A Bridge Over the Atlantic

 One of our day excursions from our hotel in Oban Scotland took us to Seil Island.

We were fascinated to learn that this island was connected by a bridge that spanned the Atlantic Ocean.This bridge was built-in the year of 1792 by Robert Mylne. When one stands close to it, you can only marvel at its construction in stonework. The bridge is called ‘Clachan Bridge’, but it is also known as The Bridge over the Atlantic.  ( If you click onto the photos they should enlarge ) 

Clachan Bridge to Seil Island It spans the Atlantic

I walked over the bridge and took photo shots  of both sides.  And aerial shot from the web, can be seen here.  And there is one also in the snow

Clachan Bridge to Seil Island.

Standing on Clachan Bridge looking North. Seil Island is on the left, the mainland to the right.

Standing on Clachan Bridge looking out over the Atlantic Ocean that flows beneath it.

The Islands main village is called Ellenabeich, it boasts its own 9 hole golf course too, which we also walked around, 🙂 But more of the village in my next post..  As I  have too many photos to show you  for one post, They show you more of the village with their neat small white terrace cottages, and can any of you remember a film called ‘The Ring of Bright Water’? about otters, well  Ellenabeich was the place it was filmed.  In my next post I will share more of Ellenabeich’s History. 

On the gardening front! our seeds arrived from the allotment association which we ordered this week. I planted my own collected sweetpea seeds in the greenhouse early in the week. Other than that, its been grey damp and chilly here in the midlands. And we have some snow forecast for midweek.. So I shall be hibernating a while longer..  

Until Next week..

as I have the next post in my drafts! Big smiles 👍 



36 thoughts on “A Bridge Over the Atlantic

  1. Used to go to Oban too many moons ago and loved the place. But don’t recall that bridge, not that is saying much these days. Stay safe for the 1pm BBC R4 weather forecast for Scotland was warning of storms!


    • Good morning Paul, I hope you are well today? The bridge is well out of Oban and some distance away. It is around a half hours drive. Yes the rain and winds have picked up already and snow forecast for Tues, Not seen the Sun here in Days.. You too Paul take care… and Hope to be blog hopping soon 😀


  2. Stay warm and dry! I can’t believe you are starting g seeds ready! Where has winter gone? (I am being silly… We all know where winter is… Outside in my garden with negative Temps.. It’s not on leaving soon)


    • Yes the sweetpeas are the only ones so far planted.. Yes Winter has a few more bitter months to go yet. Jan and Feb can throw us some cold spells, and the heavy rain we have today along with gales is forecast to turn more wintery in places tomorrow.. We shall see.. 🙂 In the mean time I am snug.. You too Keep warm and snug too Linda.. xxxx Hugs

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  3. Scotland is the home of many of my ancestors, the rest hailing from Wales, so I have a deep interest in what life is like there. Thank you for sharing your journey and wishing you a beautiful holiday. I imagine it is quite cold, stay warm an safe. ❤


    • Thank you Holly, good to know your ancestors hail from there. With your hair colouring, I am not surprised lol 🙂 Auburn hair rules in our family too, My Mother, Son and Granddaughter 🙂 The village near the bridge was interesting and will be featured here soon. The holidays are over, but then being retired I often feel Like it is one long holiday 🙂 I have had my head buried more my crafts than in WP of late.. But hoping to catch up with you all this week. The weather is wet grey and cold. So blog hopping is in order for today 🙂 See you soon my friend and thank you again.. Big Hugs xxx ❤


    • Many thanks Bill for that compliment. And I am very happy to know you are enjoying my Garden Blog, though not much gardening being done at the moment, I thought to share my recent holiday pictures.. As walking in nature is our other love 🙂 You too have a great new week 🙂


    • 🙂 Wonderful Robbie, you will love it.. August you may get the odd swarm of midges here and there near water, which is why we normally visit before Summer and late Autumn, they have usually died down by then. Just take with you plenty of insect repellent cream or spray. Because of the amount of lochs and water they thrive.. You will find the next post interesting I think.. 🙂 And yes.. Snug and warm while the wind and rain blows outside today Robbie.. Hope all is well with you too xxx ❤


    • Yes it conjures up all kind of images, and I had no idea what to expect when we went… And was amazed at this little bridge and the stretch of Atlantic that went under it :-D.. It is hailing and raining now as I type Ina, and dark almost like night and its just past midday.. I will only be doing the School run later to pick up our granddaughter and that is as far as I will be venturing out from my hibernation today lol .. 🙂 Hugs dear friend xx


  4. just over the bridge, on the Seil side is the Tigh an Truish hotel – Tigh an Truish means house of the trousers in english

    after the failed jacobite rebellion of 1745, the government in London made wearing the kilt a capital offense

    story goes that men crossing to the mainland from Seil, therefore, used to change out of their kilts and don trousers at the Inn by the bridge – hence the name ‘tigh an truish’ – then reverse the process when coming back to the island from the mainland


    • How fascinating, I appreciate you adding this piece of information here and explaining ‘Tigh an Truish’ Many thanks .. I hope you have kept warm where ever it is you reside now, The weather most certainly has tested both sides of the border . Take care. Sue


  5. Beautiful places off the beaten path,in Bonnie Scotland!Wonderful your photos,dear Sue!
    Btw,you used to come by when I was away from WP,to see if I was ok,now,it’s my turn to call in just to say hi 🙂 Hope all is fine with you despite the prolonged,stubborn winter.Could’t believe that in some parts of UK had White Easter … Love & hugs dearest friend 🙂 ❤ xxx


    • Hi Dearest Doda.. You must think me very ignorant in not answering your comment sooner.. The truth is I had not seen it.. Usually they show up in my notifications column but for some reason I had 8 comments on my Garden blog pending, which I had not seen.. So feel awful in not responding sooner..
      Yes the weather is a talking point here and I feel every where at the moment, its is certainly not as predictable as it used to be, and in some places abnormal. I have my own theories on this, but then we go into the conspiracy realm of thinking and many then think we are nuts.. But we only need to look into our skies to see what is happening and the chem-trails are real. For those who cloud watch..
      I hope you had a great Easter.. Sending much love your way Doda and thank you for checking up on me.. I am much brighter in spirit now my friend than I was.. Love to you ❤ Sue


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