Autumn Update~ Finishing Projects.


Hello to all those who love this time of year, as we see the wonder of nature as she prepares to sleep and rest until Spring.  My little Hedgehog is safely now with all the leaves he/she gathered is now hibernating.

We did have another larger hedgehog the other evening that still has not gone to sleep yet. here he is on our lawn, caught by the night motion camera. [ Click to Enlarge]

My hubby did make sure our hibernating Hedgehog  was OK, on a mild day, as he opened the top of his nesting box. but the leaves and straw are pushed right to the top, So we didn’t want to disturb by moving anything, just to take a picture.  The box now has been covered with trimmed branches of conifers to help protect it further during  the winter months. 

So to catch up with our Allotment and Home Garden,  its been over a Month since my last post so Thank you in advance if you stay the course to read to the end of my post, Its much appreciated. 

So where to start?  Remember this picture below, we still had to clear out the greenhouse and surrounding weeds etc. 

The Greenhouse has given us lots of tomatoes and cucumbers this year, and the glut meant I made lots of tomato soup too.

I also collected seeds from the wall flowers and these two were set in August.. And are now growing in one of the raised beds  below.. 

Here again you can see what a difference, now its been weeded and dug through

Swedes before I weeded through them.

You can see the difference  now you can make out the individual plants. 

This area was in need of re-digging . The Logan berries are on the trellis while the raspberries were trimmed back. The Red leaf bushes  are Blue-Berries 

This whole area, was full of twitch, grass-roots, And had only been hoed over for several years and not really cleared out of the twitch which soon overtakes it. So Hubby set too and gave this section a real make-over, by digging it all out and reshaping the lines in front of the sheds

Here is that same patch from a different angle.. Now dug over and twitch taken out.

The Pumpkin our  Granddaughter grew from seed ripened to  a huge size, so heavy my hubby had to use the wheelbarrow and bring it home via the car.. 

Pumpkin ready to harvest

All ready for the Big Day

And Here it is all calved for the Fright Night!

Other Projects I have been busy with have been finishing up my knitting projects.. About the time I posted the last post I began knitting a cardigan for myself. Here you can see it ready for the next stage

This was one of the projects I have had going since my last post. Here all the pieces were done. All that was needed was to join them together and knit the neck and front bands in place.

And now this cardigan which was for myself is now completed 

This is the finished result of my knitting.. It took me around 3 weeks from start to finish..


But as I saw such good bargains of wool on sale, I purchased some Aran wool and decided I would knit a cardigan for our soon to be eight year old Granddaughter, I finished this in just two weeks from start to finish. 

In fact we had a wonderful week, with Halloween and then we treated her to this little fellow along with his accessories and his name of course, just had to be Pumpkin as we got him on Halloween.  She and he are learning to make friends. 

 Pumpkin the Hamster

 The plants don’t seem to know what time of year it is, I have had these Cosmos planted that I grew from seeds, they flowered on the front of our Garden. Yet ALL the Cosmos on our back garden for ages failed to produce buds, that is until the last couple of weeks in October when they suddenly sprouted buds and began to open.. 

Now all of our Dahlias have now finished due to the frost  but here were a few still in our garden two weeks ago. 

These Dahlia’s were in my home garden. This is just one of a special collection of three plants my daughter bought us…

And I fetched in the last of the Allotment Blooms knowing there was to be a keen frost, and this is my last two vases of these beautiful blooms that have lasted all Summer… 

The Greenhouse at home is now filled with tender plants for protection from the frost and the Greenhouse in the allotments has the tubas of the Dahlia’s drying off a little for storage later in  the shed.. 

This is the Home Greenhouse, The Standard fuchsia’s have been brought in along with the geraniums and the young olive tree…

Well I think that about covers what we have been up to over October.  To finish off here are some photos of Nature in Autumn.

Happy Creating!.. 




51 thoughts on “Autumn Update~ Finishing Projects.

  1. When you write it all down like this, it sounds exhausting . . . and it is, for sure, tiring at times . ..but the enjoyment far outweighs the weariness. I still have work to do, but I can see the finish line. Supposedly it is not supposed to rain today, and if that is true I should get a great deal done.

