A Time to Plant! A Time to Paint, and a Time to Ponder.

Hello again to those who may still be following, I have been very hit and miss here over at my garden blog this year, compared with previous years.  It is looking like once a month post, so this one may be a bit longer than my usual post, we will see how it goes, so  if you are still with me at the end~  Many thanks for sticking with it and reading, 

To be honest with you, blogging has taken a back seat for a while, as I felt the need to just go within my own silent space and create and concentrate upon my well-being for a time. So I did more painting. A tiger this time, I thought I would challenge myself, as I have always put off doing a detailed painting of tiger for fear of not getting its stripes right.. So it was time to face my fears, and just let be what will be.. And this was the result. 

This was my Tiger painting in Acrylics making my trilogy of Big Cats now hung on my wall.


I am sure those who live here in the UK are at last glad to see a little blue sky peep between the grey blankets of cloud that have hung over us far too long.. The weather is certainly a talking point across the world as we had yet more snow at Easter followed by more rain and almost a week of fog here last week that never seemed to move..

In the distance you can see the headstocks of the Clipstone Pit which closed in 1993 More about the coal mine HERE

This was the weather Yesterday as we went for a walk Skies have been grey for so long!.. Believe it or not this was once a big ugly slag heap of waste from the coal mining days. It was turned into a nature reserve called Vicars Water Country Park  many years ago and provides a sanctuary for birds, swans ,geese and ducks.  This was the view from the top looking down.  The mist is still hanging low, but not as bad as it was last week.  To see more photos of the Park click the blue link where you can see the lake and the golden hand which symbolises a miners hand reaching out of the earth. 

While further along the yellow gorse was out along with pussy-willow


 At the end of last week, my hubby was feeling well enough after a nasty bout of flu over Easter to tackle the allotment.. We just had a few weeds to clear, as we had already dug over the ground in the autumn in preparation.  So while Hubby got to grips with putting in the potatoes. I got busy planting seeds. We both had lots of rest in-between, and had hot drinks, Hubby coffee, while I had drinking chocolate. 

While the weather was snowing things were busy growing in the greenhouse. Peas, Shallots and Brussels and Cabbage plants growing

Here the shallots went in last week, we covered with mesh as we have a fox who seems to like to play and dig for worms as well as deep holes into our potato rows. You can see the purple sprouting broccoli which the pigeons have devoured on the left.. They stripped nearly all of them,

We have  now put out the shallots which started life in pots in the green house, and I planted two rows of beetroot, different varieties, two rows of parsnips.. I also planted out the corms of Gladioli into a new position.

Here I planted the gladioli. many of last years corms had rotted and gone soft.. You win some and lose some.. I put the small corms in another row. hopefully they will gradually mature to larger ones to salvage for another year.

I pruned back the dead wood of the raspberries and some of the overgrown blackberries, along with pruning out the middle of the redcurrant bush and the gooseberry bush which was hard last year to pick because it was so tightly packed with thorns.

As soon as the Rhubarb showed signs of sprouting we covered with bin, and we have had two tasty crumbles so far from young shoots.


Here you see the peas now planted from the greenhouse, much bigger now.. I covered up the rows of beetroot and parsnips seeds I planted to protect from the fox scratching the earth.. There were a pile of chicken feathers on next doors allotment when we arrived. And a large hole in the potato row.. Looks like he likes chicken and chips.. 😉

A closer view of peas now with mesh around we use mesh instead of sticks to support them as they grow.

In the autumn we planted what was left over of the leeks, in the spaces, and we planted some garlic from a bulb.  In the space you now see created I am going to plant some of my dahlias in this patch and some further at the top of the allotment.

The following day  while hubby planted out the peas above, and put more rows of potatoes in, I set to and weeded this patch below. 

 Before: This piece took me two hours to completely clear of weeds and grass.

 After: Here you can now see the leeks I planted around the edge, and garlic in the middle

We still have to clear behind the sheds, and it looks like we may have some bees nesting below the shed again.. So I am happy about that.. And I have to straighten up between the fruit bushes. But we are at last mainly on top of the planting for now. Then I have my home garden to start on.. 

How are things growing where you are? and have you noticed big changes in your own weather patterns?  And how are your Spring Blooms doing? 

Until Next time.. 

Happy Gardening! 



66 thoughts on “A Time to Plant! A Time to Paint, and a Time to Ponder.

  1. I am happy to hear you are taking time for yourself and other interests. Gardening and painting, good for the soul. I’ve done the same thing,concentrating on my outdoor activities. The writing will always be waiting for me.

