Following your Internal Compass.

Forgive my absence a while longer my gardening friends, this is what I have been up to in my absence..
Take care all of you , And Happy Gardening..
Love Sue xx ❤

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

I thought I had better break my internet silence to let all you wonderful people know I am still in the land of the living.  I think this is my longest absence from WP since I started blogging in 2007.

 I have missed not visiting you all..

THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCHfor your beautiful responses to my last post, and for showing patience. I did warn you all it may take a while to respond to your wonderful comments, I hope next week to work my way back down the list of comments to reply to you all and visit your own wonderful sites will take priority.

But I do recommend turning the modem off, for long periods, and I have not felt guilty one bit.. (A first for me…) And as a result, I have got lots done. And more soon on my feelings as…

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44 thoughts on “Following your Internal Compass.

  1. I’m doing it as well albeit an abridged version. Because I’m a freelancer, and make a living from writing, I can’t completely walk away and still pay the bills, but I have walked away from creative writing for some time now. It bothers me slightly, but overall I believe it will make me a better writer. Man does not live by words alone. 🙂 Have a superior weekend, Sue!

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    • Hi Billy, Its wonderful that you write for a living.. I think we go in phases… In the winter when the gardens are put to bed, you would always find me on the computer.. But the phase I am in now.. Well, something has switched and flipped and I am content JUST BEING… Thank you my weekend was Super.. And even better today as I have my Granddaughter sleeping over. And your right.. Man does not live by words alone.. We all have to follow our hearts.. Thank you Bill.. 🙂


    • Thank you Dear Val, yes, I am certainly following my inner voice.. Monday I was all set to come back to word press, then disaster in the freezing dept happened.. One of our freezers in the garage broke down without us noticing, it was nearly full of all the fruit picked.. All now composted.. So what I was leaving for the birds, I picked yesterday and this morning and started the process again..
      Another Lesson in Letting Go.. To be honest, I shrugged my shoulders and said oh well, so many worse things are happening its really nothing.. Just lots of work picking, cleaning etc.. So My inner voice said WP can wait a while longer… LOL.. So I made a start tonight while all is quiet for an hour.. ❤
      There will be more berries in the autumn to harvest.. And I have more than enough.. 🙂
      Much Love dear Val.. ❤ xx ❤


  2. I commend you my friend. I am presently eating curly leaf lettuce from my daughter’s garden. She is the daughter in whose house I will be moving to next year. Her very first home and for her, a forever home as she has Lupus. It is her first garden and it pleases me that she asks questions to which I can give answers as I gardened for many years and had a vegetable garden when the children were little. Enjoy every single day of your being outdoors and relish in every moment. xoxo

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  3. You could not hear the silence of your heart kind lady, as your garden always does, while buried in the haste of this world. Maybe it is time to listen to that silence while enjoying a weekend away in a forest or glade somewhere, to enter that change that has claimed you, a wisdom of renewal. And most of all, entering what you are becoming, that spiritual calm whose voice you are beginning to hear.
    Enjoy the journey Sue, I for one accept your silence for what it is, an acceptance of you ❤


    • Funny you should mention a forest glade Mark.. Such a place calls me often. Learning to LISTEN within is taking me upon a new and pleasant journey. And yes Silence sometimes speaks volumes.. Many thanks Mark for SEEing.. 🙂 In gratitude.. ❤

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  4. Lovely to hear you have been enjoying the warm weather, painting, getting water and tending to the allotment. Sometimes we just need to unplug and put the online world aside. It is just so…peaceful and you just believe in yourself and do what you want to do. Hopefully you let that Divine Compass guide you further and through these energies around us. I feel it’s a bit of an ambivalent time we are experiencing and perhaps a time for a retreat and listening to ourselves. Have a good week ahead and take care, Sue 🙂

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  5. Nice to see you back and read in your recent post you enjoyed your offline time and did so many wonderful thingsThere is a beautiful world out there and away from any social networking,dear friend Sue.Enjoy your weekend.Sending you loving kisses & love hugs 🙂 xxxxxx

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    • Hi Steve, lovely to see you.. I often find all things have a reason.. and I made several attempts to come back to WP, but I think the Universe had other ideas, So I listened,, And NO GUILT either.. 🙂 Hope your garden is surviving the heat.. Hubby is spending two hours early every morning watering.. And still dry beneath.. Will look forward catching up with your blog..


        • Mine is a Free Domain.. I can understand your disappointment.. We have to spend a lot of time spreading ourselves around in blog land for others to make the effort..
          I have cut down my follow lists a lot as often on many I can visit I get no response back.. Even so I follow over 300 it used to be nearly 400 blogs. And to say my main blog has over a thousand followers, only a total of around 50 ever visit and comment.. A little more press Like.
          During the Planting season and harvest time I spend less time on my blogs.. This year I have spend even less..
          So I sympathise with you..


  6. Heya, hey, friend Sue … Wishing you well … I see Summer is way too hot in Europe this year … My mumme says, farmers are plowing failed crops under and are starting to slaughter their livestock cuz there is no feed for them … Me? I am in the process of listening to my body as fell and broke my knee cap bad … Life can be so fragile … Glad I didn’t plant a garden this year as immobile til at least Nov 01, Anyway … Love always, cat.

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    • A big OUCH! dear Cat… I sensed something was ailing you, I sent you some vibes over the airwaves my friend.. And yes there is always a reason why we do something.. Looking back we often see the why of it over time..
      Love and Blessings dear friend, and rest up that Knee… Sending HUGE hugs and Healing prayers ❤

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