Chatsworth RHS Flower Show

Where do I start.  I know I have neglected this blog this year, but then life takes us all along its path. And I am called to spend time out in Nature, rather than sitting behind my computer screen.. Life is to enjoy.. And especially now I feel inclined to be within Natures embrace more and more.  So I follows the flow, and know those who read will understand if they also feel the flow and follow their own particular pathways through this rhythm called life as they connect to nature.  

So I will share some of what I have been up to as I share my day from my visit to  RHS Chatsworth House Flower Show on the 8th of June, a beautiful day. 


This is Chatsworth House in Derbyshire .
In front in the show ground was planted a sea of Cosmos I think they said 12,000 Cosmos had been planted.. Just beautiful

If you click into each photo it will take you to the carousel where you will find I have written more about each photo. 


This is for your Mrs C.. I thought of you and your crocheting hook when I  saw this.. Its huge.. Far taller than I. 

I hope you enjoyed.. Have a beautiful Month of June.. And enjoy Nature and your NOW moments.. 

Happy Gardening 

47 thoughts on “Chatsworth RHS Flower Show

    • Thank you Joseph, at times I am reluctant to return to the technology of the digital Keyboard, when all I want to do is bask in Nature.. But knowing that such events as this Flower Show also shares its vibration of the splendour of Nature spurs me on to share the delights of such wonderful images nature has to offer..
      So I agree with you Joseph.. Nature is also where I am mainly held these days 🙂

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  1. Thanks for sharing your visit and all those beautiful flowers, Sue 😀
    I do also follow the flow and live mostly outdoor from morning to evening now. Enjoying that the summer is started in Spain too.
    Wish you a wonderful time in your garden, dear friend ❤

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  2. Magnificent venue,dear Sue!Delightful your flower-collage and the view over the Cosmos flowers in front of the old Chatsworth mansion.Glad to see that schools contributed too,charming and most creative their work.I so much liked the brilliant idea of putting flowers and veggies side by side,they interact so well together.Thank you for such a pleasing post,it was a real feast to eyes 🙂 ❤ xxx

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    • Hi Eugenia.. Indeed Flowers are gifts that heal all of us.. They are there at our birth, our birthdays, our weddings and anniversaries, they are there to cheer us to lift us up, and make us feel brighter if we are ill, And they are there at our passing.. And each time they give their ultimate gift.. For when each flower is plucked, it gives its life, So we may smile.. Yes.. You are right.. Natures, Inspiration and GIFT.. 🙂 ❤ 🌹💐

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  3. My writing has had to take a backseat to my other interests and pursuits. It was a necessary decision and although not a permanent one, one which had to be made for short-term. Such is life. Thanks for taking me along to the flower show. I hope i was a respectful companion. 🙂

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    • Thank you Bill for your company, and no worries, at all i so understand, When we work with nature, Nature takes priority and I have been struggling big time this year to try to keep up in the blogging world..
      I have a mad spurt on my blog and try to visit as many as I can then go silent again and by the time I return people have usually posted a dozen or more posts.. So I never catch up.. I used to worry about it.. LOL.. Learnt better… And now keep within the flow,, What will be will be when it will be.. LOL… A little like waiting for your eggs to hatch!! 😀

      Take care and I appreciate you calling in to comment Bill.. Many thanks 😀


  4. There are such amazing gardens in the UK, Sue. I loved these pictures. I didn’t know you got Cosmos in England; I thought it was an African flower.


  5. Absolutely enjoyable post Sue, the flowers are spectacular, the whole scenario is superb, a wonderful adventure, it must be fantastic to wander through that colourful feast.
    You have such beautiful lands in your country Sue, I notice the great rustic rural panorama that Derrick shows in his site also.
    Kind regards and thanks for a lovely post.


    • Sorry for the oversight of your comment dear Cat it was Pending.. And thank you so much for the video a beautiful one. ❤ Happy Summer is what I have been having.. ❤ which is why I have been absent.. ❤


    • Hi dear Renee, Yes we go to Chatsworth often, But last year was the very first year they hosted the RHS Flower show and large event.. Better known in the South of England when they host the The RHS Chelsea Flower Show Google it.. 🙂 So last years event I posted pictures and we enjoyed it so much we booked tickets again to go this year.. And were not disappointed. 🙂
      Thank you Renee,, I have been off line for a time, and soaking up energies from the Sun, doing chores around the home such as painting fences and of course gardening.. The internet has taken a back seat for a while.. I hope to explain a little in a post.. As to why I feel the need to detach for a while.. As I recharge.. and just enjoy Summer.. ❤
      LOVE to you dearest Renee, thank you so much for your kindness and well wishes.. ❤ xx

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  6. Oh I envy all those beautiful colors. Our garden just didn’t have the attention it needed so I am learning to love the overgrown weeds we do manage to grow everywhere we step but its almost all just green!

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    • Dear Linda, so pleased to see you here, I am not surprised your garden got neglected my friend.. All your attention has been elsewhere in healing.. Hope to catch up with you very soon.. I have been absent and self indulging my time away from the internet to catch up on chores around the home and just take a break away for a while on my blogs.. ❤ Sending huge hugs your way x


    • We have been twice they started to host it for the first time last year.. it rained heavily last year and yet it still was great.. Though soggy underfoot.. But its well worth it… And a beautiful day .. 😀


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