September Harvesting

September evenings are now drawing in quickly, much quicker than I remember in my childhood days, but then again the Summer holidays from school seemed to last and last when we were children, and now it seems within a blink of an eye  they are gone, as children break up for the Summer and now already they are back at school again.

So while the temperatures brought an unexpected Late August heat wave on a holiday weekend here in the UK, its now dipped back to normal with a clear chill in the air first thing in the morning.

So before the rain set it Hubby and I got to work in harvesting the potatoes, along with  the ripe sweetcorn cobs, and clearing out the litter of spent brassica leaves and weeds.

Click onto any photo to enlarge.

Just two rows of potatoes dug up here.

So while Hubby got digging the main crop of potatoes up, Picasso, I got busy picking sweetcorn and also pulling up the spent dwarf beans, collecting the pods for next years seed.

While Hubby dug I sorted into sizes and any damaged with the fork will be used first.




Gathering dwarf bean seeds, the rows covered in weed ..




There were also the Dwarf Beans which had finished to pull up and collect seed pods  for saving next years seeds. The rows had got covered in weeds and so this area of the plot needed a good weeding and clearing out.

It’s very satisfying when  its all cleared and raked, I also went under the Brussels sprouts clearing out decaying leaves.

Cleared area after pulling up the dwarf bean rows

Ladybird bug feasting on the aphids and white fly

Look closely for the ladybugs on the  left photo, making a meal of eating the aphids.These little creatures are a gardeners friend, although the invasive species of the Harlequin Bug are now wiping out our UK Ladybird bug..


Sweetcorn ready to go into freezer.

Our sweetcorn has done exceptionally well this year, with the heat and often heavy rainfall which would fall in the night. On the left here you see 40 cobs ready for the freezer. There  were cobs still ripening ready to be harvested. Quite a lot, but when we went to collect today it seems our thief had got there first leaving only six small ones..

We are having problems with produce being stolen again on the plot.. We had onions go, and the odd cabbage, broad beans we knew were ripe also went.  You do not mind the odd thing missing but when they take a  lot.. or a whole row.. It can be quite soul destroying when you put so much time and effort into your plot to grow your own veggies..  We have thought of putting our Motion camera on the plot, but as this was a gift we do not want this stolen, as we get a lot of pleasure watching the hedgehogs roam on our garden during the night via watching the play back.

Hedgehog out earlier in the Summer on our patio

I have no problems sharing, we always plant more than we need and give family and neighbours that which we cannot store.

I would gladly give produce away rather than someone think its there right to take it..  Though I am under no illusions people have no qualms with taking what is not theirs..  I just hope they enjoyed what they have taken.. They obviously must need it more than we do.. So we keep planting more than we need .. And are thankful we can do so.

So until next time.

Take care.. and be thankful for what you have, for there are always those less fortunate than ourselves..

Through the Sweetcorn view of plot

Happy Gardening!




72 thoughts on “September Harvesting

  1. You paint a picture of such domestic bliss! I’m really envious of your soil and your harvest. But who is stealing your crops? Are they homeless people who are desperate for food or just others who don’t know the difference between right and wrong?

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    • Thank you Paul ,if it were homeless I would give it to them myself!.. But the whole of plots are locked via outer gates and padlock.. Only those who have a key are allotmenteers themselves.. We have our suspicions but can prove nothing unless you catch them in the act..
      People take on plots and then find it difficult and hard work to maintain them, and then go around helping themselves to others hard labour..
      I would hope adult knows right from wrong.. But they obviously see something and see no one around and take it..
      It’s happened time and time again over the years we have had our allotment.. We have had whole rows of onions taken before now.. Its just one of those things we have to accept .. So we plant accordingly..
      Many thanks Paul for reading, I really appreciate you doing so and hubby says thank you.. The soil has needed lots of muck over the years and is ready for another load this autumn to dig in.. Something I do not look forward too LOL. Haha..
      Enjoy your day Paul and love to Jean.


  2. Well done on that corn. I do not do well with corn,which is embarrassing coming from a family of Iowa corn farmers. 🙂 I have to harvest potatoes this weekend along with other crops.

    It has turned wet and chilly here…it actually was a fairly normal summer for us…five days of sunshine, two of rain,and continue for three months, so pleasant in many ways.

    Anyway, thank you for the update, my friend.Wishing you a brilliant September.


