Snow, Art, Sparrows and Hawks.

Hello again, and where did February go to? I can not believe I only posted once here in the whole of February. But then I have been focusing upon other things.

We did not have half as much snow as in the South and further North of us had We have been lucky, yet there was still enough snow fall to close roads and schools  were closed down for three days. 

While the Winter weather has caused disruptions and chaos on our UK roads, and for some bringing tragedy, for others its been a time to enjoy snow in parts of the UK where snow has been a rarity for many years, So for many youngsters this was the first real snow they had seen in a while.

Sledging. over a bridge on a local walk we take. My Granddaughter aged 7.  Having Fun in the snow. 

The last heavy snow fall we had been in 2010 the year my granddaughter was born.  So while we have had snow,  for many this was the first significant fall they had seen in years.

Making sure the birds do not go hungry. We moved their feeders under the bushes for protection from the sparrow hawk.

Its been important to keep feeding the wild life, who have also been suffering, we moved their feeders around a bit to help shelter them. For where they were, they were more exposed.  And Since January our garden has also had a visitor looking for food.. A Sparrow Hawk.

Sparrow Hawk in January. Now he knows where sparrows feed, he’s been trying his luck at catching them in our garden and came on two consecutive days last week in the snow. So he/she is also feeling hungry. But as far as we know he flew away empty-handed.

While winter here in the UK last week got its teeth into us with freezing temperatures and snow storms, I was huddled warm indoors painting and doodling, while I continued putting my collection of poems together and managed to write my third chapter on something I am working on.

The parts of the green house model making took a back seat for a time.  though I did spend several hours creating these flowers. They were fiddly, but absorbing.

Roses, made by winding folded paper around and around and gluing onto wire.

Here you can see a collection of flowers I made

But my main concentration has been on creating two paintings, they are already hung in my home as I swap my artwork around every now and again.  I paint purely for pleasure . So this was the first I painted, a Leopard. The second painting a Lion. Both of these Animal totems spoke to me in different ways.  And I wrote more about that on my main blog.

My Leopard painting in Acrylic.

My Lion painting in Acrylics

I hope if you have been affected by the Winter weather and storms, you have kept safe and warm where ever you are. 

 I hope Spring  starts to Stir Soon,  I can not wait to reconnect with our garden. 

Take care until next time.



61 thoughts on “Snow, Art, Sparrows and Hawks.

  1. We had glorious weather yesterday for the first time in a long time. We actually worked in the garden, did a little painting, and some repairs to aviaries and coops. Today the rain has returned. Sigh! Looking forward to spring as you are. Best wishes this week on all of your projects.

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  2. So happy to see you, my dearest Sue! I’ve also been offline for quite some time and am trying to catch up. I love your two Animal totems, so beautifully done! Wishing you a wonderful March and beginning of Spring! 🙂 love and xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  3. It amazes me to see that world of white, having never seen snow before it is a tapestry to behold. And I can imagine it bringing everything to a standstill Sue.
    I hope your sparrows and hawks stay fed, it must be a difficult time for them all. At least the children can see it from a different light and just have fun in it ❤ 😀

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  4. Lovely photographs Sue. Esp. of your granddaughter enjoying the snow. We are having our usual subtropical temps, but it has been especially dry this “winter”…I can hardly call it that. Your painting are beautiful, both lovely but I adore the Leopard. I really like acrylic as art medium, no mess no fuss! Great job on these dear Sue. ❤ thank you for sharing! xx

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  5. We like you had about 6inch of snow, more than any other years for a while, but nothing like most of the country. It’s funny how your story resonates with me, as I was going to the plot the other day a young sparrow hawk flew in front of my car and plucked a blackbird in mid air, I also have been using the snow time to improve my art, loving the leopard and lion, the roses bring back memories too, my wife had a dolls house florist shop, lots of buckets of flowers in it but hats off for making them yourself, so fiddley but look amazing..

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    • Thank you Steve, woke up this morning and apart from the drifts most of the snow is gone with the heavy rain we had. And yes the roses were fiddly but I was totally absorbed. I must get back to the model making, but the painting bug has bitten. So just going with the flow.
      Hubby gone down to the allotments this morning and hoping the ground now soft enough to dig up some parsnips and leeks. And get more potatoes from the shed.
      Thank you for your compliments of my paintings big smiles

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    • Yes it was very cold here also Derrick, we did not go out for three days, apart to feed the birds, People could not get cars off their drives and street as we live in an avenue on top of a hill. So people didnt go to work and schools were closed from Wednesday lunch time all week. Glad we are back to normal again. 🙂

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  6. I’m glad to see you are making the most of those cold and snowy days, Sue. I feel these days are meant for inside projects. There are signs of spring where I live – budding trees, warmer temps, chirping birds, and people getting that springy feeling. Stay warm and cozy. xo


