Happy New Year!

Well I thought I must poke up my head from where it has been buried over the Holidays and put together some sort of post for the New Year. 

I wish each and everyone a very Happy New Year and I hope it holds an Abundance of Happy gardening hours along with lots of Fun, Family times ahead. 

This time of year nothing much is happening, though a  New Blogging friend over at Our Organic Veg Trials  is starting out this year on a new venture. So you may like to pay Steve a visit and see how his year progresses.. I know I will be. He also reminded me it was time to get planting our sweetpea seeds, which was a timely reminder as i was late last year, but they did catch up. 

So, just a few photos to share with you.  Back in October we put our Garden motion camera to good use, and got a few videos and shots of our regular visitor to our home garden. Our Hedgehog.  These garden friendly creatures help keep the slugs and pests our gardens do not want at bay.. 

Yet they are finding it harder and harder to access our gardens, because of the sturdy fences and gates we all have around our properties.. So as I have mentioned before, try to leave small gaps in your fences at the bottom which help them navigate via your gardens and not via the road which they often end up as road kill, as they just curl up in a ball when frightened .  ( if you click onto the photos they will enlarge )  I am hoping all hedgehogs are now hibernating and fast asleep until the Spring. 

Hedgehog in October on our back garden

Hedgehog in June

We have also lit the gypsy stove I told you about in this post. and it soon gets the home greenhouse nice and warm.. Though we have only had to light it  a few times when temperatures have really dropped below freezing.. But we are well pleased with it. 

Gypsy Stove has been lit a couple of times during the low temps in the home greenhouse.

So what have I been keeping my self busy with? Well would you believe it, but I have been model making.. Yes Making a model wait for it   a  ‘Green house’ 🙂 Smiles. 

Our Daughter bought our granddaughter her niece, a model green house thinking it would be ideal for her to play with her Barbie dolls.. However, on closer inspection, its a little more complex than a 7 year old could manage.. And to be honest, it has Grandma scratching her head at times, as I glue, mould pieces of wire in shapes as handles smaller than my little finger nail and glue and cut and stick.. 

I will give you an idea..   This is the wonderful Green house Model 

Green House model kit when it is completed Picture curtesy of Bits and Pieces  uk. co. uk.

Below you get the idea of how small these pieces are, and each piece has many pieces you cut glue and put together. This little collection took about 6 hours in total and I have loads more yet to put together.  But I am loving it, and its keeping me quiet. 

My Granddaughter was gifted a Model making kit of a greenhouse and accessories, And Grandma volunteered to put it together

Next time I hope to be sharing more photos of Scotland with you as I put together our visit to Seil Island. 

In the mean time, have a wonderful start to your New Year.. 

And Happy Gardening 


45 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Wow wow wow Sue a model greenhouse what a lovely idea. I hope you get your sweet peas planted. I love that you are already planning your gardens. That’s so much fun to do. Happy New Year to you sweet Sue. Many blessings to you and your family. Much love to you 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼💕💕💕💕

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    • Hi Michelle, How wonderful to see your bright smile in the New Year .. So happy you came by my friend, and sending those New Year wishes right back.. And yes. always planning to be done in the garden.. and the greenhouse bits and pieces are coming along nicely too 🙂 xxx 💚


    • Haha… I can honestly say my hubby pasted the task of its creation over to me.. And even my fingers are too big to hold onto the tiny pieces.. You should see the size of the flowers, which I have to cut out of paper first.. Oh, but I am so having fun.. 🙂


    • Haha.. Thank you Paul, well when we put up our real greenhouse we did it in a couple of hours from start to finish.. Including putting the glass in..
      This little beauty is taking far longer, but I am enjoying creating! and using a different skill 😀 But it is one that tests Patience. 🙂 💚🤣


    • I thought you might like a few new followers and I hope I got your name right.
      You will know all about patience and waiting for glue to dry.. And its wonderful you made doll house pieces..
      This little green house even has a light, and you have to make that from scratch too.. Oh what fun, But a ways to go before I get to that part haha..
      Have a great week .. 🙂 And thank you for commenting.. 🙂


  2. I have to say that your daughter is the queen of gift giving. What a magnificent gift! Your granddaughter is going to adore it and it will no doubt lead to her wanting her own glasshouse when she gets older :). I naturally assumed that you had (hedgehog style) hibernated and that’s why you hadn’t been posting. Steve and I have been SO busy on the property (and so tired after the work) that I haven’t posted either although I have been taking photos of everything that we have been doing so I have enough images to populate about 10 blog posts now. I just need to find a bit of time to myself to write up a few posts and get them published. Cheers for the new blog to check by the way Sue. Happy New Year and here’s to a brilliant one for us all. You have certainly started off well 🙂

