June Update on the Plot.

Have any of you noticed how fast this year is flying? Already half way through the year.Β 

Well our Trip to Scotland at the beginning of May was wonderful, and I hope to find time to post about that on this blog in the near future.. But we have been busy busy on the plot. and just enjoying relaxing over the holiday weekends..

We came back to a garden that had bloomed as the good weather was perfect growing weather not only for the crops but the weeds never stop growing and at twice the pace of crops πŸ˜€

So here is the plot update in picture format and some of our home garden to. ( note if you click onto the photos you will I hope get a larger view. )

While I had hoed outside of the four rows of peas, the inside weeds were taking over, When you consider those stakes are my waist height, It was back breaking work..

This is the four rows of peas which are now weeded

I carried on an weeded the ShallotsΒ 

Remember the Dahlias that we dug up last autumn to store over winter.. Well unfortunately we lost half of them due to the very cold weather despite them being wrapped up in the shed. Some of the tubers had gone rotten.. We saved these.

Hubby dug deep holes put some muck beneath and here you see them starting to sprout.. Again since taking this photo they are really growing at speed now and have much more foliage on them.

These were Lupins self sets from last year, I let them grow and they are happyΒ  between where we put the Dahlias. You can just see a Dahlia shooting to the bottom right hand corner of the photo.Β 

The younger rows of peas now growing under the net, I weeded out those today,
The spring cabbage you see next to them. Some of them went to seed so that is why you see the misses..
Then you see sweet corn and dwarf beans, and the steaks with plastic cut bottles are where the butternut squash is. The bottles to help direct water to the roots. ApologiesΒ this is a little blurredΒ 

This is an older photo giving you the length of the plot, Here you see that same Lupin before it was in flower. And this is where the potatoes were planted.Β 

Here you see the Potatoes rows see how they have grown from the picture above this one. You can see the Lupins now too.Β  What you may not see are the leeks, that were planted in the earth. They are only like tiny blades of grass at the moment so they do not show up well on the photo.Β 

The Kidney Beans are now in, these were started off in the Greenhouse and planted out after the threat of frost after we returned from holidayΒ 

With all the good weather and with our constant watering, It looks like there will be plenty of Strawberries this year looking at the amount of flowers.. The bees have been busy working away.

The broad beans are in flower and have some nice young pods on them.. So looking forward to them.

Remember the square raised netted bed of carrots in an earlier post? Well hubby got in and weeded through these,, rather his back than mine. as it was worse than the peas in the top photo.Β 

The tomatoes are now in the allotment greenhouse we have more in our home garden greenhouse too.
We grew these from saved seeds of tomatoes last year.
If you want to save seeds to grow.. Just squeeze them out onto some kitchen paper and allow them to dry out completely then store in envelopes somewhere dry to plant next season.

Parsnips and Beetroot with peas on left, brassica’s on the right

And I will leave you with what is blooming in the home garden. Until next time..

Happy Gardening.

52 thoughts on “June Update on the Plot.

  1. How beautiful and bountiful! Peas, strawberries, dahlias, lupins, cabbage, I’m very impressed! I hope to get more of a garden going here next year – Juanito grows some lettuce and green beans and we still haven’t eaten all of last years! hehe. But he’s also got tomatoes and herbs. But you are a professional! Just look at those beautiful rows and flourishing plants! Do you can anything? Freeze it? Or gobble it all while it’s fresh? Oh I can just imagine the cobblers and pies…

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yes we freeze a lot of the over-spill Cynthia, and you are right nothing beats eating fresh from the garden.. We have picked lettuce today for part of our salad.. Which reminds me, I need to put radishes in somewhere πŸ™‚ Lol. And yes lots of home baking and cooking. And wonderful you too are thinking of growing more next year. πŸ™‚ xxx


  2. You always reap what you sow. An amazing amount of work you both have done. Like I said before you make my head spin with the amount. I also want to part that I can really feel the Spirituality in your garden. Be well, my friend.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Very true Joseph, I know you and others appreciate the amount of effort it takes to keep ship-shape. Our neighbouring allotmenteer has been away a couple of weeks, while hubby is watering his greenhouse for him. The plot is now thick with weeds. Such is gardening. And thank you.. It is my little Sanctuary! Where I go to be at peace and just BE.. πŸ™‚ Many thanks Joseph and you too stay well.. xx

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  3. Such a brilliant post with wonderful photos from your blessed land,dear Sue!
    I’m one of those who have noticed that time flies by and wonder where it goes.Glad you enjoyed your trip to Bonnie Scotland,my friend.
    I clicked on all your photos and appeared live on my screen,I felt as if I were there watching you hoeing and removing all the well established weeds.It’s unbelievable how they overgrow and choke all the plants.
    You must be very happy with all these species of vegetables and flowers around you;I know,it’s really hard work for you and your hubby,but it must be very rewarding when you start harvesting your own fresh veggies.I particularly like the tomatoes that they don’t come from hybrids that can never be reproduced. Also,your spring cabbages must be very tender and delicious,they are not common here,we usually have the white ones which come out with the first rains in September.
    Loved all your flower collages with the vibrant,bright colours and especially your showy Lupines,dear friend.Sending love & hugs your way & best wishes for beautiful,warm days.Take care πŸ™‚ ❀ xxx

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    • Thank you dear Doda and like Derrick says, so true the older we get the quicker time passes.. And so happy you enjoyed all the photos of veggies and flowers. The lupins the self sets in the allotment are better than the ones in our home garden.. So go figure, often Nature left unattended will thrive, while when we fuss about we may not get the same rewards.. A lesson there I think.. πŸ™‚
      And yes we were considering yesterday where to plant Kale.. As that has yet to go in.. But we will squeeze it in somewhere..

