Following the Flow

I will be back on my Gardening blog soon, In the mean time this is why I have been absent. Wishing you all A Happy Gardening Season.
See you Soon.

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Arriving back from my vacation can often feel like a shock to the system, as we adjust back into the realm of being busy, as our days of relaxation are soon over.

Having had time away in beautiful Scotland, when I arrived home, the weather in England had been exceptionally warm, and therefore everything in the garden had bloomed, including the weeds.  So, among our first tasks was to set too and water and weed and sow seeds that still needed to be sown and plant out things which had been in the cold-frame which were ready for the allotment.

This was what it was like when we left this piece at the end of April before my holiday.

Sometimes things have to take a backseat and it happened to be my blogs this time that were pending.  So, apologies for those of you who still await my replies to…

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27 thoughts on “Following the Flow

  1. Hi Sue! Thought I was already following this one, but apparently not, however I definitely am now 🙂 I’m trying to progress my gardening hopes! I’ve decided to start with a little pot ready filled and with strawberry seeds to grow in it. Very basic starting point but nice and easy first step for a nervous beginner 😉 Whether I will end up with juicy strawberries or shrivelled up lumps is anybody’s guess!! 🙂 xx


    • Wonderful starting point Wolfie, and if your seeds do not mature, at the moment there are lots of Strawberry plants to be bought to pot on into your container pots.. They also work well in hanging baskets, so if you have not much room and have a balcony they can hang from there too.. Beans, runner beans grow well from a largish pot too with canes for support.. Which create nice foliage and flowers before they turn into beans, So good look and Happy Gardening and sorry only just getting back here to my Gardening blog to see this comment.. xxx


  2. I have decided to not put in a garden this year due to circumstances … will consider plants on my new bought condo patio … but not sure of anything right now … Much love, cat.


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