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    • Wonderful when you get a good summer with even rain fall..
      And many thanks Bill for your comment.. Good luck in your own harvest of potatoes Bill, I hope your crop is a good one..
      Many thanks again.. And enjoy your September also Bill 🙂


  3. I would have thought the same thing ” they needed it more than us” but it’s still wrong, especially after all the hard work you put in them. Mind you I have been known to ‘swear’ at the wind for breaking branches off my beloved trees, so, I’m not sure how altruistic my first response would be! 😉 Wonderful crop!!! May earth share with you more and more each year! Love and many hugs! xoxoxoxo

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  4. Awesome harvest – so sad about the theft – – and, do you have a contact page somewhere I could send you an email? Wanted to share a couple ideas with you on the situation with theft – but realized way to long and full of links for a couple other things I thought you would like, on the topic of hunger, gleaning, theft, etc. :).

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      • Again – – AWESOME!!! Been away to long and looked high and low for a ‘contact me’ page, box, etc., AND then looked to see if I could put one on my *ahem* free blog – – sigh – I NEED to get me own websites up – – :). one is .com for biz, one is .org for, you know, ALL the stuff I so that doesn’t ‘earn a living’ but sure ‘makes a life’ – 🙂

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  5. It is lovely to pick at seasons end to appreciate all your hard work with something so delicious. But as you have said Sue, you don’t mind ‘bits’ going but when someone just ‘takes’ it is almost a rape of all you have done. Much love, sweat and tears go into those projects and some loving energy to boot, so I do hope what has been taken is going to a good home…or karma comes knocking on their door.
    Anyway, what you have shown looks great. Nothing tastes better than a love grown veggie. Time for some cooler weather rest and indoor projects 💜


    • Dear Mark, many thanks for your encouraging comment. Yes lots of sweat goes into our garden, especially during the ‘heatwave’ lol.. And yes I hope they enjoyed.. We gathered our butternut squash in earlier than we would have liked, as that was looking vulnerable.. And you are right nothing tastes nicer than organic home grown veg, the tomatoes are especially tasty as are the Crystal Lemon Cucumbers which we had with salad, along with a Jacket Potato, Quiche, Lettuce, and paper thin ribbon courgette slices.. The only thing bought was a red Pepper… 🙂
      The weather was cooler last week, this weekend sunny and warm again.. Not complaining, as I am making the most of sunny days 🙂
      And have some watercolour painting planned for indoor projects.. I just this week resorted out my studio/come spare room 🙂 canvas and paper await 🙂
      Sending kind regards Mark and thank you so very much.. 🙂

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  6. My favorite time of the year is the harvest season. Although it is not fall, I call it the fall harvest season. Cool nights. It invigorates those that have been lulled into summer laziness. For you the rewards minus the thieving which is sad you reap the rewards of your hard work. Well done. As we head sort of for the weekend I wish you much joy and happiness<3


    • Mine too Joseph, and forgive the late response..The nights are drawing in very quickly now here.. And I also love a crisp morning with mist and frost.. as much as I enjoy one with dew. Yes it puts a damper on things when you think there are those who just take.. But that is a fact of life everywhere.. Hope alls well with you, and thank you for that link you sent by the way, I only spotted it the other day I have not been so attentive to my emails or blog.. But as the longer nights draw in I may one day catch up a little lol..
      Enjoy your own weekend Joseph and I hope you are still enjoying your new surroundings and are nicely settled..
      Take care and much love 🙂 ❤

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  7. Your harvest looks very good Sue and at least you got lots of corn for the freezer for now. Do you ever rip them before freezing? Then they demand less space in the freezer, but it is a big job.
    Kind of you to share so willingly, but not kind of others to steal your huge work. But their karma…
    Much love to you, dear friend ❤


  8. You have a wonderfully good heart, my friend. If only they would simply come knocking, you would certainly give them some of your bounty. I do believe there are those that are rather ashamed of their lot in life…so to speak…or so proud, that it is difficult for them to ask. One never knows. When I owned my home, I had a plum tree and an apple/pear variety that produced more than we could eat. So, I was quite pleased when an older couple (sounded as though they were Russian or from somewhere in that vicinity) came knocking to ask if they could pick some. Of course, I said yes. They came around to my back gate and picked lots of fruit. She had a walker and he didn’t walk much better but she assured me that her husband had had heart surgery and that his heart was like new again. So, I didn’t fret quite as much when he climbed the tree but still worried. They came back several times over the course of my stay in that home and I was always pleased to share what I had. Take care. xoxo


