Update on Knitting and Weird Skies and Contaminants

Hello to all again, and yes another month is over as we embrace Autumn, her falling leaves and those spooky Halloween Costumes again. There have been some lovely days and we made the most of them, I planted the wall-flowers, though have not taken photo’s of them, I was too tired at the end of all that kneeling and bending as I planted out my front and back garden.

Here you can see the mirage effect of the Sun very weird

Halloween was not the only thing spooky going on over here in the UK.. For the day Ophelia made landfall here in Britain, she also brought some rather spooky skies..  As she brought in a sand storm that turned the sky yellow and the Sun Red..  Everyone was snapping photo’s of the sky.. and a deeper report can be found here, in a BBC News report.

This was taken a few moment later and it had disappeared back to one

I was also clicking away and ran outside to take these shots.. As my husband shouted that there were two Suns in the sky.. Not believing him, I grabbed my camera and this is what we saw. But in a matter of seconds the shadow Sun disappeared and became one as this image shows..

We can often get sand in the rain, and other bits and pieces, as my hubby found in our pond as he cleaned it out for winter.. We found lots of little bits of metallic debris just a little bit larger than glitter in the silt at the bottom of the pond..  As both of us see lots of Chem-trails above our heads on certain days, we know are not the usual flight paths of planes..  They happen over head at regular intervals, and we both concluded that what goes up, must come down and on investigating further I discovered this article about Chemtrail Syndrome.  On learning more you will see metallic bits are what is in them.. We have long known this goes on, though many are denial that this is happening, it is  a Fact..  So those of you who wish to do your homework on your own investigations, you  need to follow-up the link and do your own research, but it’s not good news for us or the planet, which ever way you want to look at it.

So finding so many little pieces in the pond was disturbing to say the least.. There is not much I can personally do about it, but be mindful of it and  makes sure we double wash our veggies even more. Peel our apples etc..

Back of Waste-coat now finished sorry its a bit blurred

OK now onto something much Lighter.. I finished my waistcoat, all I need now is to purchase 3 buttons, its made up and sewn together, but here is the back before It was joined.. I will show a completed photo when I get the buttons,

Ratty the Book Mark


As well as doing that, I crocheted a book mark in the shape of rat, or mouse.. lol.  My granddaughter loved him and we named him the three R’s, Roger, the Reader Rat. ..  I really had fun creating him. So THANK YOU Mrs C..  🙂

Close up of face.

I got this idea from Mrs Craft.. over at .. Crafts and Other Crazy Plans       Where she provided a link to the pattern and any one wanting to see just what kind of things Mrs C gets up to I recommend go over and see her amazing skills, she not only Gardens, she knits, crochets, and makes amazing cards..

Have Fun everyone on Halloween.. and thank you to all who are following.

  Until next time

Happy Gardening, and Creating!





37 thoughts on “Update on Knitting and Weird Skies and Contaminants

  1. Cute bookmark mouse. It would’ve been interesting if there was two suns. It would have taken a bit for the two suns to merger one behind the other. Was there actually two suns or only one and one was the shadow? The skies from the hurricane do look ominous. Weird how nature protests.

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  2. Lovely little Rat, Sue 😀
    You are so good for knitting, I only do more simple patterns and mostly without a real pattern.
    I read the other day, how we can clean our fruit for contamination and they gave us the best way. This one should take away between 80 – 90%. You mix some baking soda with water and wash your fruits in this. I saw it from a public office for food in Denmark.
    I suppose, it is possible to do the same with vegetables, whatever we peel them or not.

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  3. We get those dust storms here in Australia Sue. It only happens occasionally but the dust is so fine that even though the windows and doors are closed tight, it gets inside and settles on everything. It takes weeks to get it cleaned up 😀

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    • That was the funny thing, we have sand often deposited in the rain its everywhere on cars, window sills etc.. But to say all that sand was blowing in to create the atmosphere it did not much evidence of it on the wind.. at least not where we lived..
      Those sand storms down under sound something I would not be happy with cleaning up after lol.. So thankful for small mercies Mark.. 🙂 xx

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      • And to make it worse it is a very red colour, and it gets into everything Sue. I’ve had a suit in my wardrobe in a plastic sleeve and it even gets a fine coating. The washing gets a hiding after each storm 😀
        And like your strange sun it makes the sun turn a deep golden red and you can actually look at it (very carefully) to see it in all its glory 😀

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  4. What a rich post with wonderful photos of diverse disposition,dear Sue!The weird orange haze in the skies and Ophelia’s effects plus the drifted dust from the Iberian forests,gave you the chance to connect it effectively with the oncoming Halloween.
    I was sad to read about the contrails which quite often appear in skies,it is said that as they disperse they leave particles of aluminium which drop on the soil and … there’s no end if we start discussing the side effects we experience worldwide.Thank you for your INTERESTING link,I’ll thoroughly “study” it.
    I don’t know if you have also noticed how the weather changes after seeing them;not right away,but in a couple of days.Glad to see your knitting work is finished and so many other things in your garden.As I was looking at your photos with the spooky skies and was transfixed,the photo with the pitch black of the back of Waste-coat appeared and I was scared lol.Om,I said,what phenomenon this is,I thought that the end of the world was coming … Or,Is it? …Thank you so much for this stunning post,I did enjoy it,my dearest friend.Sending you love,kind thoughts and sunshine 🙂 Enjoy your Halloween,if you celebrate it ❤ xxx

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  5. That sun is spooky. Chemtrails make me twitch as we have planes flying over our house all day and all night but thank goodness they are pretty high up so we don’t hear them (much). I love your rat bookmark. I have crocheted some before and the person that I got my pattern from also had other animals on their site (bookmarks) for free as well. Glad you got your wallflowers in Sue. I am going to have to plant some myself as I adore the scent. I need to get my act together next season and plant some sweet peas also as I also love their scent. The garden is starting to go mental here and today I planted out a small handful of tiger nuts to see if we could grow them and topped up the wicking beds with organic sugar cane mulch. I noticed that the slugs haven’t eaten all of the cucumbers (yet) so fingers crossed we might get a few and the tomato plants that I bought from a small roadside stand that sells them every year are galloping off with our lovely warm weather. I have almost finished editing my short drama film and have finished all of my paperwork so it looks like I have a lovely long break to get the garden sorted out and rest and relax now 🙂

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  6. Hi Sue, it is lovely to see Mother Nature natural phenomena in the Blue Skies, but disheartening to see Mankinds contribution to them, I followed the link to the Chemtrails article hoping to find a reason why we are being subjected to them, unfortunately it only deals with the medical fallout problems of them. We even get them here over our little Town, down in our major cities they have now diagnosed a new illness called Storm Asthma, which appears after big storms following a Chem Trail run, Bloody Pathetic.
    Will send this link to your site to Ana for perusal of your knitting skills.

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