    • Hi Eguenia, apologies for my lateness here in replying my friend. But I had felt unwell for a while and needed to take time out for myself away from the internet. Spring appeared one day this week, then reverted back to heavy rain and now the temperatures plummet again. So thank you, yes I am taking care, staying warm and cosy. Much love for your kind thoughts x x x

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  7. I heard you had snow there. Hope your garden is not affected. We, too, had Winter snow last month in February, which is very unusual, and it is still very cold and will relish the warmer weather when it arrives. As we will be moving toward the end of the month I am hoping for it then. Beautiful art my friend. xoxo

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    • I hope the weather warms up for your move Renee and yes, the snow has been disruptive to many parts of the UK. But where we are it now has melted . Hubby went to the allotments yesterday and we got parsnips and leeks out of the garden, The ground is less frozen. And surprisingly the temps were 60F in the allotment greenhouse.. The Sun is out today after a night of heavy rain.
      Thinking of you and take care when moving, don’t go lifting things you shouldn’t!!! 🙂

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  8. One of the good things with having WordPress friends and followers from around the world Sue, is the interesting changing seasons and pictures that are shared, it really demonstrates how far we have come since the old days of Letters and Postmans
    Your lovely Snow pictures show a weather that is far different to what we are experiencing here in Australia, and yet in a few more months the obverse will occur, Presume the allotment is hibernating at the moment.

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    • Agreed Ian, now we have constant rain and while we may think spring is on its way, the weather is going backwards again. And yes the allotment is still hibernating and looking by the weather it will be out of bounds a while longer. Sending love to you and Ana, as I pop in here for a moment. Tell Ana I will write a short note her way explaining my disappearance for a while. Take care both of you xx Sue xx

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  9. Just stopped by for a quick look at my blogger friends. Nice post Sue. February flew by at top speed. Love to you friend. . . catch you again one day.

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  10. Snow, family, painting, and more has been keeping you busy, Sue! I enjoyed catching up with you today here 🙂 I agree that February went by soooo fast – in the blink of an eye it seems!


  11. I love your paintings Sue, the glow around the leopard gives him a feeling of magic and you have caught the lions regal stance. Hope your weather is warming up at long last with Easter almost here


    • Good morning dear Frank.. Apologies too, I have not been around to visit your good self. I have been taking time out from blog land to nurture myself a little more..
      Unfortunately as I type we have woken to a blizzard.. Thankfully it is not set to last as it should turn to rain.. but it looks pretty from where I am sitting.. 🙂 Lovely to have you visit Thank you 🙂

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      • Sue,
        No apologies necessary. … and Oh no … an April blizzard? YUK! … I awakened to 3 cm of snow this morning. It’s April!!!! … and to think the weather for the rest of the week is abnormal! 😦


        • Hi Frank, yes the weather is abnormal. we need to look up! more to see what is really going on!.. We had a warm day then another cold day after a week of fog and drizzle.. Cloudy skies again today, but we are supposed to be having a heat wave mid week.. ‘ Go figure’ It is simply not normal. But making the most of the fine weather in the garden.

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            • I know Frank.. There was blue sky this morning here.. A first in a while.. but by the time I put my laundry out, it had clouded again.. and is spitting and spotting with rain.. Its cool wind, but 12 C out.. warmer than it has been.. Then according to the forecasters. Temps are meant to jump to 24C mid week.. Crazy weather all round.


  12. Seemingly,this winter came to stay for ever … 😦
    Can’t believe it’s April and I have to tell you keep safe and warm.Seasons are in turmoil in some parts of our beautiful world.Beautiful your winter photos,your paintings and your thoughtfulness.Those little birds are suffering too as you said,now they will be confused as well as they were also anticipating spring.
    Sending love & kind thoughts your way 🙂 ❤ Take care xxxxx
    PS:Hope your plants & flowers in your garden have survived the recent frost 🙂


    • Yes we have some sun between showers today but chilly still in a cool wind.. But we are set to have a heat wave by Midweek. So topsy turvy is the weather.. But we managed to get some seeds planted and plant out things that had been growing in the green house last week despite the fog and rain, we went between showers LOL..
      I lost a couple of plants.. A Yucca ,, and my Jasmine all the leaves got frost bitten.. But I am hoping it recovers, I gave it a hair cut. so hopefully it will send new shoots.. ❤
      LOVE and HUGS my dear friend and thank you again for your wonderful concern.


    • Hi Dearest Cat.. Yes I hear snow is holding onto places a lot longer.. You have such a short growing window.. Nature is perplexed at the moment.. As the seasons are all mixed up..
      Sending Huge hugs your way.. and I will be dropping by your blog very soon.. ❤


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