Allotment in November

Most of you Allotmenteers I am sure are now well into your winter digging and getting your plot put to bed for the winter.. 

Because  I have not always been feeling up to the mark recently, I have swapped my hoe for my knitting needles as you saw from previous posts.

Here is just a picture update of how things are looking now and what is growing. My hubby took these photo’s as he walked up one side of the path he had just mown, and down the other side to the sheds again..

Here you see he cleaned the path, I was wanting it to just become a grass path but hubby cleared it.. Under the cloches are wall flowers and asparagus  and broad beans in the other


Where you see the fresh dug earth, this is where we are going to put a new frames for next years carrots. As this years was a success we are extending it to grow more next year.

As you walk up even though we had a light frost the other night, the Dahlias are not get affected, when they start to blacken we will cut off and lift.. and we hope to show you how to store them. Leeks in front. 


As you pass the Dahlias the Spring Cabbage are under the long cloche.  If you look closely, you can see where our resident FOX has run across the earth. We found his foot paw marks on top of the cloche to the other week, He obviously is having fun, and is often burying eggs, that we dig up.  We see where he sits as he snuggled between the cloche . We would like to put our Wildlife motion Camera there, but as it was a Special Birthday gift to my hubby, and people are known to take things which do not belong them, we decided best not. 


Now you see purple sprouting broccoli a little Kale  and Brussels sprouts and a couple of cabbages left. 

Further still at the edge are the parsnips and behind the spouts we still have lots of beetroot. 


Walking down the other side of our path. 

and walking back past the Dahlias

The small flat cloche is where we grew the carrots to the left is more purple sprouting broccoli and Rainbow Chard. 

Here in the greenhouse are the corms from the Gladioli .. Now lifted and dried, the corms are drying off a little before we store them in the shed.. To the right you see the new seeds gathered for next years seeds from the runner kidney beans.

Well that is it folks, that is how things are looking in November.. We just now have to store the Dahlias and just tickle any weeds which might grow,, But as the weather cools so do the weeds.. thankfully.. 🙂  So next time I hope to show you how we prepare and store the Dahlias.. 

Happy Gardening.. 

65 thoughts on “Allotment in November

    • Thank you Ina.. we have a little manure left over and so that will get spread in certain parts, not all, as some crops do not like too rich a soil.. And we rotate each spring.. Many thanks for the compliments Ina.. xx


    • Thank you Robbie, Yes the leaves are now falling and trees starting to look bare.. Not much more to do not in the allotments, except reap veggies over winter, and make sure things do not get blown away, 🙂 and if the weeds grow over the parts we dig, we hoe them, but they do not grow much once the temp drops.. It is 8’C in the Sun today, a chill wind, but a good laundry day.. 🙂 ❤

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  1. You have worked hard and it shows. I love seeing photos of your garden and how it has come from see to flower, veggies and more. Beautiful! You deserve a break my friend and I think knitting needles is a good swap. I look forward to seeing the finished product. xoxo

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  2. And now soon the moment of rest in parts as you finish with your garden. You and your husband are so neat and tidy. I know well that there is always gardening to be done except for the winter season. At least it is a small rest. Lovely pictures as usual and enjoy your knitting.

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  3. The dahlias are back up and running over here and thank goodness, we don’t have to lift them every year as it doesn’t get as cold here as it does over there obviously. Your allotment looks very neat and well cared for Sue. You and your hubby are excellent gardeners. Sanctuary looks like an overgrown jungle. It’s just starting to dry out here for the summer where we might be lucky to get 2 – 3 rain “events” before next March so we have been heaping up mulch on the beds, getting everything ready for a long, warm and dry summer and fingers crossed we will have a better growing season than last year. Looking forward to the dahlia tutorial 🙂

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    • My fingers are crossed for you Fran, and yes, tonight we have been given the forecast that it will be Minus 4C.. so cold.. and frosty.. The first real frost of the Autumn.. Its given a decent day Wed so will lift them then .. The Gladioli corms were moved into the shed.. So they are fine.. And hubby did a rework on the chimney of the gypsy stove pipe as when it rained it was running back into the stove.. So that now has a nice new bend on it.. LOL… He also set about finding all the bits and pieces to make a new framework for his carrot Bed for next season.. So he has been a busy bee today..
      Its Bonfire night tonight.. November 5th, but thankfully most had their fireworks last night Saturday, so its a bit quieter here tonight.. But very noisy and active here with neighbours bonfire parties.. All fun though..
      Have a great week and Happy filming Fran.. And many thanks my friend xxx

