March Update~ Came in like a Lion.

Well I think we have certainly had everything thrown at us this month. Gales, heavy rain, with flooding in some parts of the UK, while others had snow on higher ground.  The Wind battered our lean too shed, which we were going to pull down last year, which we never got around to so the Wind saved us the job.. It was a second-hand shed when we got it, which if its true age be known, must have been over 40 yrs old, we had it for 15 yrs.. So it owed us nothing.

Here it is before, you can see why we called it our lean-too. We built our other second-hand shed using fence posts as a foundation base.

Hubby cleared the area and burnt the wood, spreading the potash on the garden. Nothing is ever wasted . And he put the compost and manure barrels on the foundations.  This is the rough area behind the sheds, and will get levelled out and dug over when some of the waste vegetation has rotted down.. This was where the Pumpkins were grown last year. 

This last week the weather has been better so we have worked hard on the plot. Hubby has now planted 3 rows of early potatoes, and 6 rows of Late potatoes.. 

Click to enlarge


The Peas are growing well, and will be put into a cold frame to harden off a bit.. Though you can sow straight into the ground, but we have found we have had more success planting them this way, as birds and mice do not eat them, so there are less misses in the row.. We will set more pea seeds later to stagger the harvest. 

Peas growing well

Cabbage, cauliflower, spouts, broccoli, seeds have been set along with Leeks.

Leeks and young strawberry plants before they were planted in their beds

We also made a new Strawberry bed, replenishing our plants with some bought off the local market..  We will add straw around them a little later. 

New varieties of strawberry plants..

It is wonderful to have some fine weather again and Spring to be in the air, the birds are now gathering worms and insects to feed their young and the home garden although it got quite battered by the high winds and rains for a solid week.  Now is beginning to show more colour. So the remaining gallery are flowers in bloom. 

So Until Next time..

Happy Gardening and Planting. 

64 thoughts on “March Update~ Came in like a Lion.

  1. It’s so heartening to see the young sprouts and first signs of Spring, Sue, it seems you have such beautiful surroundings your heart must sing! Thank you for sharing your adventures and activities dear Sue, it’s awesome! ❤


  2. Time without seeing your garden. Changing climate but with your dedication, plants and flowers retain the touch of care so careful. The violet colors are very striking. Excellent pictures.


  3. Oh my goodness, Sue! Your progress thus far is amazing! Please take care of yourself and tell that to hubby too. Gardening is backbreaking work. I’m soon to jump into mine full time. Groan!!! Looking good, dear friend!! 🌱🌱🌱


    • Thank you dear Amy, yes lots of work, and my muscles are paying the price today.. I am just moderating comments and then shutting down the modem for the day… We have our granddaughter this afternoon after school and I want to be rested.. YOU too take care Amy, our minds lead us astray sometimes lol.. While our minds are willing and jump right in, our bodies soon protest haha… And I even my fingers ache today, gripping the hoe..
      Thank you Amy for your appreciation… MUCH love my friend ❤

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  4. Happy to hear your bones are starting to warm Sue. And the creaking in your body has found new ways to speak 😀 But that regular exercise will keep your heart in great shape too 😀
    I’m not even there but I’m looking forward to see your ‘crop’ as it blossoms into summer 😀


    • Thank you Mark, they are getting their work out, ( my bones ) that is for sure, though they are all in protest today, while I felt fine while working yesterday.. But as you say, with the regular exercise they will soon get pulled back into shape.. Winter vacation is now over.. 🙂
      And I will look forward to sharing the plot with you too over the Season..
      Wishing you well Mark and take care also.. 🙂

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    • Aww thank you Val, the milder winter here this year has allowed us to be in front this year.. We had snow on the ground this time last year.. And there is still time for snow, if past years are to go by too.. But the potatoes are in and that is the main hardest work done. Many thanks Val, and I know you have had a harsh winter in many places in the USA this year..
      Much love your way dear Val, and take care.. ❤


  5. Beautiful start to gardening. Koodos to hubby and you, The garden looks great. Gardening can be so rewarding. Over the years I have found it so. Waiting for your next post. It is a lot of work and unless you have done some you don’t know just how it is a lot of work. ❤


    • I will pass on the Kudos Joseph to hubby, he deserves it.. Yes it is our little piece of Mother Nature to nurture and grow.. And the rewards of fresh vegetables and fruits are worth all the hard work and back aches..
      And yes, unless you have dug earth and maintained the constant weeding, you have no idea how much work it takes.. We often smile at new allotmenteers who take on what are Huge plots on our allotment, who have it ploughed up, but do not get the twitch out.. And who plant seeds in the ground.. They come several weeks later and cannot find their crops for weeds..
      Its taken years of constant removing weeds and grass twitch from the plot to get the soil to the state its now in.. And I bet you know from all the work you put into your Mothers home garden..
      Wishing you well on the Farm Joseph.. I hope the weather there is at last warming up for you..
      Much love and well wishes your way.. 🙂


  6. Look at you, putting me to shame! I am now officially jealous!
    We are far behind in our plantings but then the frost is not done with us yet, so there is still time. We are re-doing our entire garden area, so planting may be postponed by a year, but that’s all right. We will still have garlic, potatoes, and more berries than we can possibly eat, so all is well.

    Thanks for sharing the update, my friend. Your garden efforts are beautiful!

