When Your Garden is put to bed. Get creative.

Another month has flown by and Christmas will soon be upon us. Just where has this year flown to?  They say time flies by when you are having fun, well, it’s certainly flown. And I have been having fun creating. 

In my last months post I shared my finished knitted cardigan with you, Well I have since been knitting some more.. I knitted a cardigan for my granddaughter and she wanted a pair of finger-less gloves. 

Then using the wool which was left over I knitted a snood, and another pair of gloves.  a I started a scarf last year which had sat in the knitting bag for ages unfinished. So I decided to make that into a snood too. The results of these below.

Then you may remember in January of this year I started model making a greenhouse, which was so intricate, you just had to be in the mood to concentrate with all the tiny fiddly pieces you cut out and pasted.. The flowers were made out of tissue paper and fine wire. 


  Its vases were beads, the flowers I cut and pasted and well, you will see when I add the photo’s just what went into it. The flower pots and watering can and little seed bags each made individually out of paper.

The furniture I made and glued together. including making the tiny pencil and paintbrush, to teasing out the frill on the cover on the box with a pin in the pieces of cotton. Even the handles on the draws I shaped out of metal were glued in place. 

What was my proudest achievement was my own bit of electrical work in the form of making a bulb terminal and light fitting, So minute.. I had to wire the bulb, and do the fiddly connections. And the bulb works  😊.. Yes, that put an even bigger smile upon my face.

Diagram of how to wire and fit the light inside the greenhouse.

Here you can see the stages that were required and I included the plan so you can see what was involved.. The bulb came separate with two prongs which I had to wire and cut to size and insulate. 

All the furniture was then glued onto the base and the items glued and put onto the shelves.  

Next I had to create the plastic casing for the greenhouse. Glue and fold it into its shape.

Now I know you Male readers out there may think this is simple, it was once I knew what I was doing.. But it was like me presenting you with a knitting pattern and expecting you to understand it at first glance.. 🙂 lol.  

All the sages now ready for assembly. This required LOTS of Patience..


Door frame and wooden base struts were added. If you look closely there is also a tap I made out of copper and eyelet and hose pipe out of tubing and thin metal I bent for the hose.

It still had a few more bits to add and the roof of the greenhouse needs black card strips yet to stick in place to cover the joints. 

Covering the joins with black card which was glued in place,

In the gallery below I will put more pictures of the Greenhouse making stages with LIGHT on.. 🙂  I glued some greenery around the edges for climbers. 

Thank you to all of you who have taken the time to comment and like my post.. Many thanks to all who follow here, I wish you all a wonderful Festive Holiday Season of Fun with your family and friends..

But most of all I wish each and every one of your Peace, Love and Joy along with Good Health that takes you into 2019 and Beyond..

I am taking a blogging break, so comments may be pending for a short while..

~ Love ~Sue~

🎄Happy Christmas🎄


✨A Happy New Year✨  


96 thoughts on “When Your Garden is put to bed. Get creative.

  1. Reblogged this on Dreamwalker's Sanctuary and commented:

    I thought I would share some of my model making and knitting with you from my garden blog..

    I just want to wish you ALL a very Happy Christmas and Happy Holiday Season, I will be taking few days blogging break, So comments will be answered when I return..

    Wishing you All Love and Happiness for Christmas and the New Year..
    Take care of each other
    Love and Blessings Sue. ❤


  2. Wishing you a Happy Christmas also. A true labour of love sue and the reminder to us male readers made me laugh, yes I can connect wires to a bulb but give me a knitting pattern an I’m err flummoxed!!!! You know the old saying “everyone needs a hobby” especially on the cold long winter evenings, great post! 🙂 .


  3. All I see is a beautiful reflection of the intricacies within your own heart Sue. This very concentration and focus shows me much beauty in your purpose, doing something very wonderful using the love you have discovered on your journey and applying it to your life.
    A true master is someone who has mastered self, and by allowing that truth out in all they do ❤
    Take a bow young lady, your light is showing ❤ 😀


  4. So lovely! When I looked at the very top photo of your blog here, I thought it was an image of your garden/shed/supplies. It turns out it’s all the teeny tiny pieces you made! They look so real and authentic! I’m way impressed. You have more prowess than I do for sure. Hehe…and using knitting patterns – wow! I taught myself how to knit but I have trouble correcting mistakes and doing complicated things…but I can make a basic hat and scarf hehe. Hmm…coming to think of it, I coulda/shoulda/woulda made some for family this year. Alas, I haven’t had the time but NEXT year I hopefully won’t be writing a meditation course. Hehe.
    Sending you hugs and wishes for an incredible Christmas, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year!! Sending you lots of glad tidings and wishes for an incredible 2019. xoxo


