Knitting Update.

Those of you who take an interest in crafts and Knitting, I know will be wondering how my knitting came along.. This was how I left it on my last update. As I said it was the simplest pattern that I think I ever knitted, only shaping the sleeves. I used basic Knit .  the reason being, I could do without it being complicated as I was watching  Wimbledon Tennis on TV at the time.  🙂 ..So for any beginners out there this would be an ideal pattern to start.

The markers of light coloured wool are for the sleeve placement.

Something I am knitting.

Well now I can show you the completed Cardigan that I made for myself.  I joined up the shoulders  Once the shoulders were joined I then knitted the front bands with one button hole on one side . I picked up evenly stitches  around the neck, knitting a couple of rows and then I  crocheted a frill to act as collar..  

Then I crocheted a fancy easy little frill  to match along the edge of the sleeves, then joined the sleeves up their sides along with the sides of the cardigan.. 

Next did a fancy frill to match around the hem of the cardigan and pinned back the collar to form a lapel, tacked it in place with the same yarn. And lastly I sewn  on the button.. Easy.. 

So this is now how it looks.. 

Cardigan Close up

It is warm and heavy, as it is knitted in cotton yarn with a thread that goes around it. Difficult to see on these photo’s … 

Until next time.. And BE Happy in what ever it is you are doing.. 


46 thoughts on “Knitting Update.

  1. This is lovely, Sue! I love the frill! It takes some patience to finish a knitting project! I always give up when I reach the sleeves, so I usually end up with sleeveless tops! 😉 Beautiful and a beautiful model too! 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  2. Beautiful my multi gifted friend! I use to do so many more things but was apt at not finishing them all due to my chronic fatigue issues so I am quite enjoying all that you do. I now limit myself to a few things and focus hard to get them done. xoxo 🙂

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    • Yes I so understand that Renee, when you get tired easily.. I can not knit for as long as I once did.. My hands ache more now.. Even to type somedays.. I am pleased you are managing to get some time to focus upon the things you enjoy, such as your poetry writing my friend.. And How is that book coming along?? Hope to catch up with posts this week.. Its raining very heavily out today here, so no garden and chores all done.. So time for WP this next couple of days xx

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      • I have not gotten back to my book recently but hope the spark will come soon! We are having a heat wave here this week so sleeping has been a bit difficult. I stay indoors as much as possible except for walking my dog. We haven’t had rain for many weeks now. It will be good for your garden. 🙂

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  3. What an awesome cardi Sue! Did you invent the pattern? If not, are you willing to pass it on as that looks like something that I might be able to manage. I LOVE that button and the frills really add to it. Excellent job and a much better result than we did at the tennis 😉


    • I will see if I can simplify it so you can do it Fran.. the back and front are simple, its the picking up of the neck band, etc.. But I am sure with your expert knowledge of crochet.. you could easily pick up and crochet the neck line if you wanted to.. I will try to convert it as it is in a book.. which is why the terms of the pattern are not as familiar as it was printed in the USA and they have different knitting terms to us.. Give me some time to work on it.. xx

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    • Oh yes sorry, I adapted the pattern.. following the shapes, but not the knitting pattern which was a mesh pattern over all.. I just used plain knit.. It did not have a frill on, I did that to take the plainness away from it.. As the original with it being meshed had straight edged cuffs collar and hem etc.. xx

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    • Wonderful that you can knit, and embroidery is wonderful, I once did a large table cloth when I was pregnant with my first.. it took me forever to do .. But so relaxing, Applique I have never tried seriously, only at school which were a very primitive art from of sewing lol
      Many thanks Robbie for your compliments, I really appreciate them.. 🙂

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  4. Hey beautiful! Nice work. I love the crochet touches you added. The cardigan suits you very well. At first I thought you were knitting an Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern because she loved garter stitch and simple lines. But she also seemed to prefer working in tne round and complicated fitting so not appropriate for watching Wimbledon at all. Anyhow, great work.

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    • 🙂 agreed Linda, it was a easy enough pattern. Mesh something or other I posted it in a link on my garden update.. but remembering which row what stitch while watching Tennis and getting excited in the match did not work at all. 🙂 I am pleased I changed it to plain knit.. as it makes a change from pattern and stocking stitch.. Many thanks Linda.. Sending LOVE and much more your way my friend xxx ❤


    • 🙂 well not always gold, but I try to make it shimmer lol.. with a little TLC… 🙂 It stems I think from my Dad.. he taught me there was no such world as Can’t.. So I try my hand an everything.. I may not be a master.. But most things are passable.. lol.. if you do not look TOO closely 😉

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  5. Wow! I just read on your other blog tonight that you were a seamstress and now I come over to see you in action now that you’re retired 🙂 My mom says she’s in some ways busier than she ever was before she retired. Do you find the same? I love the sweater and am glad it’s keeping you warm over there. Here it is humid so I’m in shorts and a t-shirt – this world is amazing 🙂

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    • Hi Christy, lol, yes busier than ever now I am retired I wonder how I found the time to work full time lol.. But I do relax when knitting, 🙂 and when I came home from my various rolls in the factory world of textiles, I would not even want to sew a button on my hubbies shirt if it came off.. As I had had enough of sewing, setting up new lines of machines to manufacture garments etc. And sew first samples off to make sure the machines were all working as they should. So doing things now is more of a pleasure within my leisure time.. xxx Lovely to have so many of your smiles in my notifications this morning Christy.. Big hugs your way xx

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      • Hi Sue, thanks as always for your lovely comments back 🙂 Yes my mom says the same as you that she doesn’t know how he worked full-time, cared for the house, etc etc (I luckily was an angel of a child, haha!). I’m glad you’re finding love again for textiles now that it’s not your career and also great that you have your gardening. I like knowing you’re happy ❤ So great to receive your hugs and sending more to you!

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  6. Your sweater is a hit, and it made me smile to read the comments! Ha- when you said that you were telling your hubby how to use the camera – I laughed.. Yes, that nails the posture and expression!!!!

    I hope that you both laughed when he took the photo!

    In the past 17 years, I’ve probably used a telephone about half an hour, so when someone hands me a phone, I am in your hubby’s shoes when he uses your camera! Last phone I used, I handed it back, she turned it off, and when she turned it back on, it would not work!!!!

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    • Yes I did laugh Lisa.. He did ask if I wanted another photo taken, I said no that will be fine lol.. And I am laughing at you and phones.. At one time in my life everything electrical I seemed to touch would go haywire.. Thankfully that phase seems to have gone. haha..
      Sending Hugs and hope all is well with you too.. 🙂


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