Butternut Squash and a Gypsy Wood Burner

Already its been two weeks since my last post here, But a lot has been done in-between time in the garden especially. 

Where the potatoes were its now winter dug over and lime added

All the potatoes are now dug up and we have four huge hessian sacks full and sorted.. And I am using up all those that you manage to put the folk through first.. No matter how careful you are you always spike the biggest.. 

My Hubby has been winter digging where the potatoes were, a couple of hours each day while its been fine, and we have taken up the finished Pea rows..  The courgettes are now finished.  

Nearest is beetroot, Kale, and then the sprouts. Behind the sprouts are two rows of parsnips.

Here you can see the Brussels sprouts , Kale and Beetroot..  And we also have more young broccoli and cauliflower to mature along with leeks, parsnips, and rainbow chard.  

Spring cabbage planted.. And leeks to the left and as you can see the dahlias are still blooming, I regular pick and dead head them to encourage more flowers.

I still have an abundance of Dahlia’s and still keep picking these, until the frosts come and blacken the tops..  And then we will dig up the tubas to store them for winter.. But I will explain that when the time comes..

A different view of the cabbage under the cloche ..

We had some lovely young Spring Cabbage plants given us by a fellow allotmenteer… So we have now planted these in the allotment and put a cloche over them to protect them from the pigeons. Pigeons love young cabbage foliage and we have lots of pigeons in the woods near by and in a matter of minutes you can lose your crop as we have known to our cost in the past…. This will stay on now until the cabbages mature over winter..

Here are all the butternut squash, and under the bench are the four sacks of potatoes.. And yes, the shed got a clean out.

The Butternut Squash has been a bumper crop and we are so pleased with the harvest and will have plenty to share with our daughter this year..

these are the size of a small football, not huge but we can have fun sculpting these at Halloween.. 🙂

The Pumpkins too, although not Huge, will be ideal for what we grew them for Halloween, and goodness knows it will soon come around as time is certainly flying by so fast.

On our home Garden there are still a few blooms around giving us a magnificent show.. And our front garden although I have not taken a photo, is full of cosmos, and the chrysanthemums are all in bud ready to give us colour through Autumn.

My Husband has been busy in the greenhouse in our home garden, clearing it, cleaning it, and lagging it out with  a layer of thick clear plastic panels and bubble wrap.. We both have a feeling it will be a long colder winter this year.. Its been usually mild for several winters here in England and we have not had much snow.. Winters seem to be turning wetter and milder rather than cold and snowy.. But as we have some plants that we want to keep frost-free and cosy, My daughter treated her Dad to an early Christmas present, as he admired the Gypsy Wood burner she had got for her lean to greenhouse that sits on her walled garden..

Work in progress of fitting the wood burner in the greenhouse

So he spent some time working on installing it.. He went to a local garage that fitted car exhaust pipes, and asked if they had any pipe of a certain size to fit, He took the little wood stove with him as it is only the size of a shoe box..

Here is the small gypsy wood burner stove,, You could boil a small kettle on top when lit.. The Temperature soared inside the greenhouse once lit and it gave off lots of heat..

And he got two pieces of exhaust and two brackets.. When he asked how much the garage man said to give him a Fiver.. Five Pounds.. So he got a bargain.. And with metal and sealant he found in our garage he set about installing it to our greenhouse. You can see the progress of how below..

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Until Next Time 

Happy Gardening










57 thoughts on “Butternut Squash and a Gypsy Wood Burner

    • Hi Joseph.. thank you, Yes pesky Pigeons.. We can do without LOL.. We do feed them corn though on our bird table at home.. LOL,

      Lime helps to clean the soil and helps bring the PH of the soil back to 7..
      This part of the allotment next year will have the Brassica family on it.. As it had potatoes this year.. They like acidic soil, as we rotate crops annually so as not to take nutrients out of the soil
      We also left the Peas in until they dry out completely as these give back nitrogen back into the earth.
      Also when we plant the young cabbage etc in the spring.. We usually dig out holes where we are to plant them and put lime in two weeks before. This also helps the soils climate to what the Brassica family like..
      🙂 I so thank you Joseph for taking a keen interest in our allotment.. And yes the Fall is really settling in early I feel.. ❤