    Have a superb week my friend!

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    • Yes I had to withdraw from the blog world for a time Bill, and recharge my batteries and just focus on some self healing for a time.. And yes I agree the writer will always be waiting in the wings when we have more time.. 🙂 Many thanks and enjoy your new Silkies.. 🙂


  2. Gorgeous painting Sue, you have mastered tiger stripes! It’s onevof my favorites of your paintings that I’ve seen! I don’t know how you do all you do lady, but hats off to you for sure. I have such s small garden in comparison, no edibles as we have so many squirrels and other creatures that it is a lost cause unless one covers them with chicken wire which I don’t really feel motivated to do, though there is nothing like home grown tomatoes. Store bought do not come near, they are nearly tasteless now. The weather is typical for Florida, sunny and hot with afternoon downpours , as a result everything is in bloom. Take all the time you need to care for yourself, we will be waiting for you. Wishing you the best garden ever, congrats on the lovely artwork. Sending love and hugs. ❤️

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    • I agree Holly there is no taste like home grown tomatoes .. And thank you for your wonderful compliments.. Yes our plot of land is a big piece for an allotment, then we have our home garden too.. We have yet to mow the lawns as its not been fit and when its been fine we have been in the allotments..
      This week its about to get warmer.. So I will not be in blog land much.. A joy to have you Holly.. And each year is a different year regarding how good or bad it is.. We take what comes.. Sending huge hugs right back kind lady.. ❤


  3. May I ask why you put a bin on the rhubarb as soon as it sprouted? That’s a new one to me. You plot is looking terrific. We have foxes, too but no damage from them other than an occasional pile of feathers…a neighbor’s chicken for dinner since I have none. Your tiger painting is absolutely gorgeous. You have a gift! Good report on your progress. Not much here, although there were more daffodils that opened over the warmer weekend, being covered by snow today!

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  4. ‘Chicken and chips!’ I love it Sue. If you can laugh while the weather is like that you are in a strong place my friend.
    Some of our farmers over here are almost in total drought again and they sit and watch as they have to sell their stock off because they can’t afford to buy in tons of food. All their work down the drain, season after season. It’s amazing when the coastal areas get 16 inches of rain in 3 days and the inland gets none.
    You build that strength when you see so many changes around you and decide it is what it is and let nature take its course and just do the best you can and that is all that matters.
    Like your tiger my friend, you gave it from your heart even though you weren’t sure of the outcome. If you were still in fear you would not have attempted it. And the outcome is a magic only that strength can give ❤
    Big hugs kind lady, may the fog, rain, wind and storm do as it may, for you are still there in heart and soul ❤ 😀


    • Dear Mark. thank you dear friend for your valued insights as always.. Nature is being good this week extremely good, the temperatures have soared overnight to a blistering ( for us ) 24 C.. Hows that for a change.. .. 🙂 I know that is cool compared to your high temps. 🙂
      My heart goes out to your farmers in the drought.. The weather patterns are topsy turvy all over the globe.. I sympathise with their dilemma. Yes we have to keep smiling.. I made the allotment holder next to ours laugh, as the feathers were on his plot and the fox had dug several large holes in our potato rows.. He thought the Chicken and Chips was funny..
      And yes we can only do our best.. This week while its given good weather I will be in the garden mainly and resting in the afternoons.. So not going to go mad.
      Thank you Mark, your kind support means a lot. 🙂 💚

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    • Wonderful to have your visit Jo, and thank you my hubby is on the mend, but tires easily still. In fact the garden has taken it out of both of us this year if I am honest.. We are feeling our ages this year I think.. Many thanks again and YOU too take care.. Much love .. ❤


  5. Hey Sue, Namaste 🙂

    I had to stop by for a flying visit: rumour had it a Tiger had been let loose on WordPress! 🙂 You excel further with each painting you do…this has a wonderful light and playful energy about it. Your time away from the blog-sphere appears to be rewarding!

    Oh, and knowing you’ll have thought of the pun already: Plant, Paint and Ponder would make a great name for a solicitors or accountancy practice 😀

    Regards the weather: if it’s any consolation Wales waits for sunshine and skies of blue…but winter here always feels as if it drags on for months. Here’s to summer!! 😀

    Have a wonderful week, take care of one and all!

    Namaste 🙂


    P.S: Might there be a new scarecrow for the allotment this year?