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    • You hit the nail on its head about our Daughter being the Queen of Gifting, Her gifts are always so thoughtful Last year she gifted us the tickets for the RH Flower Show at Chatsworth.. This year we purchased our own we loved it that much so are going again this year.. So more marvels to share in the Summer..
      And yes, I just haven’t had anything to post in my garden blog without a lot of effort.. As I want to share more of Scotland but also want to dig up some history too.. to share.. But like you, Other things take priority and life is for Living..
      It will be that way in 2018 too.. As I have other plans in the works as I want to write my poems into a book.. Something I have been promising my self, to myself for years.. But I feel this year I need to make a start.. 😀
      I will be on the look out for your post.. Sending Love and Lots of Hugs to you both.. And I hope you find new methods too on the New Blog .. 🙂
      Love and Hugs 🙂 🙂 and all the best for 2018 and Beyond.. xxxxx

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      • Thank you for the new blog by the way Sue. I often find new blogs through you and they are always excellent 🙂 Writing your poems down into a book is an excellent idea! I had aspirations of being a writer when I was younger. I know there are books inside me and I love to write. The blog is as close to writing as I get these days. I would love to read more about Scotland. It is my grandfathers parents homeland and although I never knew much about them it would have been lovely to hear about their story. 2018 is going to throw us a whole lot of amazing, interesting learning experiences and it’s up to us what we do with them. I am slowly learning to do a lot more with what I learn online. I am an information hoarder and have folders and files cram packed with amazing patterns, tutorials and videos about all kinds of things that interest me but our computer is attempting to die aka swan lake style (over the top dramatics) and I suddenly realised when I was walking Earl at 3.30am yesterday that if it died, and I wasn’t able to get to all of those tutorials that I had saved, I would be no better off as I haven’t actually attempted much so this year is my year of “doing”. Its not a resolution, it’s a given! I will be taking things that I have learned about that seriously interest me like knitting jumpers, and socks and aerial layering fruit and nut trees and putting them into practice. My new motto is “No fear!” I need to remember that as I hate failing (a family thing) and I need to remember that you have to be willing to fail (often a few times) to get good at anything. I will be sharing my exploits (and failures 😉 ) on my blog through the year so you can let me know what you think of my knitting attempts honestly 😉

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        • I hear you Fran.. I often learn through my mistakes, Knitting I often find myself unpicking it before I get it right. Hubby often scratches his head, and says He would throw it to the wall, if he had spent the hours I have, then see where I went wrong only to unpick it stitch by stitch and knit back again 🙂 lol
          I don’t think anyone ‘Fails’ Fran, we learn by our mistakes and it make take us a few attempts to get things right, both in crafts and Life in general.
          I hope your Computer gets a second wind.. 🙂 And you manage to put into practice all you have learnt..
          And yes look out for more about Bonny Scotland.. Working on it this weekend.. 🙂 When I can drag myself away from my model making.. Very addictive even if very fiddly xxx 🙂 Have a good weekend Fran xx

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          • I don’t blame you for getting stuck into that model making. It’s a true work of art and is very lovely 🙂 We ended up having to get another computer as we couldn’t risk it dying on us and losing all of our school work. We spent all yesterday transferring everything over. Luckily it was raining all day so we couldn’t work in the garden anyway. I have another day off today as it’s still rainy so I am going to do a blog post now 🙂

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            • Glad you sorted out the PC.. and it is depressingly dull and overcast here, thick cloud all week. I cam not wait for Spring already.. I planted my sweetpea seeds today, and yes got stuck into more model making yesterday.. And I hopefully later will work on the Scotland post .. But I have our Granddaughter visiting first… So play time will be priority 😀

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            • Play time should ALWAYS be a priority with grand children. If I ever get any, I will most definitely be teaching them everything that I know (best of luck to their parents 😉 ). I finally wrote a blog post about what we have been doing since Christmas. It’s a long one! I hope you drop by to see what we have been up to 🙂


  3. Now you are starting with your seeding Sue and all good luck with this.
    Funny gift for your Granddaughter and good for her, than you volunteered 😀
    I thought about seeding tomato plants last week, because we had some days with up to 25 C. in the midday. But now here is cold in the nights and not so warm in daytime, so this might wait.
    Wish you a wonderful time with your gardens ❤

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    • Yes my daughter thought it more simple I think and would be a great addition as she plays with her barbie dolls alot.. But even my daughter did not imagine it would be so intricate 😀
      And yes, the sweetpea seeds will be sown this week.. Tomato seeds can be sown if you have a warm place to grow them, but not to plant out if there is any danger of frosts.. So there is plenty of time for sowing them and we start end Feb. March with seeds.. then the young plants are stronger to plant on later.