    Wishing you brilliant November, my friend. Thank you for the tour. It was lovely spending time with you.

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    • Hi Bill, wonderful you broke off from your own busy schedule to drop by our place.. 🙂 and yes, its exhausting at times, but exhilarating … I hope you get more done you planned to do Bill..
      And wishing you a Great November too… I hope the rain holds off…
      And the finishing line, is always a good view…. 🙂 🙂

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  2. You are prolific my dear friend. I wish I had half of your energy but now with blood thinners (I have to take them for my artificial heart valve), I have less energy than ever. I am presently working on a long set aside embroidery piece that will be a runner. But then I do love to read so am onto another book. I do need to set up another puzzle to work for the inclement weather months as well but I admire all of the things you do and love to see what you post here. Be well. xoxo


    • Dearest Renee, I have a friend with an artificial Heart valve Renee, so I know the tiredness you speak of.. Making sure we take things in bite size chunks is how hubby and I work… We do two hours a day in the allotments, and the rest is for other activities.. While knitting I managed to read three audio books… 🙂 Learning to multi-task lol… I do like these snuggle Autumn days, but I also need to remember I also need to keep fit and exercise.. 🙂

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      • Yes, exercise is certainly important but unless I can get going on indoor low impact exercises of some kind, the weather is much too cold and wet here in the NW. Being raised in Southern CA I have never really gotten into wanting to go outdoors in Fall and Winter unless we have a very warm day come so I do my errands and such and do most things indoors. I went yesterday with my youngest daughter shopping as her Birthday was on Halloween. We do this every year and so got lots of indoor exercise walking the mall…they are mostly covered here except for a few small outdoor ones. Had a really nice day as I don’t get to see her very often. You are wise to divide up your time as you do. Take care. xoxo


        • Hi Renee, yes we have those big shopping malls now here in the UK too.. You can spend a full day and not go into the same shop twice.. 🙂 I walked to the library today with my granddaughter she has an inset day, and starts back tomorrow her new school term.. I hope to publish a poem she wrote soon on my blog, She is surprising us all with her talents..
          So pleased you had a good day with your daughter Renee.. I hope to be visiting you this week to see what poems I have missed.. Sending MUCH love dear friend..

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  3. I guess it is easier to put the beds to sleep in the fall than all the preparations for sowing seed in the spring. Lots of work. Another hedgehog how exciting. They would be interesting to watch. The cardigan seems like a lot of work and would see me running down the street screaming just thinking about the work. Beautiful cardigans and I love the colors. I hope Halloween the hamster will bring joy to your granddaughter and her pumpkin I’m sure she was thrilled with the size. I would be. I love pumpkins. Actually, I am pumpkin crazy at Halloween. I carved 28 one year. Mind you it was over a 3 day period. Have not done that since. I don’t know if it is just me but I find the color of flowers are sharper in fall than they are in the spring and summer. It is at their impending death their colors are at its zenith. Kudos to you and your husband.


    • It is Joseph, much easier in Autumn to dig, than Spring, which may be late and the ground still hard.. Yes we were surprised by seeing this one as its been frosty and cold, but he looks well fed..
      The cardigans are a lot of work, but once the knitting bug strikes, my knitting needles can spark.. LOL.. The Hamster has brought lots of joy to our only Granddaughter, her very first pet… 🙂
      Pumpkin carving is an art and on our travels as we went trick or treating there were some amazing artistic carvings that must have taken hours in the making.
      My husband passes back his thanks, he pulled an arm muscle while pulling out a deep root a couple of weeks ago, its still not healed, but he carries on regardless… He is a big believer in his body healing itself..
      I have some lovely deep red Chrysanthemums in my front garden and I love their rich colour this time of year, and like you say, the fall brings out the richness of colours all round..
      Enjoy your new week Joseph.. Take care my friend ::-)

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      • Ha ha ha IT is evident that your knitting needles can spark. Wow they are beautful and I know you didn’t start a third arm on each lol.
        I am pleased your granddaughter likes Halloween. It is an important relationship of non human kind and one when the hamster is departed will be a lesson to the after life and the sting of loss. I may have pets later on but I just don’t know for that reason.
        Yes, pumpkin carving is an art. Not like in our day where it was simple. There are a lot of amazing pumpkins nowadays and as you say labor intensive and awesome.
        Red is one of my favorite colors in flowers and I do like chrysanthemums. And, yes fall does bring out the vivid colors at this time of the year.
        Sending healing to your husband and yes, the body has the capability of healing itself and sometimes not. Stay warm and enjoy yourself Life is too short ❤


