Peace and Tranquillity

I am doing a little cheating here today as I reblog my post from my other blog Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary.. I hope you all enjoy your weekend.. I have been enjoying my garden and the Tennis. I hope you enjoy the flowers in the slide show. Just a few from the selection of photos I took at the show.. Enjoy and Happy Gardening ..
Sue xx

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

Spending time out in Nature for me is one of the joys of life. And in June of this year, I got to go to the fabulous RHS Chatsworth Flower Show.   During Summer I spend more time out in nature tending our allotments and our home garden..   This last couple of weeks as you saw in my last post here on Dreamwalkers Sanctuary  I have been busy watching Wimbledon, and what a fortnight it has been with some amazing tennis played and some remarkable wins.

 So along with some Photo’s I took of the flower exhibits at Chatsworth here is a poem I wrote some years ago now that you may find elsewhere on my blog , as I looked and as coincidence will have it I re-posted it around this time last year.

 Enjoy the flowers.. I hope too you find time to go out into Nature and…

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4 thoughts on “Peace and Tranquillity

  1. Gardens don’t cheat, friend Sue … they just are the way they are … I learned that a long time ago from trying to grow a garden here in Alberta … how does 35 years sound to you? … Last week we had a vicious hail storm and it clobbered my garden to bits … the hail was size of cherry tomatoes … but my potatoes were done blooming and are safely buried in the ground … other than that: Peas … nada … Beans … nada … Flowers … nada … cucumbers … nada … tomatoes … nada … But sure as hell, I will try again next year … Ya … Love, cat.

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    • The cheat I was referring to was being idle and doing a reblog of the post I did on my other blog lol. So sorry your gardens took a hammering from the hail and rain.. So many nasty storms arising out of nothing and causing damage.. One over night hit Cornwall and swept through a village with a flash flood.. The weather is out of balance in many places, like I guess are some humans!.. 35 yrs yes… Dedication comes from taking the good with the bad and starting over.. We have done it many times. As a few years back it never stopped raining here and rotted most of our crops in soggy ground. Sending huge hugs your way Cat.. and lots of love.. ❤ Sue xx

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