More Award Winning Gardens at Chatsworth Flower Show 2017

While we are spending time getting the rest of the gardens in shape for Autumn. I prepared a post showing you more of those Gardens we saw at Chatsworth Flower Show back in June.. So enjoy 


Growing up in a rural village in the Derbyshire Dales, this garden grabbed my attention straight away. It showed the many reasons why we so love going out into nature to escape from the hustle and bustle of every day stress’s in today’s modern day world..

You get some perspective of the layout of Chatsworth house grounds are in the photo below when in June I visited the flower show, just how beautiful a setting  Chatsworth House is in.  

Flower show at Chatsworth House

If you click this LINK.. you can see more flowers and what was inside this Great Conservatory below. And the history that surrounded it when it was originally built.

The Large dome glass house was in fact a plastic inflatable replica of the original Great Conservatory. In its day it was the Largest Glass House structure in the world. And was filled with huge Botanical specimens as well as tropical birds. Way before its completion Joseph Paxton began his experimentation with soil types to grow tropical plants in.. And in 1836 was the first in the country to successfully grow  Musacavendishii,  a drawf banana.   

Here you can see Chatsworth house on the right.. And the pontoon spanning the river.. This was specially built for the show.. And inside it was a mass of beautiful flowers.

 So this garden design was showing us how fresh air and wonderful views can help us relax as it helps lift our Mood. As we tune into Nature. 

The manicured mowed path between the meadow grasses where the ornamental cows are grazing shows us the countryside contrasts of meadows and lawns. This garden is  also showing us  the formal gardens, with small box hedges and clipped topiary, and takes inspiration from the great houses whose herbaceous boarders are planted with lush flowers . Such as Chatsworth House.. And I loved how they married the two. 

This Garden won  a Silver Gilt Medal , which is next to the Gold 

I hope you enjoyed seeing this garden and its deserving Silver Gilt Medal Award.. 

Happy Gardening! 






29 thoughts on “More Award Winning Gardens at Chatsworth Flower Show 2017

  1. it’s always so nice when you take us along to these shows! although i am immersed in exotic botanicals in their natural settings, it’s refreshing to see the cultivated gardens. windows of nostalgia open, and i am transported back to my days of perennials and the change of seasons. lovely!

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    • Yes two very different worlds.. But I do so love your exotic plants and wonderful colourful birds Lisa.. So it is a fair exchange LOL.. As I would never get to see that except through your wonderful photos xxx ❤


        • 🙂 Glad it is not just me then Eugenia… It is annoying, and especially too when people go to the trouble to leave comments ,, I often only get a like to comment returned to my notifications.. then upon revisiting my comment see they left a lovely reply that did not show up as well.. I expect WP is large and has constant gremlins to work though… Many thanks for sharing.. 🙂


    • Yes those formal gardens are amazing aren’t they and those stately homes do have a wonderful collection of flowers beds for us to enjoy.. We really are privileged to have them to go and visit..
      I looked up Pashley Gardens.. And the photo’s of their gardens are amazing.. I got lost among the tulips 🙂

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  2. So beautiful and cheerful a post!Wonderful Garden architecture,brilliant floral images and lots of tranquility all over!It surely deserved the Award!Sending you love,hugs & best wishes for a peaceful & productive week ahead,dearest friend Sue 🙂

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