    • Dear Dewin.. My shinning Knight from the Welsh hills.. So happy you stopped by the plot my friend.. I cannot promise another scarecrow in the making this year.. Though he might have been useful in warding off the pigeons that ate my purple sprouting broccoli :-). I will have to take a walk down by some other plots and take a few photos of the other scarecrows and scaregirls on display..They were put away for winter, but I am sure they will soon be on guard again.
      I like your Pun.. but Plunder is better suited for a solicitor.. for your funds are soon plundered when one engages his services.. 😀 Thank you for the compliments of my Tiger.. I did enjoy his creation. And yes my time away has been creatively spent.
      I am happy you stopped by,, I am sure a multitude of new episodes await.. And I confess, I may never catch up..
      Many thanks Dewin.. I really appreciate you taking time to visit the Plot..
      Sending Kind regards my friend and Blessings
      Sue 🙂

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      • Namaste Sue 🙂

        The plot was too green, the Tiger too tempting not to stop by Sue 🙂 It was great to catch up with your green-fingered ways and see the plot looking so well. As for shining Knight why thank you kind Lady Sue – my greaves would shine far more brightly if the sun were out 😀

        The wonderful sound words make: the delightful ‘purple-sprouting broccoli’. It seems to roll off the tongue so well. But the pigeon who stole the broccoli! Oh my! Perhaps there’s a poem just waiting for an idle afternoon in the garden to be written: if not also a picture to accompany it as means of venting your anger? 🙂

        Regards the scarecrow – it sounds as if the allotments are fairly-well populated by the scarecrow-folk and your plot will be looked after by kind-hearted crow-scaring smilers. Which reminds me: in a small village in Suffolk where a family relative resides they have an annual Scarecrow competition. Houses across the village participate by building scarecrows in the front gardens. Most gardens are quietly open so people can get a better look or photo of some excellent creation. Many choose famous characters or small groups of people: Posh and Becks, Three Men and a Baby, Star Wars and even Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang complete with Toot-sweets lol 😀 It’s a great day out and about amongst the scarecrows and villagers and there are many pubs to stop at and/or opportunities to park-off near the river-side en route. It’s a lot of fun.

        Your wonderful painting is alive with vigour and she a Tigress living free and unbounded. There is something very graceful about her. Like all big-cats she lifts her paw so delicately and yet she is so full of fiery energy – orange is a glorious colour!

        Episodes? The poem you mean – that old thing lol 🙂 It’ll get done soonish…just waiting for some sunshine to energise me after the grey.

        Anyway….I must be away so will say ‘adios amigo’ and wish you a fruitful week: looks like a mini-heat wave for a week or so is here or happening in skies near you soon. Happy days! 😀

        Take care. Namaste 🙂


        P.S: This is a mesmerising piece of super-slow motion film of a running Cheetah. The way this animal moves is hypnotic: every muscle can be seen to work, every energetic transfer of force, he is magnificent. At full tilt the tip of her middle toe – the last thrust of downward pressure is at 60mph: what a pose!

        Namaste 🙂



        • What a super video Dewin, thank you for sharing my friend.. A delight to watch, and yes so mesmerising as you watch how each paw is placed for maximum speed.. Truly held me spell bound along with the music.. 😀
          Yes the mini Heat wave more than welcome, there seems to be no happy medium.. All or nothing!..The scarecrow competition in Suffolk sounds amazing.. And a great idea to bring good cheer to the gardens.. 😀
          Thank you again Dewin.. 🙂 and your visit was most welcome.. Thank you 🙂

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          • My pleasure Sue…I wasn’t sure if you’d seen it before, but as a piece of film for an artist like you, it’s a superb reference. Magnificent animals, truly awe-inspiring.

            I’m loving the sunshine Sue….we don’t get enough of it in Wales. I think it brightens everyone’s mood when it’s sunny. I love sunshine and will find a hot place to live one day…it is my destiny 🙂

            Every village with association to rural areas should have a Scarecrow competition. They bring brightness to everyone’s life! 🙂

            Have a wonderful evening 🙂



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  6. Hi Sue, I am commenting from my new website/blog. Our weather has also gone a bit haywire and our weather is overcast, miserable and rainy which is very unusual for South Africa. Good to see you getting out onto your allotment again. The better weather will come even if it is later.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Robbie, thank you so much for your wonderful visits.. I pressed your logo link and it took me to the email section.. So your new site is not linked to your logo picture.. The better weather arrived this week Robbie.. 24 C out today.. Quite a jump and change almost overnight.. Seems the weather is weird all over the world at the moment.. But I know your country needs rain.. . Sending LOVE and hugs.. xx