      Take care Doda.. Love and Special hugs my friend ❀

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  4. I’m sorry that your dailies are lost to the cold weather Sue. They looked so sad. We’ve got weed Triffids everywhere too! However your plants are doing really we’ll. How do you do It! My dad’s runner beans were eaten by slugs, so my husband has given some of hours and wool pellets to deter the slugs. He’s tried all sorts but they munch away! I hope you are well. Sounds like your Scotland trip was fab! 😊xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi LG, yes we lost around half about 15 strong tubers, Some of my favourite ones too the Cati looking ones.. and small pompoms.. Never mind gives me a chance to go and purchase some new ones.. I have room for a few more LOL.. πŸ™‚
      Yes the weeds are super charged this year LOL.. Oh sorry to hear about your Dads runner beans.. I put some broken egg shells around a new Delphinium plant.. I lost my last one to slugs.. And thank you yes the Highlands were wonderful πŸ™‚ Thank you LG. LOVE and Hugs xx


  5. That is a seriously good-sized plot you are working. It could easily feed four people for an entire year. Well done, Sue! It is, in fact, larger than our garden for sure….

    Thank you for sharing it with all of us. I find myself feeling more peaceful just seeing photos of a garden. That rich earth is like a calming drug for this old farmer. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes it feeds us and we give lots away and freeze the over-spill. It sees us through the winter months and nothing beats eating fresh.
      And yes you are right there is Peace to be found within a Garden.. And its my retreat.. πŸ™‚


  6. You have a lovely plot of land, Sue. This is really hard work. Can’t wait for the harvesting season. Two thumbs up to you and hubby. And I so love all the flowers in your home garden. Ahh…I still wish I’m your neighbour. LOL! Happy gardening, my friend. Catch up soon. Much love and hugs, Pat


  7. It is wonderful to hear the allotment thriving and looks like all the hardwork is paying off. It really is mid year and the year has gone by just like that. Pity about some of the dahlias but peas, corn, dwarf beans, broad beans…so much harvest for the rest of the year and you’ve set yourself up well. Hope many more happy days across the allotment and wishing you a happy summer. So jealous of your summer because we are in freezing winter right now in Australia lol πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • Arrgh yes opposites in seasons, while I was envious of your summer while we had snow.. πŸ™‚ I hope your winter is not too cold.. And we have many more days of gardening season yet before we harvest those wonderful goodies..
      We always win some and lose some , it is all part of gardening.. No one year is the same.. ❀ Thank you Mabel, so happy you came by the plot today xx ❀


  8. I killed my garden by plowing over and over it, friend Sue … but there they are .. rhubarb and chives and lupines and pansies … even some potatoes … ya … Love, cat.

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  9. It’s a joy to read your posts, enjoy the images of your gardens and follow the progress! Love is a very important ingredient – for gardening and for cooking; without the ebb and flow of love, something seems lacking… with that ebb and flow, there is a peace that one can feel even from afar through the images!

    I’ve never grown fava beans and never knew they looked like that! I imagined them looking like Lima beans, which are native to this area of the world.

    Potatoes! How great it is to see the earth ‘lifting’ and knowing that one can sneak into the garden and raid a few of those new potatoes, while the rest keep maturing! Looks like you continue to pile the earth as they grow – smart gardener!!!

    So sorry that your dahlia tubers went to mush; I always feel horrid when a plant dies – I feel that i let it down via my duties as a caretaker…. but at least the plants are loved and cherished while we have them.

    Slugs? I chuckle – In Mississippi I’d put out little saucers of beer at the base of the plants, and at night the slugs would go to the beer and then – oh my, they drowned… That was about 20 or more years ago, and now I’m not sure I could bring myself to cause them to drown..

    The flowers in the yard are stunning; anyone feels better after basking in a space like that! Thank you for the update!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you dearest Lisa for your combined comment taking in the many posts you have viewed and yes I could not kill even a slug intentionally today.. πŸ™‚ The potatoes yes we hoe them up and will soon be ready.. We picked peas, lettuce and broad-beans along with cabbage and Chard.. πŸ™‚ Love to harvest fresh on the day lol.. πŸ™‚
      Thank you so much Lisa, I know how difficult it can be with your time and internet connections and adventures.. So really appreciate when you visit..
      Take care in your part of the world.. And thank you for sharing Nature and all of those magnificent birds xx


      • It’s always great to peer over your shoulder and see what’shappening.. a neighbor asked me this week, ‘how were you feeling on sunday and monday?’ and i was having a very low week b/c of some lovely trees that were cut down… i was honest, and i think he then understood.. perhaps my low mood (which is very unusual) might have more of an effect than any words of criticism? we can hope…

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        • Yes, it is sad when others can not see or feel as we do for Nature and the trees..
          I know over the last ten years there has been a great boost to housing, taking many hedgerows and fields near by.. The affect to local birds was drastic.. No more thrushes and the starlings had no where to roost so left. Which is why we grew evergreen shrubs to help shelter birds..
          Lets hope your Mood made an impact Lisa.. ❀ HUGS xx


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