Autumn Approaches are you tidying up?

This tiny rose blooms all on its own.


As the Summer now  goes into Autumn, we can  now well and truly feel that Autumnal nip in the air in the mornings.. Its been a while since I was here, and to be honest, after a family bereavement , I took stock of myself, and took time out from blogging for a while to spend time with family. 

I have found myself out in the garden snipping back, and tidying up. Dead heading and   even the leaves are  starting to fall early and turning golden.   The nights are drawing in, and by 8 pm it is already dark..  

Hubby has been really busy, he cleaned out both sheds in the allotment and has been digging out the Main Crop of potatoes for storage for winter.. As well as cleaning the green house at home, and getting that all ship shape to take in the plants that will over winter in there.


All the sweetcorn is now picked and we  have counted around 60 large cobs that have now gone into the freezer.  I have picked so many raspberries, and blackberries, that have been frozen. And have enjoyed making Pies and crumbles with these. 

Its been a while since I felt like doing a post.. So here I will leave you with   just a few photo’s of the home garden and what is in flower right now.

Happy Gardening All of You. 

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Fuchsias saved from last year in full bloom 


46 thoughts on “Autumn Approaches are you tidying up?

  1. Beautiful photos you have provided and a bit of your garden inside as well. I have always looked at life using the seasons. Fall being the maturity of life our golden years. Although I am still in my spring of life LOL Ok the spring of my heart and going into the fall of my life. I will miss your gardening blog when it is tucked away for the season.

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    • Hi Robbie.. Well September has been pretty wet so far Robbie, but enjoying the brighter spells to get things done. 🙂
      And yes I thought it time I came out of my self imposed quiet time.. And mixed again with my friends here.. 🙂 Thank you Robbie I appreciate you very much 🙂

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  2. I am sorry about your family loss Sue 😦 I should do a sister post called “Summer approaches are you tidying up!” because this year is supposed to be a particularly bad fire season here in Australia. Looks like we will be up the back block cleaning up fallen trees etc. At least it will be some free firewood for next years “controlled” fire (Brunhilda 😉 ). It’s always lovely to see your harvest going on as you and your husband are so prolific in your food gardening. One day I hope to be half as prolific. Wish me luck in our coming growing season. It’s still snowing here in Tasmania and I am already planning my garden seeds to plant and there are actual broad beans in the wicking beds! I experimented and planted some out and it looks like I might get to pick my very own broad beans this year. Happiness, thy name is narf7 🙂

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    • Thanks Fran.. Maybe you should do that post.. I’ve just been over to see you posted while I have not been paying attention LOL.. And loved it..
      Wonderful about the broad-beans, they should be fine now they have overwintered and they will be very tasty. 🙂
      It is amazing how time is flying and before you know it your seeds will be sprouting and you will be picking.. I can not tell you how fast this Summer has gone, and Now Autumn is here and picking our crops..
      We have some huge Butternut Squash this year, and just praying no one sees them and takes a fancy to them as they walk on by.. As the darker nights approach its the time the allotments often get raided and sheds broken into.. So fingers crossed.. A lot of equipment got stolen last year, new rotavators and strimmers even spades and folks and wheel barrows were taken.. As someone came with a truck or large van to carry it all from various sheds broken into..
      Luckily ours has a double reinforced lock and although it had been forced they had failed to get in.. That is twice we have been lucky..
      Anyway, thank you Fran for dropping by and your kind well wishes are well received.. The Sun is now shining, and I want to get out after lunch to do more tiding up around the flower beds..
      Sending LOVE my friend..
      Sue xxx

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      • Sending love right back atcha Sue. I know its the time of year that nefarious people get busy. When it gets a bit darker earlier there is more time to start sneaking around. I don’t think that most of them would be interested in veg to be honest. They are most likely the kind of folk who shun their veggies so fingers crossed, you should get to harvest your butternuts. I LOVE butternut squash but it is so expensive here! I might have to grow some myself this year. Steve hates pumpkin but loves sweet potato. I can’t for the life of me tell the difference but horses for courses and all the more for me. I love it roasted and it makes the very best soup. I am only going to plant out what we are going to eat this year. I have experimented to the max in years up to now and I want to have food that we will use, especially now that Steve is also eating a tonne of veggies and we are going through heaps every fortnight. I was given some water chestnut corms that are going gangbusters on the kitchen table but its still too cold to put them outside into a fridge wicker so I am hoping that they can hold on till spring really hits here. Still snowing on the mountains here so no luck in planting them out. I also have a madder plant for my new dye garden area. I have plans for making a couple of keyhole gardens in the old orchard area for dye plants and herbs and to make it harder for the possums to raid that space (they will have to climb over everything 😉 ) and to keep the moisture in the soil up in that area. The more mass on the ground, the less soil moisture loss and I am going to use as many of those sodding rocks on the property that I can find so win-win for that! Looking forward to a good growing season this year. Last year we had 3 weeks of summer. This year it sounds like we might get a full 3 months of it plus! At least our tomatoes might ripen. You have to look on the bright side and wool is flame retardant so if we do get a fire through, at least the garden beds won’t go up in flames 😉