      Liked by 1 person

        • You are most welcome Robbie.. It can be a bit of pain . I have a separate logo for this my gardening blog.. Yet when I leave comments on other peoples blogs with it.. because it is not my Main site blog.. I do not get notifications of responses of replies.. So I use this one now for both sites.. I try telling new blogs I visit, but there are only a handful here who comment now.. And you are all mainly connected to Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary too.. 😀

          Yes the weather Robbie is very strange world wide.. In the USA and Canada late snow fall too.. While we have had a massive heat wave..
          Sending love and hugs my friend.. ❤


    • Wonderful to see you Irene.. and congratulations upon the arrival of your second grandchild.. I hope you and your family are well.. I have to admit the work in the garden doesn’t get any easier with age.. And this year its taken its toll on both of us, We do a little rest a little and do some more .. But its worth the fresh produce. Sending huge hugs and much love right back Irene. and thank you xx

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    • Many thanks Lisa.. Yes getting out into nature and the garden is indeed a tonic. And if the temps soar as they have this week. we will be soon watering everything. Mad considering all the rain we have had.. Thank you dear Lisa.. Sending love and hugs over the airwaves to you xx


    • Thank you Frank.. It takes a lot to bring my hubby down, but this flu bud certainly knocked him off balance.. And its taken more out of him than he admits .. Spring has certainly arrived today.. And we will be making hay while the sun shines.. 😀 .. Many thanks Frank.. And wishing you a good night as Its way past my bedtime.. 😀

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  7. Lovely to see your update Sue, what a busy time you and hubby have had. That fox must be a real nuisance. Are they protected animals over there? We are having an unusually warm autumn, but some rain too so still plenty of growth going on. I love to see your allotment. I have occasional thoughts about one, but then I think how much work is involved… I love your tiger painting, it is so lifelike. It is certainly good for the soul to take time out and be creative.


    • Actually the fox is not so bad.. I love these animals and I am only too pleased he got dinner, even though I felt for the poor chicken.. We asked our next-but one allotment holder had he lost any chickens, but it wasn’t one of his.. But there are many who keep chickens and not all are well protected.. Yes the allotments to grow veg are worth while, but LOTS of Work.. and each year our bones ache a little more after our winter inactivity.. But we keep going.. Doing a little and resting a lot.. Is a our motto and saving something to do for tomorrow! 😀 ..
      Many thanks for your compliments on my Tiger, from another artist such as yourself.. It means a lot.. So thank you..
      And yes.. I am learning that WP will be here, and those friends who are friends also will be here too..
      Life is far too short to sit in front of the PC all the time.. As much as I enjoy our exchanges and reading other peoples posts.. I can spend hours at a time in the Web.. if I am not careful..
      While its great in Winter.. When the Growing season starts.. I am outside.. And yes. that is very Good for the Soul.. 🙂
      Love and Blessings Pauline and hugs to Jack also.. It was lovely to have him visit the other day.. So thank you xx ❤

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  8. I was heeere, friend Sue … smiles and hugs … Your garden is well started, congratulations … Hope your husband is feeling better soon … cuz there is work to be done … Here in AB we are just thawing out … had 3 days of straight sunshine with temps being as high as +8C in the day … wow, hmmm? … which translates into mud during the day and frozen mud at night … but I’m happy, friend Sue … as the days are noticeably longer now and more sun light … ya … Wishing you well … Love always, cat.


  9. Great post and photos, Sue! I have barely been in the garden. Not one thing planted yet! I have sweet corn and green beans from the past two years in the freezer and in jars still. I would like to plant more tomatoes, kale and sweet potatoes. I was about to send you an email to see if you were OK because I hadn’t heard from you in a while. Glad you are doing well and getting dirty! 🙂

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    • Thank you Mr R, I did visit you the other week, but I have not been visiting as I should on WP.. My hubby had a nasty bout of flu over Easter and I have been helping him more till he got his strength back. And I have forsaken my blog to pick up my painting again..
      Good choice of growing, and we too have sweet corn in our freezer, Happy sowing!


  10. Now,I can see the beautiful tiger in you,not only in your fantastic painting!So well-written a post,Sue Dear!I was really delighted to see you’ve started working in your allotments again after the harsh,heavy winter.Spring had completely forgotten UK.Wonderful your garden photos and your Clipstone pit,you cleverly used them to show the moodiness of the ambiance around.Enjoy a beautiful spring weekend and some nice family moments with your beloved ones 🙂 Sending Sunlit Kisses & Warm Spring hugs for your days ❤ xxx


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