    • What a wonderful story, and so pleased your plum tree apple and pear were able to help that elderly couple.. And yes you are right I would gladly give away and often do to neighbours, along with flowers etc.. I hope you are well Renee and thank you so much for your comment and I hope you enjoy your weekend.. Much love my friend ❤

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  9. What a lovely harvest this year, Sue. The sweetcorn looks very bright and delicious. Hope they will have a good time in the freezer until it’s their time to be made into something delicious. That is terrible some people seem to help themselves generously to what you planted without asking and without you realising until the next day D: As you mentioned, maybe they need it more than you. But it would be more polite if they asked. Maybe one day they will come up and say thank you 🙂 Enjoy all that you’ve grown this year ❤


  10. Hey Sue,

    September and harvest time already: the year seems to have passed by so quickly! Perhaps I missed the seasons come and go, or perhaps they simply merged into one, but as leaves on trees slowly start to colour it’s evident autumn is on its way.

    It’s good to see your toil in the soil have rewarded you again this year: your allotment always seems to be so bountiful…those cobs are huge and potatoes aplenty! You shall eat well throughout the latter end of the year. Enjoy the fruit of your labours.

    So sorry to hear of theft from your plot Sue: it seems so un-necessary and heartless. But forgiving as always, you are an inspiration 🙂 Have others also had produce go missing from their plots as well?

    Enjoy what Mother Earth has provided: let the feast commence! Take care,

    Love and Peace,



    • The seasons Are flying faster and as each year passes it seems it flys even quicker Dewin.. :-).. The theft, yes its annoying, I think what made my hubby down hearted was that we had said we had a good crop and was about to collect the large remainder and distribute to family. So you can imagine from over night when we were counting how many we had to give away, and find only six remained..
      But we certainly have enough and no doubt will have plenty to still give family..
      As to your question have other plot holders had produce go.. Oh yes all of the time.. it happens to the best of us..
      An eighty year old told us only the other day, he was looking forward to picking four large ripe tomatoes only to find the next day them gone.. We have had to put a lock on our greenhouse door or else I think maybe our tomato/ cucumber harvest wouldn’t be so rich.

      But we are very grateful for all our bounty.. and especially as we are able to grow our own food.. When I think of people who have no food at all or those who have no access to fresh food.. We are very lucky.. and privileged 🙂
      Many thanks Dewin, so pleased to have you on the plot 🙂

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      • Petty theft such as this is atrocious and there is never justification for doing something like this. I am sorry that you have been on the receiving end of it especially after all the hard work invested this year. Is there no Allotment Association who could assist in matters such as this? If others are experiencing much the same, surely there must be someway of coming together to remove this problem?

        I feel sorry for anyone experiencing hardship – those who have no means of providing for themselves – but stealing is not a solution for them and can only ever be a quick fix. Much more needs to be done to help these people.

        It pleases me that you and hubby have sufficient for yourselves and are also ale to give to other family members. The ability to share within a family is what helps to bind them. It is a wonderful thing 🙂

        Pleased as always Sue to wander the plot. Keep up the hard work and enjoy the many tastes on your dinner plate! 🙂



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        • Thanks for your concern dear Dewin. The problem arose some years ago, the Allotment Association on our plot was not, let us say run in the way it should have been.
          There are main gates at each end of the VERY large plots, there are over 100 plots on the land.. and each are large plots like ours.. Over subsequent years and lets say unsavoury characters taking plots, they would take well maintained plots from those moving or retiring off the plot altogether, they would come and pay their ground rent for a year, take sheds to sell on from the plots and then never maintain their plot.. So for about £45 yr’s rent they got a good shed.. Now some of these characters were for the sake of being polite also known to the police.. They then leave the allotment next year, but still have a key.. There are also those whom we suspect who we have known for years, who no longer keep their plot maintained but whom we suspect also.. But pointing our fingers without proof… you can not do..
          At least now our Association is under new management, they are aware and have put notices up especially if another allotmenteer is found on another plot without the rent payers permission will forfeit his plot and be thrown off..
          At least the new management now are issuing letters to those not upkeeping their plots which is a start..
          But its open plan, all of the plots .. Also a large housing estate at one end and a quick nip over a fence and your in.. So its difficult..
          And like you say, if people were in real need I would be the first in line to help.
          Thank you Dewin we most certainly will 🙂


          • Hey Sue,

            Thank you for satisfying my curiosity 🙂 I am amazed individuals would go to so much trouble – and cause so much disruption – making a few quid from an allotment site. Such activity seems at odds with the whole nature of allotmenteering in much the same way that a punch-up would at a poetry reading night. Surely the spoils of their activities are relatively small to the point that their gain is simply not worth the trouble? I do find it wholly un-necessary that they act in this way. Again I’m sorry you’ve been subjected to this.