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  1. What a lovely little stove Sue. I bet hubby loves it and the ability to put the kettle on while you are working in the greenhouse in mid winter has to be a serious “SCORE!” moment right there :). We still have low temperatures here at the moment and plenty of rain on the horizon where Hobart (our capital city in the south) is in drought. Most of Australia is getting hotter than average temperatures but we are still nice and green and damp here so fingers crossed, summer won’t be that difficult either but it is forecast to be hotter and drier than average but these days the weather boffins really have no idea what is going to happen to be honest. I wouldn’t have their job for quids! Your butternut squash are making my mouth water. They cost an arm and 2 legs here and I am seriously tempted to try to grow some myself this year. We had to rehouse one of the feral cats into Sanctuary yesterday as he was almost killed by his brother in a territorial fight. He seems quite happy living in there and the rats, that previously thumbed their noses at the cats (who couldn’t get in to catch them) whilst scoffing my berries and anything else tasty, are going to have to thing of a new place to live! I wonder if we can get those little stoves here? We don’t get as cold as you guys do though so we most likely wouldn’t need one but it is perfect for a greenhouse 🙂

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    • I hope your Summer is not as hot as in Australia, but you are at least better prepared this year with the system you have now rigged up.
      And Yes.. Even if the electric goes off, he will still be able to boil a brew lol.. He was as Happy as a Pig in Muck lol messing with his pre- Christmas gift..
      Our Daughter got herself one as well, thats how he fell in love with it.. She got them off the internet.. and not too expensive. You can get different sizes and shapes.. And if you google them loads of pictures appear.
      You should grow them, they are very easy.. Though they do need watering regularly. But grow pretty rampant so they spread, so they need lots of space between plants.. We had 8 plants and its given us 55 Butternut Squash.. So around 7 to a plant it produces..
      And yes the heater is perfect for the greenhouse.. As a small paraffin heater would cost a fortune in fuel.. Where as we have lots of dead wood laying around.. 🙂 xxxx ❤

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      • I just Googled “Gypsy Stove” and came up with instructions for how to make one for under $10! Looks like we might have one if I can prize Steve off his computer game for long enough to make me one 😉 I have vertical space inside Sanctuary as the pumpkins can grow up the sides of the enclosure so I might plant a few around the outside edges and see how they go. We have so much dead wood/sticks laying around it would be a great idea to start collecting it up and storing it to use with a little gypsy stove. I hope your winter is not too cold this year but remember, a decent cold spell does kill pests so that’s one silver lining for snow 🙂

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        • Big Smiles… Wonderful news.. and I am sure Steve will make an excellent job with his DIY and skills he has… I will no doubt get to see the finished project soon enough..
          And yes we could do with some sharp frosts to kill off the bugs and virus’s that are going about.. The last big snow we had was in 2010 the year our granddaughter was born . My Son had to dig out his car to take his partner to hospital.. In fact his neighbours also gave him a dig out if I remember correctly.. And we had to walk to a main road off our hill to book a taxi to go see her in hospital, as nothing could get up or down our Hill to our street.. It was so deep.. 😀 Love it when I am all snuggled up with my fire, food and watching through the windows.. But when I was working in support it was a nightmare driving in it.. xxx

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  2. Lovely pictures all and certainly you have had a wonderful harvest thus far. Your greenhouse should keep all of your newest plants cozy during the Winter so your allotment should be ready to pose for more glorious photos next Spring and into Summer. You and your husband deserve a break. Be well my friend. xoxo

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    • Many thanks Renee, Yes its a busy time, clearing, digging and of course harvesting, preserving and storing.. But well worth all the effort and I wouldn’t change a thing ..
      So happy you enjoyed the photos Renee.. Much love right on back my friend xx

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  3. That was probably the best thing for you Sue, a nice dabble in the garden and her energy to re-ground you after all you’ve been through. A garden always seems to be a blessing with the smells and touch of vegetables, earth and good old hard work 😀
    Mind you, an occasional wood fairy to weed the difficult bits would be nice 😀
    Nice crop, and even the ‘engineer’ of the garden has done well with the wood heater 😀