        • Wow that sounds like you really have plans.. love the sound of an area of plants used for dye..
          I am grouching at the moment seems WP in its wisdom has changed the format for comment reply.. I used to love using the comment approved section.. Now you can not put bold or links in there.. Grrrrrrr.. WHY do they make changes when none are needed.. this is annoying.. and the print so light and small I can hardly read it..
          Sorry Fran.. but WP really should consult their users before these major changes are put in..
          Getting back to you comment. good to know you may get tomatoes that will ripen.. And think positive.. there are NOT going to be fires near you xxx

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          • Thinking pragmatically AND positively right here Sue 🙂 WP are no different to FaceBook that chops and changes things all over the place and no-one has any say in it whatsoever. These tech giants think that their users are just their means to advertising revenue and have lost all sense of responsibility when it comes to service delivery! Just because your service is free, doesn’t mean that you are able to run roughshod over the people that use your service in the name of your own personal profit/ease! Agreed to the MAX. I put my site on my home bar and just click on it each morning to see if I have any comments. I can tell if I have any by the little orange bell in the top right hand corner of the screen. If the bell isn’t orange, I don’t have any comments. That way you don’t actually have to check out the post, just the comments and they can be from my site or any other wordpress site that I have commented on. It’s a pity that Blogger and WordPress didn’t work together and unite their comment sections as that way I could answer ALL of the comments that I have made on other people’s blogs but that is highly unlikely to happen as again, it’s not in “their” best interests, but ours! 😉

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            • Yes very true Fran.. I can not see why they needed to alter. Now you can not even make links to words anymore or add links other than manually .. Its another cog that is making me want to withdraw and disconnect altogether.. Sigh.. Anyway, have a good day.. and take care with those Blackberry thorns .. 😉

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            • Yeah, technology can be a bugger! I don’t think we will be tackling blackberries today (forecast rain) but we will be tackling Steve’s shot list and that is almost like tackling blackberries 😉

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  3. My heart goes out to you Sue. These times are very difficult to go through and my thoughts are with you as you deal with this loss.
    A walk in the sunshine and garden will give you much beautiful energy and allow you to grieve in that loss and renew your hearts journey ❤
    Love and light to you ❤

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  4. I feel like I ought to be tidying! I think we may have a family trip to the allotment on Saturday or Sunday to give it a once over, finish harvesting and get some things tidied away. Thanks for the inspiration, your garden looks lovely. 😊

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    • Big smiles Teagan.. Autumn well underway with a big nip in the air now.. So yes Goodbye Summer, what bit we did have on fine days, and Hello to the leaf clearing and storing of plant tubas. Have a good week Teagan, it is always great to see you on my little Plot 🙂 xx ❤

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  5. Your garden is stunning ~ So nice to get the look back in photos! I like the slideshow 🙂 Autumn is indeed on its way; I felt a bit cooler air this morning when I opened the windows. Let us rejoice in a new season finding us and new adventures ahead 🙂

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    • I just like corn as it is.. Simmer on the cob for 15mins or so, then cut off the cob, with sharp knife slicing it downwards while holding it in place with a cob skewer and stir in a knob of butter.. and serve as a side veggie with your meal.. or with salads etc.. That way its easier on the teeth than trying to bite it off the cob.. 😀


  6. Your garden is always a delight to see Sue… IAM finding it hard to believe you are referring to Autumn in the UK… as our heat wave continues here in Spain… I do miss the British gardening and harvesting the goods, but apparently you can’t have it all… Except in my vision of NewEarth I have beautiful giant flowers and vegetables that we enjoy eating. Thanks for enjoying your work in the garden and sharing. On another note… IAM wondering if you happen to keep your emails of fellow bloggers when they post? I wrote one of my posts ’13 Magnificent Guest Features’ on June 26 2017 and originally included my own insights on Compassion. Which I later deleted and made a separate post because I thought it had been swallowed up within my attention to the 13 other bloggers on August 19 after returning from my long summer holiday. If you still have it by any chance… I would love you to forward it to me by email… Thanks so much and LOVE x Barbara x

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