52 thoughts on “Have a Magical Christmas Everyone!

  1. Here’s hoping you also will have a magical, merriest, happy and peace-filled Christmas with all your wishes coming true. Only one thing not fair–your Christmas begins many hours before mine does! On the other hand, that gives me time to wrap a couple more gifts and say a few more blessings before the actual date!

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          • I think I have deleted most of my sites, Sue, but I checked into the “hacked” one and I was the one who hacked it– trying to merge in with the other one that was for sale by someone. The one I’m using now is http://kentuckyangelfliesagain.wordpress.com. At least I think that is what I’m using. There is only one other open just to hang on to the photos, but it is the .com one and never works. I hope you can find it, but I don’t post much any more. It takes more energy than I can summon most of the time. XOXOXO


            • Unfortunately Angie the link you provided is not recognised my friend.. But I hope you enjoyed a Joyous Christmas, as I send you Happy, Healthy wishes for 2018.. Take care of yourself my friend and please do keep in touch, I can not find any links that connect to your blog.. xx Love and Hugs Sue xxx

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            • I absolutely don’t know where to go from here, Sue, except to delete everything and start over from scratch, just getting the “reflections on life” info completely off the board. My only reflections on life right now would be someone’s death because I’m not thinking fondly of anyone in the “happiness” department of WP lately.
              I had a wonderful Christmas and return your wish for 2018, have a Happy, Healthy New Year. I will try to send a link when I get the other stuff deleted and just begin fresh again. Huge sigh!

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            • Maybe that is a good idea, to start a new blog maybe you could transfer some of your posts over. if you can still access it.. And if you save our website addresses into your browser.. I do that under the file of blogs, just in case I lose touch..
              I look forward to you knocking upon my Garden door again with a New BLOG.. Wishing you LUCK Angie.. and all the very BEST for 2018 especially with your Health my friend.. Take care.. and SEE you Soon.. xxx

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  2. Have a blissful and restful time with your family Sue and remember, if the power goes out because of snow, you can have your Christmas in the greenhouse around hubby’s little greenhouse stove 🙂 We will be sweltering away here in farthest flung Tasmania trying to keep cool. Catch you in the new year 🙂

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  3. Beautiful video honoring mostly Gaia’s abundance to us except for the big Christmas tree being pulled on a large sled. Also fertility which is shown by offspring in this video therefore honoring as well the process of fertility. Wishes of everything you hold there which weaves into your Christmas and new year’s memories. Be well and stay smiling.

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    • Thank you Pauline,, I will be sure to do that this year, for sure Pauline.. and I may well be taking a leaf out of yours and Jacks book and having less blog time.. But I will keep you posted.. xxx as I juggle a few ideas of Dream-Making xxx 🙂 Happy Christmas to you both.. Enjoy your family time xx

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  4. Am much too late, I know, friend Sue but nonetheless … Hope you and yours had a magical xmas and wishing you and yours a very happy and healthy New year … Spent xmas in the tropics of Florida with the kids and cat Benny and then travelled on to some of the Southern Caribbean Islands … Fell deeply in love with St Kitts as a retirement option … but for now back in AB now to brave another Winter … I added pics and impressions to my travel blog, if you like to see and hear … http://ckpeacemaker.wordpress.com/ … Much love always, cat.

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    • Ooooooh Wonderful, and I will lap up the pictures Cat.. 🙂 No pun intended LOL.. But had to laugh when I typed that.. 🙂
      I hear your Winter is a bleak one too.. Look forward to catching up with your Pics.. Special Hugs for the New Year.. xxx ❤ xxx

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