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    • Lol I will pas that along Mark, and a Wood Fairy would be handy.. LOL too..
      Yes it was what was needed… And Nature is a great to connect back with and re-find your balance again..
      I am finding it difficult to stay for long on the PC… And I disappear often after half an hour catching up with comments and just have to go sit in the garden again..
      I rescued a Bee this morning that had worn itself out and gave it some honey on a spoon, it flew off after a while.. I know they do not last long in their busy little lives.. And its turned much colder over night dropping to 3’C ..
      They never give up, they keep on going till they drop.. And Its appearance reminded me to slow down this morning…
      So after another half hour here, the knitting needles will be clicking again.. 😀
      Many thanks Mark.. always happy to see you on the Plot my friend xx 🙂

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  4. What a healthy harvest Sue, it makes all the difference in the world to have the garden that can provide one with much of the food needed.Love the gypsy wood burner. I reckon if I were working in that garden during colder days I’d be ducking inside, warming my hands above the stove for a bit, ducking out again and so in repeats 🙂 Many hugs to you

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    • Yes, you can be sure Hubby will not miss a trick. and he also likes his cuppas, and if ever the electricity should fail… At least he could still have a cuppa and cook a jacket potato LOL.. 🙂 Big smiles.
      Thank you Ina.. I appreciate you coming over to leave me your thoughts.. Thank YOU.. 🙂


  5. How lovely to see all your hard work paying off, Sue. I reminds me of the Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder where they store all the delicious food in the house to last them through the winter. I hope you are enjoying the Autumn.


    • Hi dearest Robbie, forgive my late response here over at my gardening blog.. normally these comments come into my notification column, but it seems I have a few problems of gremlins working behind the scenes again as all my notifications disappeared strangely the other day when I knew I had loads that needed answering.. Maybe it has a limit and once reached it wipes it out..
      But thank you for that lovely compliment.. Yes the weather has warmed up a little and we have been taking advantage of both garden and walking.. And yes lots of food to store for winter use.. Wonderful to see you and Hope all is well with you and yours Robbie and your are feeling less stress..
      Love and Hugs Sue xxx ❤


    • Paul thank you for dropping in over here at my garden blog.. Lovely to see you on the plot.. And apologies for only just getting back to my blog.. It appears the notifications are not coming into my box from here for some reason I have not seen all the comments here on my gardening blog the last few days.. So apologies


  6. All looks lovely, and how nice to have a heated greenhouse for winter! Autumn Equinox brought us a week of 90+ F temps, the likes of which we never had this summer. I’m hoping the lettuce doesn’t bolt. It’s been so chilly and now all of sudden the peppers and eggplants are springing to life again, while the arugula and other fall crops sigh. Enjoy those dahlias! They are so gorgeous. ❤


    • Yes I agree Laura, the temps are up and down all over the place, Nature I am sure is quiet confused.. Here an early spring also brought out things early and so we are a month early in regards to Autumn.. We had a dramatic drop in temps then high winds which blew leaves from trees, and now we have warmed up a few days with heavy mists.. to plunge again at the weekend.. The dahlias have been gorgeous, and have provided me and family and neighbours with wonderful amounts of blooms.. and still they flower until the first frosts will have them.. That is the only trouble with lettuce, it soon bolts..
      Thank you Laura.. apologies for lateness in my reply my notifications did not seem to deliver them these last few comments to me for some reason.. Until I came by in person to my site today..
      So thank you again.. And good luck with your own new garden.. I am sure it is going to thrive with all of the love you pour into it. ❤ Love Sue

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  7. Wishing you a very happy autumn, friend Sue … just took a walk around your garden with you … am still waiting for better weather so harvest my grain … cuz, baby, it’s cold outside .. had many days of rain and on night of snow … barley still not even cut just stands there … sun is shining today, so maybe in a weeks time we can start to cut … Ya … , always, friend Sue, cat.


  8. I love the gypsy stove. That’s on my to do list for the garage where I incubate quail in the spring. I need to find a way to warm it up in there, and a gypsy stove would be perfect. As for your squash, bravo! We had a bumper crop of pumpkins this year. I’m a bit tired of making puree lol but satisfied at the same time.

    Well, I enjoyed this. Let’s do it again! Happy New Year to you, my new friend.

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    • Hi Bill.. Just read out your comment to hubby, it made him smile, its been lit a couple of times this year, as the temps plummeted. And it really does the job, and gets really warm, So I hope it does the job for raising Quail.. :-).
      So happy you found my Garden Blog.. And I am sure we will be meeting up in the New Year on our blogs for sure. 🙂
      Thank you and Happy New Year Bill 🙂


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