  4. Thank you for your blessings Sue, and your patience for model building 😀
    May your fingers be warm (and nimble for model building 😀 ), your gypsy fireplace warmer, and your hibernating hedgehogs warmer still (can’t have cold pest controllers) 😀 ❤

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    • Haha… Love that reply dear Mark.. Thank you 🙂 and I so hope Mr and Mrs Hedgehog are snug and warm and fast asleep undisturbed. This year I intend to provide a hedgehog shelter in my garden and hope they take up residence.. 🙂 Big Hugs 🙂

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  5. I think you are very artistic, Sue. Your model of the greenhouse is marvelous and so detailed. I have never seen a hedgehog [other than Mrs Tiggy winkle by Beatrix Potter and that doesn’t really count – smile). Great that you are facilitating them and helping them.

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    • They are very cute, even if prickly 🙂 and nocturnal in nature, or come out at dusk.. So many of them end up as road kill, as they cross the roads foraging for food.. They curl up in a ball when frightened. So the bright lights of cars etc often dazzle them and their instinct is to stop and curl up rather than run.. So they are becoming endangered now.. As the gardens which they once used are harder to access, because we build fences now which restricts their movements..
      Happy you are enjoying the model making.. So am I. 🙂 ❤ And I think you are artistic in your amazing fondant sculpting 🙂 Lol ❤

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  6. Thoroughly enjoyed that post Sue, those night motion pics of the Hedgehog are great, reminds me of our animal with the same traits, the Wombat, ours is blind and that’s why they forage at night, probably the same as your Hedgehogs, nocturnal. Excellent job on your mini green house Sue, thought you would know how to build one in your dreams by now.

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    • Haha… big smiles Ian on the greenhouse dreams.. LOL.. To be honest our real greenhouse took less time in construction.. I spent another couple of hours this afternoon gluing and sticking.. but enjoying it.. 🙂 that is the main thing xx

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  7. I remember hedgehogs from my time in Europe, friend Sue … He is a lucky lil fellow to be in your organic garden as some gardeners/ farmers use pesticides and insecticides … My mom has a baby hedgehog hibernating in a pile of leaves in her green house … She puts out water and apple peelings and raw egg for him once a week … His name is lil Peep cuz he makes peeping noises 🙂 Love always, cat.

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    • Wonderful Cat that your Mom also looks after these special little Creatures, So good for our gardens. eating up all the slugs and worms which there are plenty to go around here. And I wish him luck in his winter Hibernating. Yes I have him on the camera motion video making noises, but my settings don’t allow uploads ..
      Hope all is well where you are Cat… and your live stock is thriving. Hugs xxx

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  8. That is a fantastic project. I have never seen one so compete with furnishings. And the hedgehog pics are amazing. Thanks for sharing. We built our greenhouse in the fall but didn’t get it started so we might well add a stove too. I think we have an old kerosene heater but it makes me nervous. Anyway, thank you for sharing and I might have forgotten to wish you a Happy New Year.


    • The little gypsy stove soon warms it, and like you I do not like Kerosene, it is only as big as a shoe box and yet throws lots of heat out for very little fuel. We have a lot of wood laying around so not a problem..
      As for the model making greenhouse.. Yes.. very fiddly but I am loving doing something different and I am taking photos of different stages so hope to share on here now and again..
      Good to see you Linda.. Was thinking about you too over the weekend.. Sending LOVE and warm hugs and thank you for those well wishes, and sending love and healing right back.. xxx ❤

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  9. Love your story and your hedgehog! Yes, they are good for gardens and although we do not have them where I live, I do know they are often in the English countryside. Very good of you to leave an opening so they can look for things to eat they like best and help your garden along the way. Hope your New Year is going well Sue. We are once again looking for another apartment as the rent is increasing here. Have to be out by the end of March. Be well! xoxo

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    • Dear Renee, So sorry you are having to move again my friend, you have not long since been settled. So my thoughts are with you. I so hope you find somewhere suitable. Not a good way to be starting your own New Year.. But who knows.. Think positive my friend.. You may well find a more better place and be really happy where you next settle.. Sending LOVE and thoughts that all goes well.. xxx ❤ HUGS

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