            Why are the locks on the gates not changed more often and membership details not updated in the same way accordingly? I know this means a little extra work for the AA and small inconvenience to those legitimately using the site but wouldn’t it be a further deterrent and worth the while? No doubt it would be a foolish question to ask why the (neighbourhood) Police are unable to intervene when I know police numbers – boots on the ground – are severely limited. Also, why are sheds left on vacated plots anyway? Is there perhaps not a mechanism by which the AA could insist on the sheds removal at the end of a rent payers term through a system of fines or charging a deposit in advance. Perhaps the AA could take ownership of them and sell them to other allotmenteers themselves at discounted rates? Might any monies raised then be spent on installing a second fence between the housing estate and the area of the allotments?

            I guess you and hubby are old-hands at this allotmenteering and know the score so plan carefully when deciding on your projected volumes. I would also find it irksome to have produce stolen: if people have a genuine need then all they have to do is ask….no doubt you are not the only growers who would be kind enough to help where you could.

            Have a wonderful weekend. Keep smiling in the face of adversity, and as always, take care 🙂



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  11. You have been so busy. It is a shame people steal – if a hungry family wanted some of my garden harvest – and asked – I like you would be glad to give them some. I have sat and sorted all kinds of produce. You picture of you working with your potato harvest is something I have done often in my life. New potatoes are so good. The raccoons eat all of our corn, so we quit planting it 2 years ago. Just think – soon you might be able to rest Sue – when the harvest is over. You have a great garden every year – enjoyed your post very much. Have a good upcoming weekend.


    • I have a lot to be grateful for Peggy at least I do not have Raccoons or Ground hogs eating produce, though we do have the odd fox dig up potatoes and often see their prints of where they have been playing on freshly raked earth.. And yes looking forward to those longer evenings and crafts, finishing off my sweater.. Only the neck to complete, i have not touched since July.. I have to be in the MOOD and then will not put it down until its done..
      Thank you Peggy about the compliments of our plot.. We enjoy it our gardening very much.. and appreciate our good fortune in having one.
      Have a great weekend also.. and take care of you.. ❤

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  12. Feel honored Sue, only Master Chefs know where to source excellent home grown organic produce, even Master Chef thief’s, your talent and gardening expertise has spread, even I would be tempted to wander the night in stealth to taste of your crop, but alas you would probably just give it to me and spoil my thieving escapade adventure.


  13. I think it is quite shocking that people are stealing from your plot, Sue. Such a shame for you and most unfair. I am sure you are glad to have the cooler weather, the UK is not equipped for heat as we are not equipped for severe cold here. My dad is planting beetroot for my mom this spring. She has it in her head that she wants to make beetroot salad.


    • Yes to the first,and the cooler weather is much better to work in the garden comfortably.. Our Spring beetroot didnt do so well hence we planted some more, looking at them now they have picked up since I weeded between them, So fingers crossed and I hope your Dad’s beetroot thrives too.. Nothing like Beetroot, it has lots of health benefits.. We love them in salad, and I also have blitzed them in the blender with apple juice for a smoothie.. ❤


  14. Pleased to have found you again Sue. What a magnificent harvest, I am very impressed, the taste of home grown is so superior to shop bought. It is very disappointing to have someone stealing peoples produce that so much hard work has gone into, especially when you would gladly share to people in need. Have you thought of putting up a sign inviting the thief to ask instead of stealing. Maybe appealing to their better nature. Or banding together with other plot owners. We have thieves helping themselves to our tomatoes while they are still green. But I caught them in the act. A gorgeous King Parrott and his lady friends, so I gladly put some out for them now and have netted the vines. Stangly they only like green ones.


    • This sort of thing on the plot has gone on for years, and yes I thought about a notice too lol.. but then I am only adding energy to the stealing… Like here… So we are happy with our harvest and lets hope they are happy with what they took… And we can only hope when the rest of the produce is ready we get there first LOL..
      And I wouldn’t mind sharing at all with birds or four legged ones… Your King Parrott sounds like he is ‘Picky’ lol 🙂
      Much love Pauline and so pleased you found me again ❤

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