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    • Your seasons have been harsher this year Bill, so not surprising that you are still behind, we are about a month ahead this year, due to the mild winter, its not always been the case.
      Yes we have a supply of berries in the freezer and Hubby planted some of the left over small potatoes we had left over from last years not so good crop.. Because of the lack of rain here in the UK last year the potatoes were very small. So these we seeded.
      Many thanks Bill for your welcome visit. Wishing you well with your Farm and all those chucks.. 🙂


    • Dear Robbie, apologies for the lateness of my replies here, but I took a few days off from my blog world and rested completely for a while. I overdid the gardening, So hubby banned me lol from it to rest more for a couple of days, though I have pottered in the home garden a little..
      To answer your question on the varieties of potatoes etc. Yes there are different varieties that grow at different rates etc..
      We are trying a new early potato this year called ‘Foremost’ these are the new potatoes you have with your salads etc, and our trusted late crop is ‘Picasso’.. is the main crop, which you can use to bake, roast, mash etc.. 🙂 ❤

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    • Many thanks dear Pragalbha, so lovely to have you in my Plot, and yes lots of hard work but truly well worth the effort in the harvest..
      Many thanks for you lovely compliments, and apologies for only just getting back to you, I took a break from technology and my blog for a few days..
      Sending LOVE and well wishes and hope to catch up with you shortly ❤

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  7. It looks so cheerful, Sue! Our daffodil, hyacinths and glories of the snow are just poking through the earth. I suspect we have a wait until real spring hits.

    BTW, I must apologize. Last night, 14 comments from long ago came through on my blog. Some were from a year ago, many more recent. I don’t know why they just showed up last night, but I apologize for not replying before or now. Instead of the usual approval process where you can “like” and reply, WP just evaporated them from my dashboard, so I’ve no idea what posts they were on now! Anyway, I always appreciate your comments. If you ever don’t hear from me and don’t see your comment appear, WP’s up to mischief again! Lots of love, my friend… enjoy the beauty and the coming bounty!

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    • Dearest Laura, please do not worry, I leave that many comments here and there I lose track of them.. My comments are often vanishing into thin air on various blogs, I usually spot this and ask them to look into spam, and sometimes they look and find them other times they look and they are not there either.. The Gremlins in WP and I are old friends 🙂
      Many thanks for your compliments, I have been absent from my blog for a few days, an intended break from technology for a while.. And I hope to catch up with your blog very soon.. I am just following my instincts at the moment Laura, and being on my brain is finding every excuse not to be on the computer at the moment, as I feel the WiFI energies, so I am going to take my return in small bite size pieces..
      Another ‘Shift’ occurring within I think.. So just following the flow of it.. I know you understand..
      MUCH love dearest Laura. and Thank you so much for your comment and visit here.. Love you in your hat by the way.. 🙂 Mega Hugs ❤

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  8. What an amazing job you two do! I love how everything is so beautifully ordered, it greatly appeals to my sense of aesthetics. Here in Hawaii, I really had to get used to a much wilder look to all of my gardens. Managing weeds takes on a whole new meaning. I have laid down far more weed mat than I ever expected to, but needs must.

    Enjoy the fruits of your harvest! And wow on the lean-to! You have certainly gotten more than a lifetime out of it. The termites would’ve taken that down within 10 years around here! 🌺😘🥰❤️

    Liked by 1 person

      • Lovely to be on your plot with you Sue! You are an inspiration! I’m ok tgank you Sue. 🤞The seedlings inside the unheated greenhouse were affected by the frost but luckily a friend gave us some of his tomato plants. The flowers are just about recovering. I am loving our Easter break weather! Happy Easter to you. 😊🐤🐣

        Liked by 1 person

        • Happy Easter too LG.. and yes the frost affected some of our plants too,.. But this is glorious Easter weather for a change..
          May I just say I loved your hedgehog in watercolour.. I have yet to land in person there on your post, but thought it fantastic. I have not been in WP much this month.. Lots of love back.. ❤


    • Haha… the shed was really ready for the bonfire Christy.. 🙂 and served us well.. Sorry only just getting back to you, Lots of work away from the internet at the moment has kept me busy both in the garden and in my crafts..
      Thank you so much for your comment and visit… Always love having you on the plot. ❤

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  9. A pleasure to enjoy your garden and gardening skills Sue, brings back memories when I once had enough land to enjoy the same activities, I understand the contentment and relaxation you obtain with your gardens Sue, not only that but the sense of achievement when appreciating the fruits of your toils.
    Thanks for sharing and apologies for the delayed visit and comment. One good reason I keep all my email posts from my WordPress friends.
    Kind regards.

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    • Hi dear Cat.. yes all well, been on a well deserved holiday break, and I have not been in my regular Blogging mode of visiting as often as i should. Taking more care of ME.. Which is over due for both of us I think from reading between your own lines my friend.
      Take care of YOU.. Much love ❤

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      • I see we are connected, friend Sue … I see people in colours and sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming to say the least,

        But life must and will go on.
        Love, cat.


        • Indeed Cat, seeing auras, is a wonderful gift, Thank you for the music.. I cannot see peoples!, but have seen trees… 🙂 I sense more about a person, kind of an inward Knowing.. Trusting my gut reactions and instincts usually has paid off, as my first reaction to someones personality is usually right.
          Sending Huge hugs your way Cat.. Be well.. ❤

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