  5. Oh my word. My husband used to build models when he was a kid, and he was beyond impressed with your work here! Simply amazing attention to detail, something I would not be good at except with words, for example! Wow is all I can say. Well done, my friend. Well done! Enjoy your Christmas, and lots of love from this corner of the planet. 😘🥰❣️


  6. Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year to you Sue. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your fascinating post. You have reminded me to definitely keep one of last year’s resolutions to get the knitting needles going 🎄💁🏻

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Lovely to see the snood and the gloves. They look really ‘knit’. And the little greenhouse looks superb. Well done, dear Sue. You’re truly gifted. Wishing you and yours a blessed Christmas filled with great food, love, joy and laughter. Much love and hugs, Pat ♡(.◜ω◝.)♡

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  8. Namaste Sue, Happy New Year! 😀

    A little later than anticipated – my apologies, it has been a busy week or so – I couldn’t miss not seeing the moment when the greenhouse lights went on – and all ready for Christmas. First off you’ve done a wonderful job of building it: it looks superb – especially so in the diffused light of the room where its form can be seen to great effect. I hadn’t appreciated quite how fiddly some of those stages of building were – the flowers especially so: both intricate and minute but yet very realistic, right down to the last petal fold! It seems you’ve turned your hand to plumbing, electrics, woodwork, metalwork, and possibly glazing as well and put many of us males to shame! lol 😀 The climbers and trellis work on the front door are nice touches that bring the model to life. If I have a favourite part then it is the light fitting as you seem so pleased with your success! It is without doubt, a real labour of love, with the process enjoyed by you along the way. It is the first time I’ve seen a model greenhouse on this scale – previously only seen as part of an elaborate model-railway set, but this is much better due to its size. I have to ask what you intend to do with it when completed? Is it destined to remain with you, or does it have a destination elsewhere?

    You seem thrilled by your achievement Sue and have done a far better job than I could ever do with knitting needles despite my mum sitting patiently with me when as a child I ‘had a go’. 😉

    I loved the colour of the snood, scarf and fingerless gloves – deep red is so very warming. No doubt your daughter was pleased with her gift, they look great as well.

    Thank you for sharing your creative endeavours with us….you have been busy and time away from the blog-sphere spent fruitfully and with great effect.

    I trust Christmas was a celebration to be talked about long into the future! I hope New Year’s will be much the same. Whatever plans you have, may they all exceed your expectations. Good Luck, God bless in all ways always.

    Namaste 🙂


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    • Many thanks Dewin for your praise.. I did indeed enjoy every moment of my model making, It now sits in my granddaughters bedroom she has when she stays with us, and can be used as a night light. 🙂 to great effect..
      As for the gifts of gloves, they were greatly appreciated and loved, which made all the effort and time spent knitting them worth while..
      Over the holidays I also knitted myself a Berry style hat, in the same burgundy wool to accompany the snood I did for myself..
      Christmas has been a wonderful time spent with ourselves and family. And the weather mild for walks, just perfect..
      Many thanks for your well wishes for the New Year, I wish you also a Happy New Earth Year too Dewin..
      I am hoping to get around to answering all of the comments left me over Christmas today. The WiFi has been more off than on over the holidays, But I hope to catch up more in the New Year.. 🙂
      Many thanks Dewin for your support and conversations.. I have valued your input and friendship..
      I hope you Enjoy your New Year Celebrations as much as you enjoyed your Christmas.. 🙂
      Take care.
      Sue 🙂

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  9. Sue, I adore that you knit! It is a fading art and craft. This is crazy, but when I went to college, I got an honours degree in Knit Design and Technology.
    All of your creations are a joy Thank you so much for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww, bless you for saying so, and Knit Design WOW… Yes I swapped my sewing skills for knitting.. But there is a new fabric shop set up in our village connected to the knitting shop, So I may well decide to make myself a new blouse or something for summer.. Its been a while since I made myself and my daughter dresses…
      Thank you Resa for your visit and your follow.. ❤ 🙂


  10. My word Sue this is a magnificent work of art, your patience and dedication to detail is supreme., even getting the light to work…. This will surely become a family heirloom. Best wishes for a beautiful, creative new year filled with joy and good health. And may your garden continue to flourish


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