem to give a great variety of everything, from practical to just great to see 😀 ❤

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    • Yes, it was amazing and I kind of sent up a message for the weather to be kind.. We had been looking forward to going to the show since Christmas 🙂 lol.. And lots of good practical things as well, but very pricey at these events.. I did however treat myself to three new plants from there 🙂 Glad you enjoyed Mark.. Have a great week.. 🙂

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  6. What a wonderful visit you had, Sue. And today seems to be my lucky day, because not only did I find you again, but I found some of my original blog posts, from my original blog, Angie’s Place. I reblogged them, of course. I’m still trying to get into my own blog, but in the meantime, try out my newest one, http://Kyangel'sreflectionsonlife.wordpress.com. I hope that is a registered name, because I can’t be sure of anything on wp any more. I think I’m glad to be dying now, actively dying, because I’m so tired out from my problems with WP it makes me want to jump out a window at times. Good thing I’m allergic to pain, because I would only break a leg in that one, if now a few additional ribs, arms and other things, in the process. My windows don’t open, so I would have to go down to the bottom floor and go out that one, you see, and it is a whopping 2 feet to the ground! Talk about “train wrecks”, that would be my latest and most ludicrous event yet! Love and Hugs! ((())) ❤

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    • So good to see you Angie, And I have not seen any updates from you,But then many are having issues, some not getting email updates while others not in the reader.. Strange carry ons..
      I tried the link Angie but it said the server DNS address could not be found. Will click your logo and see what you have been up to Angie, sounds like another disaster.. ;-( .. xxx ❤


  7. There’s nothing more that I love than flowers shows! I can’t wait to come back to the UK and try and visit some before the summer is over (I am currently working in Sri Lanka). Thank you for your post, I’m glad you have a lovely day 🙂

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    • Sri Lanka is a wonderful place, I went out there on business in the late 90’s.. So I hope you manage to return and enjoy some of Britain’s Summer flowers, I can not believe how swiftly this Summer is flying.. Love and Blessings Lynsey, and safe travelling.. 🙂

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  8. What wonderful history for you and your husband to revisit! I think the Dolphin garden might be my favorite as its the style that I would love to create on our property. Everything looks amazing though. I might need several visits to take this all in. I’m so glad the weather co- operated with your visit:)


  9. Just returned and settled in from another fast road trip, and this was great finale to a very long day! Wow, it’s so great to have events like this —- perhaps that seems odd since I was attending my own unique events of IntiRaymi.. but oh,this one is equally impressive! I loved that wasp/bee sculpture; do you know what materials were used?

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    • Yes it was woven out of wicker work.. 🙂 there was also a craft tent which featured basket works and showing traditions of weaving them. A tent for Bees, showing you the hives.. and we watched a display in a netted area Bees being taken from their hives to show how they make honey and to show us the queen and the workers etc and the explanation of how the hive works.. Very interesting. 🙂 . So pleased you enjoyed Lisa.. as much as I did your IntiRaymi event.. 🙂


        • We would indeed be in big trouble Lisa without our insect kingdom of Bees.. So important in our food chain.. Yet still so much pesticides are killing them off.. Which is why we do not use any repellents other than natural ones.. Such as garlic, crushed in water to spray on green and black fly infestations..


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