  4. Welcome back, Sue. Its good to read your post again. You did extremely well with your garden this summer: how rewarding! I was defeated, I’m afraid, by chipmunks, who love taking bites our of whatever I’m trying to grow and ruin the crop this way. I would love to find a way to defeat these little critters; any ideas???


    • Thank you Ronnie, good to see you on the plot too, Thankfully we don’t have chipmonks here in the UK.. And to say the allotment is very near the woods, we don’t get rabbits or squirrels either so we are very lucky. We may get the odd fox digging, and he often leaves his trail of feathers as he can sometimes break into the hen coops other allotments have. So I guess unless you keep them well netted there is not much you can do, as I think these little fellows are quiet clever at nibbling through to what they want.. 🙂


  5. It was a very delightful post, a full feast for my senses and I found that very nurturing, especially at this time when there was another mass shooting last night, and one in our state where I am living now. I’m not recovered from the last weeks’ ones and especially not from the synagogue shooting which took place in a community where I was very well familiar as I happily lived in that favorite, peaceful area during my college days. It’s devastating, and I can only offer my prayers and connect with the world beyond here for solace.

    Walking in the garden is something that always soothes. Was at a desert garden last weekend for a day trip, exploring and learning…and we made a salve together.

    Sue, I needed and enjoyed every single bit of your post here at your gardens and greenhouse.
    I’m glad you had a wonderful Halloween with your granddaughter, and your beautiful dahlias and wonderful knitted apparels. You are very blessed, talented, gracious, and I feel a touch of these blessings through your shares. May this season still be filled with the magic and promise of wonderful happenings, as we glide through November and into December. I have been less and less frequent with time for blogging, both writing and reading, but taking everything one day at a time. Today I am taking a much needed day of rest after a late night clinic shift with so many attending, that I was able to make it here and spend some quality time, much to my pleasure.

    Much love, Ka


    • Oh dear Ka I did hear about the college bar incident the other evening is this the one you speak of ?? Its terrible.. And of course My prayers went out to the synagogue shooting…. All we can do is hold the Light and keep sending love .. So I am so pleased that you visit here brought some Peace… Enjoy your rest periods Ka… And just keep doing what you feel compelled to do. Just follow your own flow and not the pressures of anything external…
      Love and Blessings.. ❤ ❤ Sue

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, Sue it was a country line dance night for college students at a bar. Holding light and keep sending love is what I am doing. There are massive fires raging in that area, sparked an hour after the event. Some earthquake tremors here nearby this morning, about 49 min away. Lots going on in my personal life too that I cannot share as it is private. My rest periods are not long enough at this time, but I believe that there’s breath-work available at every bend and it lightens just enough….thank you for your support and understanding. Aloha 💗 Happy Garden Love and May this winter ❄️ bring us peace and joy in all the wonderful moments that we have together….all of us when in harmony and how connected we are in heart and spirit. Looking forward to seeing the art video and catching up with so many wonderful bloggers…grateful for my time here.
        Lots of love, Ka

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  6. I loved reading and being a part of your world in nature and creativity, Sue. It is a delight to dip into. Xxx Both your cardigans are beautiful. Hugs and much 💗 and autumnal energy. It feels a time of rebirth in Autumn, as we plan, clear and plant for the new seasons to come. More hugs. Xx 💗 🌱💕


    • I agree Jane, always trying to be one step ahead for the next season to come.. Many thanks and I hope you are well, apologies again for my lateness in arriving .. I have had a bit of a blogging break.. Now to catch up with all of Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary’s comments.. 🙂 Sending Love and well wishes.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I trashed your recent comment regarding my note to you Cat… Don’t worry about it, its forgotten. ❤ But I was disappointing you would vent at me .. Sending love and well wishes, Be well.. ❤ Just don’t shoot the messenger next time.. 🙂 Much love and hugs and healing your way.


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