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      • We used to have cracker night here in Tasmania but it was banned as a fire risk. Not entirely sure why they just didn’t move it to winter but you can still get permits for having a cracker night but it now costs you to do so. I wish Steve was as interested in getting into the garden as your husband Sue! Steve is a city boy who would rather remain indoors if he can so I have to be the general in the garden, rallying a rather reluctant army at times ;). Thank you for the good wishes about filming. Today we film my friend Georgies film called “The Incompetents” about two clueless middle aged women making a (terrible) film to enter into a local film festival and tomorrow it’s Steve’s lovely opus called “The Bench” a lovely story set on a bench on the side of a river with a bit of a twist at the end. We just watched one of the other student films that we were asked to act in just before we got the flu and it’s not too bad so when we share ours, I might share that one as well. At least it will be quieter for you now with bonfire night over the hill. Now it’s just Christmas to get ready for! We are scoping out lovely parks around here to have our (no doubt) hot Christmas here. It’s usually warm, sunny and a lovely day for a luxury picnic with the dogs. We just found a lovely park that we have never actually checked out before on the way home from our nearest town and the dogs loved it and it has huge old pin oak trees over a lovely free to use gas bbq and with tables and chairs and plenty of shade so we might just go there 🙂

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        • Oooh will look forward to the films, and you would think it would be quieter now, but Bonfire night has stretched into three nights in a row.. Fri, Sat, Sun and even last night crackers were going off.. I made a start on Christmas yesterday, as I bought my special Xmas cards for family.. and two things for our granddaughter.. So its a start.. Tomorrow hope to dig up the Dahlias, weather permitting.. So will charge up the camera.. ready 🙂

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          • We have a spare room FULL of camera, sound and lighting equipment from Steve’s film shoot yesterday so we might take full advantage of that situation to attempt to make another little montage of Serendipity Farm but with voices this time for my Sunday post. We are too far out in the sticks to be affected by “Celebrations” and the best we can hear is a bit of an odd “Crack!” on New Years Day as fireworks are actually banned here because of bushfire risk in summer. There are some benefits to living out in the bush 😉

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            • yes I can see why there are those benefits for sure, And oh yes would love to have a tutorial tour around Serendipity that would be great.. Sorry only just replying.. but had a bit of an eye problem this week so been resting it well xxx

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            • I hope your eye problem is sorted now Sue. You really don’t realise how precious your eyes, ears etc. are till you get a problem with them. We have been full steam ahead with the garden this weekend as we have been flat out filming in the week. Fingers crossed, we only have one more week of filming with other students films to do then we are pretty much finished so that will give us more time in the garden to knock it into spring growth shape 🙂

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            • Wonderful, sounds like it is all coming together nicely Fran.. and thank you the eye is much much better, just going to continue with the drops for another day or two to make sure.. 🙂 and taking it slowly with concentration on small print etc.. In fact I have enlarged the print on my screen so as not to focus to hard.. 😀

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    • Big smiles and thank you Luda.. The bottles are there simple so we don’t poke our eyes out if weeding between them when we bend down.. The canes they are on help to hold the spouts upright.. Our allotment sits on the brow of a hill and the wind howls through it and often blows things down.. Hence we tie things up. And Its just my Hubby and I who manage our plot that is a five minute walk away from our home,.. and home garden.. 🙂 ❤ and thank you Luda for your interest and comment my friend 🙂 And I will get back to your other comment on my other Blog a little later.. ( I am just waiting for my paints to dry ) lol 🙂

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  4. Always love your posts on your allotment Sue, somethings always going on, you seem to have a certain control over your piece of Earth, one thing I must admit liking is your pictures showing the soil recently turned, so rich and full of energy, waiting for the green fingers of the Keeper of the soil.

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    • Yes the soil is good, lots of years of feeding it good manure and digging it in to feed the worms.. lol.. Happy you enjoying I did go at the beginning of last week and take more as hubby dug the Dahlias out.. Hope to post them in a bit when the eye is better.. At the moment I find it had to focus so taking WP in small bites just now xx

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  5. Have been raking leaves from my very old beloved willow tree for ever … cuz my kids climbed in it and swung from it on the swing when they were young … willow is old, was planted around the 1920’s … Anyway, no more raking cuz Winter is here … and snow moving is our task now for the next 5 months …
    In other news … Daughter Mary and husband are travelling England and Scotland for a month … and Paul and wife and cat Benny took a whole year off and are travelling via van across Canada, USA and Mexico … they just left Newfoundland, Can and are now in Massachusetts, USA … working their way down south of the States … Am hoping to meet them for X Ma in Florida … after, ya, me travelling too … smiles … after I return from my Southern Caribbean island hopping spree on Dec 22 … Born a gypsy, die a gypsy, me guess … smiles always … Love, cat. PS: If you are interested in following Paul and Leanne, here are 2 links … hope they work for you … first one is an Instagram photo blog thing, second one is their website, which they update when ever they have wifi … here are the links: 1) paulleanneandavan 2) … Love, cat.

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    • Wonderful to know all is well in your world and your children are doing well and travelling, Sounds like they both have a bit of their Mom in them. Lol.. And wonderful you are going island hopping again.. 🙂 lol And many thanks for the links, I am not a member of Instagram but it may work, but will definitely be checking out their website.. Sending HUge hugs and I am sure both couples will enjoy their adventures… And what a way to escape the snow in Dec.. Lucky you… 🙂 Take care and LOVED your visit Cat.. Mega Hugs back xx

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