As Promised.. More of Chatsworth

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Has it been 10 days already? since my last post here.. Time sure is speeding up, but I have to say I really am enjoying Summer.. So as I so enjoyed my visit to the RHS Flower Show at Chatsworth earlier in June.. I still have lots of photos to share of beautiful gardens and blooms.. Where to start ..  The above slide show, shows The Wedgwood Garden exhibition, it won a Gold Medal .  Wedgwood was founded in 1759 by craftsman and potter Josiah Wedgwood. . This garden represented the classic English Feel, bring nature and the elements into peoples homes. Its design explores new materials, and re-imagines the traditional, with the attention to detail and craftsmanship at the forefront. 

I think my favourite garden though had to be this one by Jackie Knight.. It was called Just Add Water.  Water to me is essential, it relaxes and here Jackie who is stood on the stones to the right in boots, has created a space that is not  only tranquil and calm, but is a lyrical to the ear as water trickles down in various stages..  Looking at this garden it looked like it had been here for years instead of a  couple of weeks in the making..  I was disappointed Jackie only got a bronze medal for this excellent garden. 

Just Add Water Garden by Jackie Knight .


And just to wet your appetite on the blooms  how about these beauties


Happy Gardening.. as we enjoy the Summer Sun..




26 thoughts on “As Promised.. More of Chatsworth

    • Well I will let you decide later about one of the Gold medals still to come.. As i did not rate it.. But then what do I know.. lol.. And yes Enjoying every moment of Summer.. and now it time to turn on the TV for Tennis.. So catch you later dear Robbie and so pleased you enjoyed this garden.. 😀

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  1. Chatsworth garden looks amazing and no wonder the garden has won a gold medal and a deserving one. I sure the Chatsworth garden brought a sense of peace as well.
    Jackie Knight’s JUST ADD WATER display is beautiful and it would also be peaceful listening to the trickle of water which always hypnotizes oneself into deep reverie at times.
    What a beautiful tour you have given us and look forward to more photographs.. 🙂

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  2. Lovely post Sue. I will not be posting as much anymore. Turned off my expensive satellite internet and will only do my blog once or twice a week at my daughter’s house. (free internet is nice). Ha

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  3. Hi Sue, the “Just Add Water” exhibit is lovely and I imagine it being the ideal place to relax and rejuvinate the spirit 🙂 How wonderful that you had more photos of Chatsworth to share with us. Summer is here and it’s bringing warm weather. Lots of great outdoor events too! Enjoy your garden time ❤

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  4. That looks so refreshing! I often wonder how to make a garden looked established. I think rock features and plants growing in the crevices help that along.

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  5. I thoroughly love your posts on your travels and seeing the beautiful scenes of your country Sue, both you and Derrick Knight’s posts really bring the beauty of old England to life, takes me back in my memories of reading of England in its days of rustic rural tranquility.
    Thanks Sue.

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    • Bless you Ian.. Yes Derrick’s posts are just wonderful in their delight in showing rural England.. And his own beautiful garden.. So pleased you are enjoying this series, there is still lots more to share on Chatsworth.. But My next post on my garden blog I think will show the veggies that are now thriving 🙂 Hope alls well with you my friend.. xx

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